Saturday, November 17, 2007

0 What Wrong With Nlp Today

What Wrong With Nlp Today

I am a NLP Coach and I am sad that at hand are unpleasant problems with NLP today.

The further people learn NLP, the severity of the problems becomes further evident. Having the status of are the problems? The problem is about the misunderstandings of NLP.

1. NLP IS NOT NLP SKILLS. Numerous people are just learning NLP Skills and think that they are NLP. NLP Skills are the have a fight of NLP, but not NLP itself.

2. NLP EMPHASIZES THE "HOW" OF DOING/THINKING (I.E. CONTEXT). Personnel misconstrue that we just need to direct how to use the NLP Skills. But how about the "Being", "Who", "Which" and "Why" to use the skills? Personnel learned NLP, but just do not direct so to use a dedicated skill, who needs that skill, which skill to use, and why to use it?

The Result: They can't use it!

The deceased of "How" is to study how people think about no matter which so that we can move the "How" to generate a better result. This full understand of "How" thinking happened leads us to direct the "How", "Being", "Who", "Which" and "Why" of thinking and of applying the skills.

3. NLP MAKES Personnel Care THAT THEY ARE THERAPISTS. Founders of NLP modelled some of the best analyst at that time and work out their strategies. So numberless of the NLP Skills are therapeutic in nature. Mature how they do it doesn't make us becoming a analyst. Highest of us are not skillful as a analyst. Personnel can openly misconstrue that learning NLP is analogy to learning make well.

Orderly a prime example 128 or further hours of NLP training can't team us with all the experience of undertaking make well on others. This is spiteful, very spiteful. Moreover, greatest extent of us will not do make well in our broadsheet lives. Sophistication all population NLP Invigorating Skills becomes obsolete to us. We need no matter which we can take back to our broadsheet lives.

I don't sport all the solutions to these problems. But I habitually evoke myself not to add optional extra further problems to the field of NLP!



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