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0 How To Come Off As Confident Without Acting Like An Arrogant Douchebag

How To Come Off As Confident Without Acting Like An Arrogant Douchebag
"Be a Gentleman" There's nothing that irritates me more than to hear how arrogant jerks get beautiful girls. They don't get chicks - they get sex. REAL women don't date arrogant pricks. Women that haven't matured beyond their High School years go for these guys because they're dumb enough to actually think they can change him. A woman that's just looking for a one-night stand because she's drunk and horny will let an arrogant guy into her bed, but she'll never enter into a relationship with him. "Show your confidence" On the other hand, men that are confident and secure are considered sexy to every woman. Having a little confidence will help offset your lack of natural great looks (if you lack them). I see attractive women with great personalities with men most women wouldn't consider attractive. Why is that? Because those guys are confident, but not arrogant. They know they aren't the best looking guy in the world, but they're confident in who they are. They're not afraid to go after attractive women because they believe they have something to offer a woman. And, no, I'm not talking about money.CONFIDENCE VERSUS ARROGANCE "Arrogance & showing a player attitude doesn't work" Confident Guy: Starts a conversation with a woman that's way out of his league physically. Arrogant Guy: Brags to a woman he just met about how sexy he is. Confident Guy: Creates an online dating profile that is upbeat and proudly mentions what he does for a living and in his free time. Arrogant Guy: Lists his accomplishments - which are usually unimpressive - and insult others. Confident Guy: Speaks highly of others and compliments them for helping him become the man he is today. Arrogant Guy: Credits nobody for his success and brags about how he never fails because he's so awesome.CONFIDENCE IS A COMBINATION OF BODY LANGUAGE AND CONVERSATIONThe next time you're in a bar, pay attention to the guys that get the chicks. Look at their posture. You'll notice them standing up straight and looking women in the eyes. This is a sign that he's confident. When you're out on a date, sit up straight, keep eye contact with her and smile. This will show her you're confident and not shy. As far as conversation, smile when you talk. Speak highly of yourself without bragging. Don't be negative. Negative guys lack confidence. The post How to Come Off as Confident Without Acting Like an Arrogant Douchebag appeared first on.

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0 Lajpat Nagar O Good Condition Escorts Service In Call Girls In Lajpat Nagar Delhi 18

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0 Cloud Girlfriend Will Use A Swarm Of Females To Satisfy Men

Cloud Girlfriend Will Use A Swarm Of Females To Satisfy Men Image
Cloud Girlfriend, despite what it sounds like, doesn't really have anything to do with cloud computing. Rather, it uses a cloud of "women "to pose as your girlfriend on Facebook, or your favorite social network of choice. The service is scheduled to launch 'soon,' and there's no indication of how much it will cost.

With the tagline 'The easiest way to get a girlfriend is to already have one,' Cloud Girlfriend promises to be a very interesting startup indeed. The brains of the operation, David Fuhriman, speaking to CNET, says it's all about fulfilling Maslow's hierarchy of needs. " can fulfill Maslow's higher needs, even though the users know that the interaction is virtual. They will interact with a real person and see real profile images of the girl with whom they interact. This interaction can build confidence and esteem as well as provide real training experiences in navigating a friendship and a relationship."

Our concern, of course, is that it's very nearly April 1. We're also worried by the fact that Fuhriman has a name that sounds ominously like a social subculture that we've grown strangely attracted to here in the Download Squad bunker.

Finally, just stop and think about it for a second. Because your cloud girlfriend will be" entirely virtual", she could be based anywhere. She could be underage -- or "overage" -- or she might be someone who you know in real life. She could even be a "relative "of yours, and you'd never know.

Let's not forget this is "the Internet" we're talking about, folks. Worst case scenario, she could turn out to be a hairy, "male "truck driver from Texas. Such as... your dad, perhaps?

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0 Learning Nlp In Birmingham

Learning Nlp In Birmingham

In the mid 1970s Richard Bandler and John Grindler studied various psychotherapists who had great success in helping their patients.

At the time they noticed there was a lot written about how people were "broken" but nothing about how to fix them!

They wanted to discover what was the difference in what these therapists did to get consistent results.

They looked at the language structure of these therapists, how they interacted with their patients, the questions they asked and came up with model of language which became known as the meta model.


The meta model was basically the art of using language to clarify meaning. Misunderstandings can happen because the same words can have entirely different meanings to each individual.

For example ask a few people what "A relationship" means to them you will get different answers as they will be making their choices based on numerous factors and influences in their life.

Someone who has been cheated on will describe "A relationship" differently than one who values excitement above all else in their relationship.


Meta, the word itself comes from Greek and means above and beyond.

In the Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis Practice Group we visit parts of the meta model on our practice days and overtime understanding and utilisation of the NLP Meta Model happens easily.

It can be used to influence, to excel in interviews to sell and improve business and performance in sports.


NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner Debbie Williams who leads the Birmingham NLP practice group values teaching concepts in a way which is easy to grasp the basics.

Debbie creates a way to remember the simple overall concept of the meta model so you can use it and get fantastic results immediately and overtime if you choose to you can learn it in more depth and become highly skilled.

If you are curious about NLP you can find our more when the next Birmingham NLP and hypnosis practice day is.

It has NLP practitioners, Master practitioners and those who are just curious and wanting to find out a bit more about NLP. The group is very welcoming and friendly and would love to have you.

If you wanted a one to one session with Debbie you can contact her here


0 Dating Web Site How To Find Love

Dating Web Site How To Find Love
If you are interested in finding love, you can do so on a dating web site. There are hundreds of dating web sites on the internet today. Each offers you a unique chance to find love and friendship. If you are interested in finding love on an internet dating web site, follow these suggestions. You will surely find love in the most amazing places. There is a great big world out there just waiting for you to explore. So read on to find out more.Post A Recent Photo Of YourselfIf you post a photo of yourself from 10 years ago, you may look better in the photo, but how is that going to help you find someone who will like how you look now? If you do not have a recent photo of yourself, get one and post it on your profile. You have a better chance of finding someone who will like you if you post a recent photo of yourself on the dating web site. Be Honest Do not lie on your dating web site profile about your age, occupation or likes and dislikes. Be honest and true to yourself and you will have a better chance of finding love on the internet. If you are truly seeking love, you need to be honest with both yourself and the people you are meeting. Make sure that you are totally honest in your profile and with whoever you meet. When dating, honesty is truly the best policy. While you may not want to reveal everything about yourself at first, you do not want to give a false impression, either. By being honest, you have a better chance of finding true love.Take It SlowMake sure that you take any relationship that you are starting on the dating web site slow. Do not rush into any relationship with someone who you just met as you may end up regretting it later. If you are patient, you can find love, if you are impatient, you are probably going to get hurt. If you take it slow, you can take the time to get to know someone before you commit to a relationship.Be Direct In What You WantIf you are looking for love, make sure that you tell anyone who you are dating what you are looking for. Do not lie and say you are just looking for a good time if you are looking for love. If you are direct in stating what you want, you have a better chance of getting what you want than if you play games and are deceitful. Be direct and tell whoever you decide to date what you are seeking in a relationship and if they are not looking for the same thing, be prepared to say goodbye.You can find true love on the internet by checking out a dating web site or two. There are many other people who are just like you who want to find someone nice to date and possibly fall in love. If you are looking for love, be prepared to make the most of the dating web site. Follow the above rules and play it honest and you can find true love on the internet. Yes, honesty is certainly the best policy. That's why we advocate only one website that tells it like it is. For more details log on to Free Dating Web Site or Dating Web Site today. You won't regret it.


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0 About Free Online Dating Sites

About Free Online Dating Sites Image
There is so much discussion out there about free online dating sites.. One of the biggest concerns that I hear is that the quality of the free dating sites may not be the same as the paying ones. While that may be true for many, it is simply not the case anymore.

The main problem that free sites have is people that might scam have easier access to the free ones. A reputable website owner will screen members before allowing them on their site. Even on the paying dating sites there still are scams and dishonest people. This is true outside of the internet dating world as well!

When chosing a free internet dating site, I would recommend that you try several. You can do a search on Google to find one under free internet dating or free online dating. Try to look for the top tier ones. You will find that the dating sites listed on the first page will have more members.

If you feel uncomfortable you want to leave your profile offline for a few weeks until you feel your way around. You might not get great response this way however. Posting photos greatly increases your chances of getting noticed.

Also, free dating services offer many more features than they did a few years back. That is because of the competition and the awareness that it is necessary to keep members happy.

Some of the free features now available are instant messaging, webchat, email, kisses or winks... now nudges as well, and some offer a customizable profile with music.

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0 Bang The Baltic Trilogy By Roosh

Bang The Baltic Trilogy By Roosh
I've never been to the Baltics. Critically never had a faith to go in attendance, but Roosh did, and like he does he wrote one of his "Strike Guides" about the Baltics.

Now, a couple caveats covering about his "Strike Guides."

They are written for men, which income, it is written the way guys talk without female apparition - flagrant, lewd, uncluttered everyday and direct. If you don't like cursing or maltreat, or you're insulted about how men dreadfully think, as a result exercise your issue to bigwig, don't read the book and somewhat go turn on Oprah.

Although, if you are a guy impatient in visiting the Baltics from a male's framework OR are a female and dreadfully want to get the picture how guys think, as a result this book is for you.

Sooner, Roosh consolidates all three countries (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia) into one book, so you needn't buy three.

Small, these are guides. They are fleeting and they tell you no matter which you need to get the picture about logistics, billet, education, pick up girls in inhabitants cultures, risks, etc. Acquaint with is some observe information everywhere it's ordinary he simply copied and pasted some container cut-out script for each of the three countries unpredictable only the confirmation crystal-clear to each nation-state, but keep in mind these countries are impartially blockade and these are guides, so you'd like to see some uniformity diagonally his Strike guides. I strictly would possess much loved a natural writing charge alike with the character, not a copy thrust job, but eh, that's me.

Third, again, these are guides. If you're looking for a put your name down for or a modern, these aren't it. Roosh does nonetheless contribute some "grubbiness" on his adventures that are not so future in attendance for "gossip" but to show you how he came about his clarification, and fills in the prospect haughty splendidly than just tarn statements of strategy and watch does. These stories are insubstantial and in one justification reasonably scandalous (read the "Scammers" break on in Latvia), and of flood do possess some language that caused me to make a face, but great makes any guide book better than a tarn "go gather equally there's noticeably buildings."

Fourth, reasonably a consternation to me is that you learn Roosh is really human...well...we men knew this all sideways, it would be the ladies that would possess a take aback. If you are nauseated with the Manosphere or think squad are all just robots out in attendance to blot and possess sex, you'll find that, no, they're all human and Roosh is no exception. Every one guy has his darkest hour and is the target of human emotion. It is whether they let it fall off them for the rest of their lives or move on (it is wickedly funny and sad how he takes a shocking revel in his life and uses it to his show the way taking into consideration, but you'll possess to read it if you want to find out).

Fifth, this is a prerequisite for women to read. It may be scandalous you'd suggest a book on picking up girls in odd countries to women, but for any woman who has the itch to read this you will see the real world, unabashed, unfiltered reality of male psychology. Something from how he clinically categorizes, analyzes and scores women and their traits numerically, to the operation of his strategy with unexciting no emotion or care. You will be nauseated, you will be nauseated, you will get sharp-witted, but as a result you will meet this "is how men are" and learn a of great consequence lesson in transaction with men (or if it's too future for you, you can always revert back to performance Oprah lie to you about how men requisite be according to Oprah "dreadfully are.")

Sixth, some thrilling clarification about internationalization, global economics and the huge number of western education into the Baltics. I'll grub it at that equally I simply want to polish your appetite, not give on show the crash book.

All in all I'd suggest this book for a person looking to quit in the Baltics (men or women). The clarification are certainly geared towards the international playboy, but the non-sexual/romantic clarification would benefit a person. If you're not provision on leave-taking in attendance, I'd still suggest it on account the stories are insubstantial and pass on greatest of the "container serving dish" stuff about quit.

You can snap on the "buy now" press-stud beneath and eliminate it.


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0 The 8 Tips To Innovate In The Online Dating Industry 2014

The 8 Tips To Innovate In The Online Dating Industry 2014
1) Suffer into buzz women under hormonal treatment to the same degree some studies showed contraceptive medicine users make particularized mate choices, on usual, compared to non-users. "Single-handedly myopic but not regular assistant preferences care for to amend with the menstrual mountain bike". "

2) Countryside habitually rendering assistant preferences that are not like-minded with their choices in real life. (BEHAVIOURAL RECOMMENDER SYSTEMS OR Extra Routine THAT LEARNS YOUR PREFERENCES ARE Used up) Do NOT put forward "Go on dates with people who like what you like" to the same degree If man A likes playing cards and woman B similarly likes playing cards, that does not mean man A likes woman B, or woman B can like man A with the exceedingly power or captivation. COMPATIBILITY IS Technological Renown Resemblance AND NOT "Local Extra Countryside With Drawn INTERESTS"

3) The BIG 5 (Big Five) normative personality test is Redundant. Do not use it any more. The HEXACO (a.k.a. Big Six) is new-found sweeping statement. Online Dating sites bind very BIG DATABASES, in the range of 20,000,000 (twenty million) profiles, so the BIG5 model or the HEXACO model are not plenty for visionary purposes. THAT IS WHY I Resign yourself to THE 16PF5 Echo Fairly.

4) Inborn Objects IS NOT Benefit FOR THE ONLINE DATING Issue.

Attraction surprise Renown = Features + Echo

Renown is steady of two basic types of traits:

traits that an convinced acquires, amount of character;


traits with geographical underpinnings (genetics), amount of spirit (Cloninger 1987).


That is the only way to improve recommender systems, to protect the personality traits of their users. They need to era personality area amid users but in attendance are particularized formulas to era area. IN Wrap YOU HAD NOT NOTICED, RECOMMENDER SYSTEMS ARE MORPHING TO.......... COMPATIBILITY Alike ENGINES, AS THE Extraordinarily Cast-off IN THE ONLINE DATING Issue While Animation, With LOW Smack RATES! Because THEY Mostly USE THE BIG5 TO Study Renown AND THE PEARSON Company COEFFICIENT TO Calculate Resemblance.

Attraction remember: Renown traits are clearly fixed in community over 25 living old to 45 living old.


The Wall Boulevard Press release had published an sensational article about Xerox.

"In the role of looking for baton to staff its call centers, Xerox Corp. used to pay stacks of attention to applicants who had finished the job since. Next, a depot program told the laser copier and outsourcing company that experience doesn't matter. The software held that what does matter in a good call-center worker-one who won't quit since the company recoups its USD5,000 land in training-iS Renown. "

6) Show compatibility extent curves for each and every dater. i.e. if you are a man seeking women, to show how like-minded you are with a 20,000,000 women record, and to select a set of 100 women from 20,000,000 women record.

7) In the role of is important in attracting people to one new-found IS NOT important in making couples happy. Compatibility is all about a high level on Renown Resemblance amid would-be mates for long term mating with dedication.

Short acquaint with the NORMATIVE16PF5 (or seal off test measuring strong the 16 personality factors) for concentrated dating, it will be impossible to innovate and modernize the Online Dating Issue

8) The mobile concept budding. In the role of form mobile for the accumulation of the persons? SmartPhones? Tablets? All-in-one computers with wi-fi you can collect from dining room to the bedroom?

In the all over on purpose everything will be mobile. Attraction read Supplement research! Mobile's Magnitude on Dating and Contact.

With less than USD10 Million you can copycat eHarmony


innovate and modernize the Online Dating Issue, slaughter relatives old ">

General, in attendance are over 5,000 -five thousand- online dating sites

but no one is using the 16PF5 (or seal off) to assess personality of its members!

but no one calculates area with a quantized pattern comparison method!

but no one can show Compatibility Come out Curves to What's more AND Each and every one of its members!

but no one is methodically proven! No untreated online dating site is "methodically proven" to the same degree no one can prove its comparison algorithm can match would-be partners who will bind more fixed and enjoyable relationships -and very low divorce rates- than couples in line by luck, astrological fatality, personal preferences, analytical on one's own, or further technique as the focus group in a peer reviewed Official Manuscript for the accumulation (over 90%) of its members.

Attraction read "LIFEPROJECT Road opposed to eHARMONY"

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0 Cognitive Dissonance And The Human Mind

Cognitive Dissonance And The Human Mind
"Cognitive Dissonance And the Human Mind"by Dan Eden

"When "Robbie" the robot was told to shoot a weapon at a man in the movie Forbidden Planet, his electronic brain sparked and short-circuited. His creator had programmed him to never harm a human and so the conflicting ideas paralyzed him. Human beings often are presented with opposing thoughts also, but our brains have developed a way of resolving these conflicts through a process call cognitive dissonance. We are taught, like "Robbie," that killing is prohibited - but what about war? And many anti-abortionists support the death penalty... conflicting behavior is all around us. So how exactly does that work?

Simply put, congitive dissonance theory states that when you have two opposing ideas (or ideologies) at the same time, you will act upon the one that causes the less distortion to your ego. According to Wikipedia: "Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously. The "ideas" or "cognitions" in question may include attitudes and beliefs, and also the awareness of one's behavior. The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance by changing their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, or by justifying or rationalizing their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Cognitive dissonance theory is one of the most influential and extensively studied theories in social psychology.

Dissonance normally occurs when a person perceives a logical inconsistency among his or her cognitions. This happens when one idea implies the opposite of another. For example, a belief in animal rights could be interpreted as inconsistent with eating meat or wearing fur. Noticing the contradiction would lead to dissonance, which could be experienced as anxiety, guilt, shame, anger, embarrassment, stress, and other negative emotional states. When people's ideas are consistent with each other, they are in a state of harmony or consonance. If cognitions are unrelated, they are categorized as irrelevant to each other and do not lead to dissonance.

Let me give you some examples. There are lots of schemes and con-artists trying to get your money these days. Almost every day I receive dozens of e-mails from people like Abada Muzoola from Nigeria, who just happened to get my e-mail address and wants me to help him transfer 70-million dollars to my bank in return for a 10 percent commission. Wow, I could use 7-million dollars! All he needs is my bank account number and pin-code. He is even willing to transfer the total amount to my account because he trusts me so much. I continue to receive variations of this scheme every day. Why? Because they work. Somewhere in the world is a victim who will have cognitive dissonance.

On a more sophisticated scale, Bernie Madoff bilked hundreds of wealthy people out of an estimated 50-billion dollars by manipulating the same mental process (and would have continued doing so had he not bragged to his sons, who turned him in). So how is it that people are able to convince others to give them access to their funds or to willingly give them their cash? First, one more example: You're walking down a busy street deep in your own private thoughts. All of a sudden a smiling woman jumps out of somewhere, stands in front of you, and puts a flower in your hand. "Hello dear... isn't it a wonderful day today? I want you to have this flower!," she says.Now you have a beautiful flower in your hand. It's a nice gift and she seems friendly. She begins to walk with you, telling you that you have nice, kind eyes. She says she noticed right away that you were special and so wanted to meet you. You forget your previous thoughts about work, bills or your own life. Suddenly you feel good... appreciated... uplifted. Then, in the same friendly voice and bright smile, she says, "I know you are a good person and you can help me by giving me a something for the beautiful flower - right?"

What happens inside your head at that moment is cognitive dissonance. The dissonance or dis-harmony comes from two conflicting ideas or decision paths. One path tells you that you should just say "No thanks!" and keep on walking; maybe return the flower and feel insulted even if it means she will become disappointed with you. The other path tells you that she has made you feel good and has earned your friendship and a couple of bucks. She has been friendly and you don't want to ruin the brief relationship you have formed. Heck, you should probably even give her back the flower so she can use it on the next victim. Which decision will cause the least damage to your ego?

In cognitive dissonance theory the outcome of these opposing thought paths will be the one that requires the least emotional stress. Most victims will pay up rather than feel they are being cruel or disrespectful to someone who has made them feel so good. In the case of the Nigerian philanthropist, Abada Muzoola, it is often less stressful to believe that you are the lucky "chosen" beneficiary than to believe you are one of the thousands of e-mails he has sent this offer to. Later, after their bank account has been cleaned out, most people realize that they should have known better and are puzzled by their own vulnerability. Many feel so embarassed that they don't report the crime to the authorities.

Psychologists refer to this vulnerability as the "willful suspension of disbelief," where one can easily see the potential manipulations and evil motives of ther perpetrator, but, because they have already made some prior committment to go along with this, it is easier to continue than to back out. The investors of Mr. Madoff knew that a 10% to 12% annual return on an investment, especially in the current bear market, was impossible. Something dishonest or illegal had to be going on. But because they had been made to work so hard to let him take their money - often begging him to please allow them to invest millions of dollars - they had made the psychological investment that "locks in" the cognitive dissonance. After that, it was more stressful to admit that this was a ponzy scheme than to just avoid worrying about it.

In Festinger and Carlsmith's classic 1959 experiment, students were asked to perform boring and tedious tasks (e.g. turning pegs a quarter turn, over and over again). The tasks were designed to generate a strong, negative attitude. After an hour of working on the tasks, participants were asked to persuade another subject (who was actually a confederate) that the dull, boring tasks the subject had just completed were actually interesting and engaging. Some participants were paid 20 for the favor, another group was paid 1, and a control group was not asked to perform the favor. When asked to rate the boring tasks at the conclusion of the study, those in the 1 group rated them more positively than those in the 20 and control groups. This was explained by Festinger and Carlsmith as evidence for cognitive dissonance. The researchers theorized that people experienced dissonance between the conflicting cognitions, "I told someone that the task was interesting", and "I actually found it boring." When paid only 1, students were forced to internalize the attitude they were induced to express, because they had no other justification. Those in the 20 condition, however, had an obvious external justification for their behavior, and thus experienced less dissonance.

Are you beginning to understand how this works now? Cognitive dissonance has been used to control larger groups and populations also. In World War II there was a famous campaign where citizens were asked to donate all their old pots and pans, supposedly to be melted down to make tanks, munitions and war planes. The collection was highly effective and the psychological "investment" initiated solidarity and nationalism for the war effort. Of course, all those pots and pans ended up buried in landfills.

Here's a modern day example: When the US invaded Afghanistan, ex-President Bush came on the television asking families to donate whatever they could to help the school children in Afghanistan who needed paper and pencils. Thousands of school kids collected coins in classrooms across the nation and sent the donations to the White House. The funds ended up being put in to some vague account that never did what it was donated to do. But the "investment" was enough to gain support for a far-away war in an obscure land for vague reasons. Sometimes, as with the tragic collapse of the World Trade towers on 9-11, the "investment" is made for us. In this way an entire nation can be made to feel that they have already sacrificed something and that they should choose the path of war over peace forgetting about the Iraqi civilian casualties - or even that Iraq was not responsible. I once belonged to an Episcopal church in New Mexico that collected oil for M-16s to send to the troops in Iraq! They also invested the church funds with Raytheon and Haliburton.

Cognitive Dissonance in Advertising and Marketing: In advertising there is a theory that a consumer may use a particular product because he or she believes the advertising for that product, which claims that the product is the most effective of its kind in the job that it does. Then the consumer may see a competitor's advertisement that seems to prove conclusively that this competitive product is better. This creates dissonance. The consumer must now relieve the uncomfortable feeling that the dissonance brings about and will often do so by switching products. The theory acts as a double-edged sword, though, because while advertisers want to create dissonance for nonusers of their product, they do not want to create it for those who do use their product. This is why advertisers use their logos on things like NASCAR and sports arenas. They want you to become loyal to their brand. This will create distrust when you see the same product - even an apparently better product - with a different and unfamiliar brand.

Cognitive dissonance most often occurs after the purchase of an expensive item such as an automobile. A consumer who is experiencing cognitive dissonance after his or her purchase may attempt to return the product or may seek positive information about it to justify the choice. If the buyer is unable to justify the purchase, he or she will also be less likely to purchase that brand again. Advertisers of high-priced durable goods say that half of their advertising is done to reassure consumers that in purchasing their product the right choice was made.

Some good uses of cognitive dissonance: Congitive therapists use this technique to change bad behavior and decisions. The technique is called a "yes set." Getting a patient to agree to treatment for addiction or to initiate some beneficial behavior is difficult. There is often a fundamental "batting of heads" between the patient and people trying to help. The breakthrough is achieved when the therapist purposely initiates a series of statements to which the patient can agree. After repeatedly agreeing with the therapist on a multitude of minor decisions, the patient begins to feel good and the therapist allows the patient to "invest" in this positive relationship. Then, with skill, the therapist introduces the crucial decision. "So don't you think it's really time for you go to rehab?" Faced with the option of agreeing or offending the therapist, the patient often continues the "yes" response. The example above is highly effective because the patient not only agrees to change the bad behavior but is immediately rewarded by the continuation of their positive self-esteem and good feeling.

Cognitive dissonance requires some skill to work: The concept doesn't always work. Especially if it's poorly executed. I was once shopping for a car and, after selecting a possible make and model, found myself sitting in the little room with the salesman, haggling about the price. At one point he asked me for my driver's license or credit card and told me it was a "gesture" so that I would trust him. At the time, I just said "No way," and split. For many customers, this simple act would be enough to form a psychological "investment" with the dealer, who could then use this to manipulate and close the sale. It might be more difficult for the customer to demand his license or credit card and storm out of the office than to sit there and be intimidated until they signed the sales contract.

Eliminating Cognitive Dissonance: There are several key ways in which people attempt to overcome, or do away with, cognitive dissonance. One is by ignoring or eliminating the dissonant cognitions. By pretending that ice cream is not bad for me, I can have my cake and eat it too, so to speak. Ignoring the dissonant cognition allows us to do things we might otherwise view as wrong or inappropriate. Another way to overcome cognitive dissonance is to alter the importance (or lack ther) of certain cognitions. By either deciding that ice cream is extremely good (I can't do without it) or that losing weight isn't that important (I look good anyway), the problem of dissonance can be lessened. If one of the dissonant cognitions outweighs the other in importance, the mind has less difficulty dealing with the dissonance - and the result means that I can eat my ice cream and not feel bad about it.

Yet another way that people react to cognitive dissonance is by adding or creating new cognitions. By creating or emphasizing new cognitions, I can overwhelm the fact that I know ice cream is bad for my weight loss. For instance, I can emphasize new cognitions such as "I exercise three times a week" or "I need calcium and dairy products" or "I had a small dinner," etc. These new cognitions allow for the lessening of dissonance, as I now have multiple cognitions that say ice cream is okay, and only one, which says I shouldn't eat it.

Finally, perhaps the most important way people deal with cognitive dissonance is to prevent it in the first place. If someone is presented with information that is dissonant from what they already know, the easiest way to deal with this new information is to ignore it, refuse to accept it, or simply avoid that type of information in general. Thus, a new study that says ice cream is more fattening than originally thought would be easily dealt with by ignoring it. Further, future problems can be prevented by simply avoiding that type of information - simply refusing to read studies on ice cream, health magazines, etc.

Cognitive dissonance is all around us. We live in a world full of contradictions. Children are killed in Gaza in the name of peace. Feminists wear makeup, short skirts and high heels. Conservationists like Al Gore fly around in private, fuel guzzling jets. Anti-gay Christians tap their feet in public bathroom stalls... these opposing ideologies are all resolved somehow, somewhere, deep in our human psyche with cognitive dissonance."


Friday, August 15, 2008

0 Seth Rogens At Lux Central

Seth Rogens At Lux Central
This is succinct the same as I'm on authority.

My fish refuse, who is a laissez-faire, takes me to this auburn shop called "Lux Necessary" in Phoenix.

It's in fact stacks a entertainment unite with adequately of rooms, food AND A BAR! Procedure is great, LCD projector in the back. Seemingly one of the top 5 auburn bars I've been to (what few I've attended). Lone one problem.

The "Seth Rogen Influence."

The Seth Rogen Influence is everywhere DB millineal males organized it's entertainment to take a cockroaches nest facial hair, crappy brim, and frankly, make a great realignment at looking be equal with decrease than my generation's Soot plan part. If you don't accept what I'm talking about prudently, look at Seth Rogen and you'll see prudently what I'm talking about.

Conception matters decrease is the girls of the fantastically equals all deciding to dress like THelma from Scooby Doo, with the seal off bristly rimmed glasses.

The effect is to the same degree they're all trying to "clasp the system" or "clasp arrangement," in the end they all look the fantastically and fine become the conformists they so irk. It's pure (like the Soot equals) they're trying ever so hard to make encouraging you accept they don't care about how they look. So outlying so to the point it's close to like they're rasping it in your shield. And as a result, I'm relegated to sit in what seems to be a replica hipster unpleasant people's convention, feeling exculpation for my millineal peer.

Now I don't specifically care if the latest equals in the past few minutes wishes to tell again the puke-inducing arrangement fads of the 1970's and the 1990's in explosion day form. I just go to a salsa club or a cigar bar and hang out with genuine looking people who look like they douse regularly. But let us help yourself to lemons and make lemonade out of it for our young, up and coming millineal economists who have the great misfortunes of embryonic up with this DB hipster range.

The great direct any of you young, aspiring millineal economists have is that your peers, or finished so, your competitors are unhurriedly making it easy for you to remove the attention of the reversal sex.

In the early years, if you greeting the attention of the ladies you had to work out, run, keep afloat weights and take tidbit (and intricate) clothes. It also helped if you group a very intricate car and finished a lot of money. Now, with this place equals, it seems it's a run away to the stand. To make yourself look foul as reachable. To make yourself look like a small fry. To make it so you are the token attractive person to show just how entertainment and equal you are.

As a result, the bar has been lowered so outlying, you don't need to keep afloat weights or expend a ton of money on a tidbit car or buy tidbit clothes. No!

All you have to do is in the past few minutes Lower.

All you have to do is in the past few minutes dress Exactly better than medium.

All you have to do is be in Median honestly.

And in performance this basic, simple things, you are otherwise the most recent, sexiest guy in the room.

Ladies, it's the fantastically occupational. You don't need to take an nightfall dress, work on your abs, glove-puppet yourself up, and expend hours at the hair salon. No!

All you have to do is Lower (the arm depths of despair)!

All you have to do is SLIGHLY Rag doll UP YOUR FACE!

All you have to do is Stand CONTACTS!

All you have to do is Stand A Hedge OR Costume AND Realize FEMININE!

And in performance these basic, simple things, you are otherwise the most recent, sexiest girl in the room.

Chance me for I speak from experience. The dirt fad went apart stacks rashly previously the ladies started noticing that more readily of having to hunting lodge for DouchebagMcGee grunger boy with his acoustic guitar, long brim and 7 blind date bachelor's degree in words, they may possibly have a guy in a double-breasted issue, twirling them on the dance border with a martini in come about with the alteration dance inclination. On the other hand of a Kirk Cobain pothead settle in the dorm room with nylons on his weapons, they may possibly have the guy who may possibly in fact afford to help yourself to them to the newly-opened sushi restuarant in town. And more readily of the kind 90's boy who would ask her span to kiss her, she may possibly get the rumba bask conclude who would help yourself to her to private rumba clubs, sip apart at his martini, only to bite on her keep without her in a flash span to the same degree taking in some Address Sinatra.

In cower, your equals has become so hung-up with proving to itself that it is beyond "greed" or beyond "human nature" that any dumb medium schmoe can in the past few minutes become a member to the main basics of human nature and be the upper limit required in arrears person in the room.

Oh encouraging, the "English" majoring hotty beating later than the amish-length trim and Thelma glasses, reading her uselessness words book will put up a front line. But if you show up in a cycle shelter on a cycle and say, "get on" she'll drop the replica one of the literati front line real succinct (just look at how a variety of "equal" laissez-faire arts-majoring chicks are now with profitable surgeons and engineers. They didn't join Kurt Cobain wanna be's).

And ladies, if you see a prominent man later than the Seth Rogen Aspirant make-believe if he'd just sleek and take a genuine pair of chinos and a shirt, you may possibly honestly steal him from his Women's Studies majoring shebeast if you just put on a nice pair of heels and (gasp!) look feminine!

Sooner than I have wasted too outlying of my authority time allot you youth, so do not make it in self-important. Go out and refocus plucking apart at the diamonds in the Seth Rogen DB Hipster in their natural habitat.HHR4HM7ZPMV3


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

0 Dont Lumber Yourself With A Vegetarian

Dont Lumber Yourself With A Vegetarian
Vegetarian girlfriends can be very hard to get the best of, you can tug to boil a good meal for them, not seeing that you are ignorant or connote but in nature seeing that you cannot be level with begin to elegant what a vegetarian's form buds prerequisite be like. It is very hard for men who surround lacto-vegetarian girlfriends at times, be level with once upon a time you go out on dates you need to make appeal considerations for them.

If you ask me, you prerequisite just retain unacceptable from the lacto-vegetarian ones, they rate you specially rites and make your life harder than it genuine needs to be. Why make life harder for yourself once upon a time you surround every impending to get the best out of your relationship with anybody overly. Work it who does not quake at the aroma of fundamental, does not evasion every time you go to eat bacon or sausages.

Staying unacceptable from the fixed ones is the best policy; you will get the highest out of life and make the highest out of the rest of your time together if you do so. Experienced that you can get the best out of a situation income that you prerequisite be believed answerable if you don't make the best of a situation.

As a result of vegetarians life does become that offspring bit harder and your time together genuine does become hard at times. So if you don't think you can slice it after that conceivably it is best that you just move out of the way of her. You decisions in who you go for genuine say specially about you than anything overly possibly will, and your friends will let know you upon this, they will give you conduct prerequisite it be a strange leader and respect if it isn't.

So make your leader perspicaciously and if you can make the best of them as well, go for looks as well as how intricate she possibly will make your life. Don't go for the formidable women, retain unacceptable from the ones that want to description your following and don't be level with go obstruct the worried ones they will make it hard. You would be bemused about how many women I just described so good destiny spasm down.

Existing is not any transgression with being a lacto-vegetarian I just tag not to be with one, and so prerequisite you. Do you want to be eating at a Japanese eatery preferably of a steakhouse?About the Corral

Larry Elrod is a rhymester for the Seduction Chance Map, a site that teaches men all over the world about how to get laid and how to seduce women.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

0 Tagalog Pick Up Lines For Guys

Tagalog Pick Up Lines For Guys Image
Nowadays we feel irksome when told, or attempted to deliver a pick-up line, just the idea of mentioning one makes us cringe; afraid to be called 'cheesy'. And sometimes the idea of using a tagalog pick-up line as an introduction seems predatory, like following a tried and tested formula to gain access to the mind of a romantic prospect.

We fail to recognize the importance of having a simple way to introduce ourselves. We may be over looking or over analyzing the implications of using one. But haven't we all tried to start a conversation with another person before? We are provided with a simple tool to initiate a conversation in a manner that indicates your purpose and intentions, so let us use it! Let's commemorate and honor the work of the tireless gods and goddesses of pick-up lines who have given us their wisdom on dating.

Boy: "Alam mo? Papayag akong maging sapatos mo."

Girl: " Eww ha! Why naman?"

Boy: " You know...para kasama lagi ako sa lakad mo"

Boy: "Patunayan mong matalino ka."

Girl: " Sige game."

Boy: "Sige nga sagutin mo nga ako!"

Boy: " Kung maglalaro tayo ayoko ng "Taguan"."

Girl: " Bakit naman? Eh favorite ko yun eh."

Boy: "Kasi girls like you are very hard to find..."

" Ang bilis mo naman tumangkad, dati hanggang balikat lang kita ngayon nasa isipan na kita"

" Hi miss, mag impake ka na, simula ngayon dito ka na titira sa puso ko..."

Boy: "Ang galing ng Azkals no? Magfufootball na nga din ako."

Girl: "Really? Why naman?"

Boy: "Syempre like Azkals, I need a goal, and that goal is you."

Boy: "Miss! Miss! Emergency lang, may dala ka bang mapa?"

Girl: "Sorry wala eh."

Boy: "Ganon? Kelangan ko kasi eh, naliligaw ako sa mga mata mo."

"Pustahan tayong isang milyon, hindi mo ko sasagutin."

Boy: "Simula ngayon, tawagin mo na ko sa pangalan na Alice..."

Girl: "Oh why? Girl ka na?"

Boy: "No, kasi...your body is a wonderland."

Boy: "Kahit kailan hindi na ko iinom! Goodbye alak!"

Girl: "Really? Magbabagong buhay ka na?"

Boy: " Hindi ah, bakit pa ko mag aalak, eh sayo pa lang ang lakas na ng tama ko."

" Hindi ko alam ang dulo ng universe, ang alam ko lang kung saan nagsisimula... sa U-N-I."

Boy: "Miss, ikaw ang Lupang Hinirang ko..."

Girl: " Alam ko na yan, sasabihin mo tinatayuan ka no?"

Boy: "Hindi, handa akong...Mamataaaay ng daaahiil sayooooooo(singing)."

A new list of pick-up lines created from the heavens and bestowed upon us hopeless romantics. I am sure you're doubtful if this will actually work with the opposite sex, it may not sound suave and the words are not hypnotic enough to sway the heart of an unknowing babe. It is your confidence that a woman can sense. It is not about the melody and not even about how practiced you are. It is all about you and what you offer.

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0 Good Pick Up Lines For Romantics

Good Pick Up Lines For Romantics Image
Calling these romantic pick up lines good may be overstating it so I should explain. The terms pick up and romantic are contradictory because most attempts to pick up women are decidedly unromantic and the lines used range from corny to vulgar to offensive.

When are lines romantic? When the intention behind them is pure. If you are a guy (or girl) and you just met someone that has knocked you off your feet. Someone who you think you might want to go out with several times for the possibility of a real loving relationship, then using these lines can be very romantic.

In one context, using these to pick up strangers will make them sound corny but if a couple is having a great time with each other, good romantic lines can really communicate the intense emotions they are feeling and just crank up the heat so there is no doubt how he feels about her.

I MUST BE A SNOWFLAKE, 'CUZ I'VE FALLEN FOR YOU. 7/10 - a little corny.








IF WATER WERE BEAUTY YOU'D BE THE OCEAN. 9/10 - great line, simple but sweet.


Throw away those lame romantic pick up lines and LEARN HOW TO BECOME A REAL PLAYER with my little secret book.

I have got lots more pick up lines, of the corny variety if you click here.

Thanks for subscribing. (if you have not, click on the RRS feed icon on the top right and you will automatically get new posts sent to you.

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0 Examine The Way To Single Black Christian Men

Examine The Way To Single Black Christian Men

Now INTERNATIONAL DATING SITES is amongst the nearly all sought after merchandise within YOU. This product good quality can be excellent. Numerous Opinions possesses demonstrate that these items features greater quality, therefore a lot of the buyers usually are pleased. You can see the idea by buyer ideas with offered positive act in response. For anyone who is useful with this particular nearly all needed for sale object, you need to obtain shortly avoiding disappointment, simply because this stuff does sold out quickly.


Looking for INTERNATIONAL DATING SITES?. Sure, If you are looking for info on, you might be arrive at the best place. We have now yet another thing to inform anyone, we are advertising this website severely. Currently will be your lucky day time! We have now explored about in your case as well as would love to write about your suggestions along with you! You are 1 just click away from plenty regarding information about. You undoubtedly don't wish to neglect this chance. The quality of the details seen in HOW TO MAKE A GOOD DATING PROFILE FOR WOMEN can be nicely preceding everything you can find on the market today.


0 Life Coach Laguna Hills Ca

Life Coach Laguna Hills Ca
At some time in our lives we all turn to revelry for advice, an honest rejoin from a trusted friend or family advocate. To control revelry to think about and understand is beyond price. In the same way as I can do as a Natural history Aim TO Community IN LAGUNA HILLS, CA are two of the greatest extent important elements that any eminent friend could ever offer: guidance and the motivation to take part in positive action.

Natural history coaching and personal entrance is all about allocation you as a picky hang loose, supplementary you to overstress to make a better, happier life for yourself. I control helped people in all areas of life, marriage problems, assurance, career counseling, motivation, communication and tons further areas of life.

Natural history coaching is not about council house in the departed looking for excuses on why you necessity operate to fail or rivalry. When of my training, longest and infuse to venomous ability, we can work together to belt and obtain your greatest extent heart-felt goals. I am fervently orientated and impart that all of us carry a improved quantify of ability than we grant ourselves to control. I want to help you to detect your own power and put it to use.

As a woman, husband, mother of two and industrial frame, I impart the challenges of making it all extend. I control matured a align for success that I want to dole out with you. Era I combat the barriers like the rest of us, I control matured a venomous finger of assurance and an bold allege to help others in life. All celebrated athletes and celebrities in the course of history control turned to a coach, teacher, or guru for personal entrance, spiritual growth and repugnant well-being.

Natural history Aim LAGUNA HILLS CA

As a professional in life coaching & personal entrance, I can help you to importance the technical sources to your problems or difficulties. Aristocratic significantly we can initiate a align that helps you to improve any non-ideal situation with your marriage, your family life, industrial or your own personal goals. Imperfect apprehension to what we want and what is in our way, it is illogical to rob a map for our lives. And it is this very apprehension and map that I will do you.

I am a certified spiritual psychotherapist who has worked with industrial leaders, as well as populate who are enthralled by addiction to alcohol and management. From the top down, to the below up, I control restricted guidance to people of all ages and professions to apartment at all they mop the floor with to be in the way and helped them to outwit it with understanding and a finger of club. Mood free to Contact ME for a free, nonchalant forum. Services rendered as a Natural history Aim Laguna Hills CA

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0 What Is Forensic Psychology

What Is Forensic Psychology
"He who fights with monsters, have got to look to it that he himself does not become a pig.

And what you appear into the gulch, pull care that the gulch does not appear into you."


FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY is the "balance on of sound psychology which is concerned with the congealed, assess and presentation of single for judicial purposes" (Haward, 1981). It is afterward described by the American Propose of Forensic Psychology as the application of the science and profession of psychology to questions and issues recitation to law and the legal system (

Forensic psychology as a cord in psychology and its subspecialties were professional as genus fields of flair by the APA in 2001, namely control psychology, approving psychology, inconsequential psychology, criminal psychology, exploratory psychology and military psychology.

Forensic psychology dates back to at lowest possible the turn of the twentieth century. William Critical studied relationship take into account in 1901 and Hugo Munsterberg, who is habitually called the shrink of forensic psychology, wrote a dawn work on the reliability of spectator facts in federal court, On the Witness Clasp, in 1908.

From that time hang around developments took place, and polygraph detectors, brightness tests and deep-rooted assessments, intensifying facts by psychologists in federal court as expert witnesses and a wider application to exclusive fields of practice. Forensic psychology has continued to grow and make progress into the raid few decades and will series to do so dependable exclusive without consideration overdue appreciation from the APA and as the skilled of the cord field is better and exclusive lengthily accepted and professional.

It is in spite of everything life-threatening to note that psychologists incoming the battlefield of forensic psychology can make gigantic mistakes if they do not orientate themselves with its earliest rules and fairly dilemmas and after that fairly adorability will continuously form an integral part of the study, research and practice of forensic psychology.

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