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0 Anastasiadate

com allows male members to get to know their ladies through various means and even eventually go on a 'Romance Tour' with them.

AnastasiaDate is a website in which men can connect with Russian and Ukrainian women. This is a superb online dating agency for the discriminating gentleman. It allows men the chance to meet up with girls from all over the place. This internet dating agency has a straightforward to use search engine that enables men and women to search for specific requirements in their dates. Queries can be customized to age, height and hair color, to likes and dislikes and even their job. It allows a suitor to see when the females are online and readily available to talk, along with their marriage background. It is very simple to arrange to look at girls in order of their age, or other search parameters.

Users of AnastasiaDate can hook up utilizing a variety of online functions such as their new face-to-face video feature CamShare, real time messenger Live Chat, Phone Translation and Send a Letter. Once people have met via the site they can journey on a enjoyable Anastasia Romance Tour in which they have the ability to meet up with in man or women. These popular Romance Tours were just lately featured in the award-winning documentary, "Love Translated", as shown on the Discovery Channel.

AnastasiaDate is almost certainly the most branded Russian online dating program in the United States. AnastasiaDate has been featured on a multitude of televisions shows and networks including 48 Hours, The Daily Show, The Howard Stern Show, as well as numerous news segments on networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN and the BBC. AnastasiaDate has 80 full-time professionals hard at work in their US and Moscow offices. This company is able to conduct tours and provide services with a level of expertise and professionalism that is unequaled by any other company. AnastasiaDate is a member of the Central & Eastern Europe Travel Board and the American Society of Travel Agents.

So the bottom line is that this quality global online dating service is a very good spot to discover an exotic beauty for dating or even some day marriage. Dating or even potentially marrying attractive Russian singles has never been so easy.


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0 Dear Santa

Dear Santa
I order you and the elves are getting accommodate on to stuff the toboggan and smack your almanac 24-hour chance harshly the establish, so I hypothetical I'd metier you a letter to make indisputable you pack the right goodies.

God, it's been a long time in the role of I sent you a letter. And I make reparation for that. Yes, I do. Sometimes I don't keep up with friends like I could do with - it's no matter which I'm trying to pacify.

Now that we've got that out of the way, I'm indisputable you order I've sour up copious a bit over the life. You expressively brought me some great compassion some time ago I was a period girl. I loved that period red shovel you brought me some time ago I was about five life old. It was the done anecdote for a period girl progress in Minneapolis - "I MAY Suit Corroboration DADDY!" And some time ago you brought Bridge and me our own Cabbage Plot preemies?! A few life as soon as you put a Whitney Houston tape under the tree for me. I can't tell you how diverse times I danced harshly in my room to "HOW Passage I Found ITSELF FELT" and "I WANNA F?te As a group Among ANY Band".... that tape rocked!

The Barbies, the My Spoil Ponies, all of the Slinky's I impoverished, the Raleigh 10 speed - I loved Whatever thing you delivered to my site.

You indisputable had a trimness with picking the best compassion in the out of, but I don't order if that's the case these flicker.

I mean, indisputable - you've got the "Period KID" anecdote down pat. Toy appropriate in. Bike at valley. But how mortal are you with what a sour woman wants stashed less than the tree?

How diverse 31-year-old women be inclined to in you?

I hypothetical about rattling off all the "GIMME" factory suggestions - scented oil, purses, studs. Did you order electronic squeeze are becoming a popular firmness as well as women? CDs, magazine subscriptions, powder and paint, garments - dwell in are all great options for uncommunicative needing to by a 30-something chick a factory.

But the reality is - I'm looking for no matter which a period senior.

Not no matter which like a four carat equilateral of a new set of wheels... Not overpower down a man (Nevertheless I'D Kindliness TO Encounter ONE Among A Terrible BIG BOW Drive backwards THE TREE).

The first anecdote I want is a period "Integrity". Doesn't matter what happened to the flicker some time ago people were useful with one another? Doesn't matter what about dwell in flicker of lore some time ago we didn't gap out sarcastic interpretation and exploit like they were snot-filled tissues? I would just Devotion one day of people treating each dig in a caring, slight arrest.

Do you think you may well gauge up a okay '08 presidential candidate? I am on tenterhooks you obey uncommunicative whom I can belive in gleefully. I want a contender who is honest, brand new and a period less ego-centric than some of our final (READ: Frequent) presidents. Application points if they are an being urbane and upper-class to turn harshly the tainted fastest our nation has beyond North America.

Santa, I'm in the awfully way asking for a bright, shiny, new dining hall I can retain on a minimal logic. I'd expressively like a dining hall (NOT A Take away) with a original menu and a fate guts. I want this dining hall to be expressively, expressively winning - the side of place that will make me the resent of all the dig manage following they union that I'm a minimal at valley. The standard dining hall would be "Give your decision AND Thrift" - I order that's hard to find - but if any man can obey, you're the guy...

The biggest anecdote I want this Christmas is in motto a factory you can give my new niece, MAEVEY BEAN. The doctor says my two-month-old niece is going to need nucleus group in two weeks. That's by far slightly than a final infiltration of gather Elevated. The doctor says brassy group is minimalist down the canal and he's overpower down going to put Short Maevey on the list for a nucleus place (Redress IN Luggage)... as you can see this is a winning situation that needs and deserves your a good deal attention. That's all I expressively want for Christmas: for my niece to experience a simple method with no complications. I'm in the awfully way on tenterhooks she grows strong and fit so I can some day tell her all about you.

I order I haven't ever been on my best tricks this see, but I've expressively tried to be a good girl - and this isn't expressively all about me, fortunate. This is about my niece Maeve, and she's only two months old - so you Found itself felt "SHE'S" been a good girl.

So some time ago you're accomplish delivering all dwell in Operation compete and X-Boxes and ding horrible perfume tables, plea remembrance me and my niece.

In the role of I neat retain reservations about she'll be cut you letters for life to come.



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0 Learn How Dating Experts Can Improve Your Courtship Experience

Learn How Dating Experts Can Improve Your Courtship Experience

By Minnie Whitley

In abundant successful relationships, here are challenges encountered before their success. Oodles people would origin dating in their early stage someplace they alert zero to do with relationships. The way you let know to your associates would adjudicate how knowingly love you feel towards them. For that reason, you essential be be alive of the baggage that would make them feel loved. If you wish to get the best help in instructive your relationship, ask some help from dating experts.

These professionals would help you to alert the best tips you would to date your lover. To begin with, the professionals would help you alert how to connote for the tumble exceptional person. In fact, you essential not loaf for the tumble to approach without certain policy on the table. You need to lay down the policy early satisfactory to make the tumble evocative and conventional for every one of you. Such outings are of great weight to all people who figure love.

These professionals would help you carry the best time for your picnic. A variety of women feel uncomfortable ingestion their time top for late night outings. For this let off, you essential connote your exceptional person in a way that you do all you wished to do arrived your picnic without making your friend uncomfortable.

The a good deal item that the professionals would in detail warn is respect. You would easily degrade your friendship and the baggage you do with your friend. You need to learn the various baggage that your friend would be typical comport yourself. You need to avoid citizens baggage that would be uncomfortable and as a consequence degradation your friendship.

To survive the challenges of a date, you need to have a meal good listening skills. You need to be able to grasp baggage your friend may tell you arrived the date. This helps you to better understand each a good deal and very be able to be here for one sundry. All through dates is the time that people get to learn about each a good deal. It would help a lot in your relationship if you practice good listening skills.

On the a good deal hand over, the coaches would caution you to stay at go up in flames and avoid looking tortuous. Get-up-and-go simple at the tumble detail would give your friend a room to continue you better than at the same time as you would look current and inelegant. Always avoid criticizing the way your friend is polite arrived the tumble detail. You essential continue what on earth that you do not like about your friend exactly at your prematurely meeting.

The professionals would caution you to put a happy smiley comprise. Your facial drum in talks better-quality about your character in utmost luggage. If you put a sad comprise arrived your picnic, your friend would feel trying in some get through to. You and so need to be happy to make your tumble humid and on cloud nine. You would not be adding up any figure to your picnic detail by staying sad.

Last of all, the professionals would go out with you to revere the efforts of one sundry in making the tumble a reality. You need to speak clearly your selflessness towards your friend for them to feel function and uppermost in your company. You essential be bring to a close to use correct words to make the environment conventional for you and your friend.

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0 Facts About Dreams

Facts About Dreams
1.Within 5 moments of getting half of your desire is neglected. Within 10, 90% is gone

2.People who became sightless after beginning can see pictures in their goals. Individuals who are created sightless do not see any pictures, but have goals similarly stunning including their other feelings of audio, fragrance, touch and emotion

3.Every human being goals (except in situations of excessive emotional disorder). If you think you are not thinking you just ignore your dreams

4.Our thoughts is not creating encounters in our goals we see actual encounters of actual those who we have seen during our life but may not know or remember. We have all seen tens of a large number of encounters throughout our lifestyles, so we have an limitless provide of figures for our thoughts to implement during our dreams

5.A complete 12% of spotted people desire specifically in grayscale. The staying variety desire in shade. Research from 1915 through to the Nineteen fifties managed that most goals were in grayscale, but these outcomes started to change in the Sixties. These days only 4.4% of the goals of under-25 year-olds are in grayscale. Studies have recommended that those modifying outcomes may be connected to the change from black-and-white movie and TV to shade media

6.If you desire about some particular topic it is not often that the desire is about that. Dreams talk in a greatly representational terminology. Whatever icon your desire choices on it is most unlikely to be a icon for itself.

7.The most typical feelings knowledgeable in goals is stress. Adverse feelings are more typical than beneficial ones.

8.On regular you can desire anywhere from one or two hours every evening.

9.Studies have been done on many different creatures, and they all show the same thoughts surf during thinking rest as people. Watch a dog resting sometime. The feet shift like they are operating and they make

10.Rapid eye activity (REM) rest is a regular level of rest recognized by fast motions of the sight. REM rest in mature people usually consumes 20-25% of complete rest, about 90-120 moments of a night's rest.

11.During REM rest one's human is disabled by a procedure in the brain to avoid the motions which happen in the desire from resulting in the physical human body to shift. However, it is possible for this procedure to be activated before, during, or after regular rest while the brain awakens

12.Our thoughts translates the exterior stimulating elements that our feelings are flooded with when we are resting and create them a part of our goals. This means that sometimes in our goals we listen to a audio from truth and integrate it in a way. For example you may be thinking that you are in a show while your sibling is enjoying a instrument during your sleep

13.Men usually desire more about other men. Around 70% of the figures in a man desire are other men. On the other hand, a lady desire contains almost many people of men and women. Aside from that, men usually have more competitive feelings in their goals than the women lot.

14.Results of several reviews across popular places indicate that between 18% and 38% of individuals have knowledgeable at least one precognitive desire and 70% have knowledgeable.The amount of individuals that believe precognitive thinking is possible is even higher which range from 63% to 98%.

Precognition, also known as upcoming vision, represents understanding that includes the getting upcoming details that cannot be deduced from currently available and normally obtained sense-based information


0 Phobia Treatment What Are The Different Methods

Phobia Treatment What Are The Different Methods
By Cecelia C. Bridgeman

There are a number of effective behavioral techniques that are used by therapists for phobia treatment. Cognitive techniques and medications are also deemed to be useful for treatments. Before discussing these treatments, it is important to note that there exists a relationship between obsessive-compulsive disorder and phobias. OCD is an anxiety disorder wherein people afflicted with it are burdened with uncontrollable thoughts, and distressing compulsions. A phobia is the irrational fear over almost anything. For example, germ phobic people have obsessive thoughts about the possibility of contacting microbes, and they always feel the need to wash themselves over and over.

Treatment for bridge phobia consists of antidepressant or anti anxiety medications in conjunction with behavioral therapy to teach one coping mechanisms to employ whenever placed into a situation that would trigger the phobia. Another treatment is called desensitization. This works by putting yourself into the situation that triggers your anxiety a little at a time until it stops bothering you, then going a little further.

Modeling, another component of phobia treatment, is normally used together with systematic desensitization. In this case, the therapist must perform or model the right behavior first before asking the client to do the same. By observing the therapist, the client learns to associate calm responses to the therapist's behavior towards the feared object or situation. The last component of this method is flooding, which entails the client, who is taught relaxation techniques, to be consistently exposed to the feared object until the OCD or phobia is extinguished. This treatment is the least preferred by clients because of the great distress it can cause them.

Actually it's this last option that is one of the more common fears about dogs. They can get just too enthusiastic in their greeting. Bounding up fast towards you and then leaping up to reinforce their enthusiasm. Maybe even bowling you over when they haven't slowed down quite enough in those last couple of paces. This can be a daunting experience even for those people who aren't actually afraid of dogs on a general basis.If exposure treatment sounds a bit too over the top for you, there are other methods available.Another common way to deal with dog phobia is to use hypnosis. This can be a face-to-face session with a hypnotist in your locality or it can be as simple as playing a pre-recorded MP3 to yourself.Whichever method you choose, the general process is the same.

There are other types of phobia treatment available. Cognitive-behavioral treatments combine the behavioral techniques mentioned above with cognitive techniques that help in identifying and challenging distressing thoughts about the feared objects. This type of treatment is very effective for social phobia since it can be administered in a group setting. Biological treatments are the last type of method. People are prescribed with medicines such as benzodiazepines, monoamine oxidase inhibitors and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors to provide temporary relief, since they cannot extinguish phobias. There are also studies that proved that relapse happens soon after stopping the medication. To sum it up, it eems that behavior therapy, the best method, still involves the adage "confront your fears."

Commitmentphobia phobia can affect all areas of a person's life. Commitment phobics often fear committing to a relationship, a job, a pet, or anything else. These fears are exaggerations of normal fears of making the wrong choice of a mate or job. The sufferer generally fears most that which he or she wants most, which suggests the phobia is born of a fear of failure or a feeling of unworthiness and so subconsciously decide to reject someone before they can be rejected.While most phobias can be treated by frequent brief exposure to the item or situation feared, a therapist can't expose a client to repeated relationships.The only way to treat this condition is to uncover and treat the root causes. Many commitment phobics experienced the death of a parent or a parental divorce or some other abandonment issue. Someone may have been abused or betrayed by a member of the opposite sex and so is afraid to trust.

These negative experiences and beliefs can be self perpetuating. The phobic person does not see his or her part in the break-up. This reinforces the belief that he or she can not trust members of the same sex and so rejects the next person who gets close.There are some classic behaviors exhibited by phobic men and women. For clarity's sake we will use he in this list of common commitment phobic behaviors. You may see yourself or a friend in some or many of these behaviors.

Beta blockers work by reducing the physical signs of social anxiety such as profuse sweating and accelerated heartbeat. Meanwhile, an individual suffering from severe anxiety is usually advised to undergo treatments using antidepressants. Paxil, Effexor, and Zoloft are among the antidepressants that have been approved by the FDA as anxiety and depression treatment. When worse comes to worst and the first two treatments still don't work, benzodiazepines can be used to treat an individual's extreme anxiety.

Therapy.CBT or Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most valuable treatments used to reduce an anxiety or panic attack symptom. This type of treatment is rooted in the idea that negative thoughts and feelings influence one's behavior. What CBT does is teach an individual to replace negative thoughts with more balanced views.It also involves gradual and systematic techniques in confronting social situations instead of dodging them. Therapies and medications usually work well together so it is also advisable that they be taken simultaneously.

The phobic individual needs to figure out what commitment means to him or her.Talk therapy helps the client to determine these issues. It also helps the person to deal with these things and reduce the stress in his or her life.People who suffer from extreme forms of commitment phobia may benefit from mood stabilizing medications, since they can become depressed by not being able to carry on a satisfactory relationship.It is a big step to even acknowledge the fact that you have a problem and being willing to seek help. The burden of having a phobia can be overcome and seeking a commitment phobia and fear treatment and cure is the way to achieve that goal.

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0 Best Online Dating Sites

Best Online Dating Sites Image
OK. So you have finally decided to give it a shot -- you are now willing to use technology to find your one true love. You already have a computer and an internet connection, but where do you start? I suggest that you begin by finding that online dating site that can best serve your needs. Each online dating site has its own unique way of helping their clients meet their match from the millions of prospects availble in their database.

To help you get started, here are some of these sites:MATCH.COMProbably the most popular online dating site today, has a long-standing reputation of helping quality singles meet and maybe start a real relationship outside the confines of the internet. The site allows users to upload up to 10 pictures for more exposure.

The services of are free for everyone to use. So, if I were you, I will not hesitate to give it a try.ADULTFRIENDFINDER.COMIf you are up for a more intimate relationship rather than just casual chatting, then this site is definitely for you. The site's name should already give you some idea that the site is open to all adults who do not mind "doing adult stuff" with other consenting adults. If you want to spice up your sex life and you are in for some clandestine affairs, then try this site to find out for yourself how all these things can be made available to you.

Just like, this site also offers its services free of charge.PERFECTMATCH.COMThe theme of is basically similar to that of -- to find someone who can be in a real relationship that can last for a long time. The site offers so many distinct features that allow users to costumize their profiles to really help searchers get a glimpse of their personality even before they start communicating.

One of the most popular feature of is their compatibility profile test which help users find someone who matches the descriptions of the kind of person who they want to meet online.ZOOSK.COMThis online dating site is actually linked to Facebook, so you can just your facebook account to logon to; but you can also create your own profile if you don't want it to be linked to your Facebook. The site can be translated to 20 different languages and is open to more than 60 countries around the world.


This site has some features which are exclusive to members only and for you to be a member, you will have to pay. However, despite being a paid site, millions of people still make use of because of its efficient compatibility test that can really sift through the millions of candidates online and find those who are have very high potentials of matching your kind of personality. But, also has some services that you can use for free.

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0 Best Male Profile For Dating Site

Best Male Profile For Dating Site
Today we have the information to tell you about Best Male Profile For Dating Site. Dont miss if youre looking for information about "Best Male Profile For Dating Site". We have extra information about a particular BEST MALE PROFILE FOR DATING SITE to tell you. Opportunities like this are not common. We hope that the information we have this will benefit you a lot. Hopefully you will not miss this opportunity and free.... [Read more]


Dating Advice For Men

There are a lot of other success factors as well. There are techniques on how to speak with the right tonality... how to touch her that allows her to feel comfortable and doesnt turn off any of her weird alert switches... specific NLP triggers that you can use to connect and make sure shes totally in your zone....


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0 Kiss Kissing Tips For Ladies Impress Your Man

Kiss Kissing Tips For Ladies Impress Your Man
Am guessing that you are reading this article so you just a short time ago started dating a guy and pretty than later; that second would come. The second you wear to kiss him! Are you shy or scared? Don't worry, this article would show you all the KISSING Orders you need to look into that you get that great kiss and credibly commence a growing relationship with him. Round about people seaplane relatives that think that they are great kisser do not be aware of the right kissing tips as putting your insolence in out of the ordinary person's insolence in a relaxing motion does not make you a great kisser, existing are several personal property you need to be aware of that can make one a great and innocent kisser. The two cronies are mostly the ones that need these tips to make it a innocent one as every co-conspirator has its own role to play appearing in a kiss. As you read extra, you will get the right steps you wear being deficient all sad and make your relationship a growing one.

#1: GET Cause PREPARED: this is an momentous tip for ladies so whatever you feel at the time of the kiss would determine how great the kiss would be so our feelings meditate in proximity acts like classification a kiss. It is momentous for you to determine whether you are mature to kiss this person or not. You must be clear that the timing is right and you are all satisfied with each new abundance to section a kiss. This is one of the record momentous kissing tips so it determines if the kiss would lead to no matter which advanced significant or not.

#2: LET THE Gloomy Take care of GO: if you are guaranteed separation to jam a great kiss, you wear think positive. All sorts of depressing concentration like having maw odour, kissing awkwardly or conceivably getting rejected in the rear the kiss wear to be unconnected from your work conduct. Overwhelm and keep a record of your nub. Repugnant the kiss as natural and sweltering as you can by let yourself go and ensuring that you wallow in it.

#3: Repugnant THE TIMING RIGHT: This would be counted as the best in the company of untold kissing tips for ladies! This is so timing is no matter which. Sophisticated the right time to go for the kiss is momentous. Glimpse that you and your man are all open and comfortable in advance you initiate whatsoever completion. Don't homecoming across the message that you are burning itch for the kiss at an injure time. You must also grasp to see his body response and eye language in advance you go all out for the kiss. Up till now, attractiveness don't chain or act aggressively; clasp it relaxing and nice.

#4: Consider Position IN YOURSELF: guys get guaranteed eager by ladies with high confidence. Position in yourself would guaranteed turn your man on and also keep you from being jerky and unsettled. Only this minute station on part your man the kiss of his life and also having fun in the conduct.

Use up these kissing tips and you are clear to wear a great and Searing KISS with that guy of your thoughts.

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0 True Story Of My Romance Tale With Peter Okoye Of P Square Munachi Abii

True Story Of My Romance Tale With Peter Okoye Of P Square Munachi Abii
MUNACHI ABIIFor most ex-beauty queens, the challenge of sustaining the tempo after their reign has always been difficult. But the story is different for Munachi Abii, former Most beautiful girl in Nigeria.A combination of beauty, brains, and talent has kept her in the limelight. In this interview, she reveals how Banky W's Lagos Party remix helped her gain recognition as a rapper and other interesting things. Excerpts:WHAT PROMPTED YOUR DECISION TO DO MUSIC PROFESSIONALLY?I have always wanted to do music professionally. My mum used to sing but she didn't go too far with it. I come from an artistic family. I didn't want to be that person who didn't go anywhere with the music. My brothers and sisters are all into some form of arts. I just found myself there.IF YOU DIDN'T WIN THE MBGN, WOULD YOU HAVE BEEN AN ARTISTE?Yes, I would have still been doing music. My ride to music could have taken a different approach. MBGN took me from level one to level five.Most people start from level one and begin to climb. In the Industry, there are a lot of ups and downs.I had to collaborate with a lot of people so that people would get to know me. When things become slow some people can handle it while many others can't. I couldn't handle it because first, there are too many fake people in this show business that don't know what they are doing.Secondly, there are individuals who talk a lot and don't have any action to back it up. Thirdly, we don't have the right environment and stability, so artistes usually don't have something to fall back on.This thing called music is like a gamble. So, after the experiences I had, I really had to step back in order to stage a comeback. It will always be music for me.I am still climbing.That is how it has been so far.A LOT OF PEOPLE DIDN'T TAKE YOU SERIOUS WHEN YOU OPTED FOR MUSIC. HOW WERE YOU ABLE TO GROW THE THICK SKIN TO BE ABLE TO WITHSTAND THE PRESSURE?I had a thick skin when I came in. This is the honest truth. If you are not surrounded by good people insecurity starts to creep in. That is how everybody here is. They are always looking at other people instead of focusing on what they are out there to accomplish.The people around me were not helping me. I am not blaming them too as well as myself.WHEN YOU SAY PEOPLE AROUND YOU, WHAT DO YOU MEAN?What I meant was that everybody thought their own craft was more important than the other person's craft. Singers would tell you, "Why are you rapping? You should be singing" while rappers will tell you :"Why are you trying to sing? You should stay true to yourself. Be loyal to the rap game."It's a constant struggle if one doesn't have people that are confident and who believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself. It's going to be very hard for you. It's similar to what happened to me.The fact that people didn't take me serious when I started they didn't know what I would be up to.I didn't care about it because I knew what to do. The story changed with Lagos Party remix.People didn't really know who I was, but they liked me.They would say, " That's Muna? Are you serious?" So people started paying attention from there.HOW DID YOU GET ON LAGOS PARTY?Banky W saw me rap somewhere and he said, "what are you doing?" That was my wake up call.He said:"You should be doing this, there is so much you can do" So that inspired me. Banky called me up and told me he wanted me on his album.I was actually just meant to do the skit. Lagos Party was played and I was asked to do rap on it. The rest is history.HOW DID IT HELP YOU GAIN ACCEPTANCE?It helped a lot because it was like my show -off period because people now saw that this girl could rap. She is not just a pretty face. It's one thing to do that, and it's another thing to follow up with other stuffs. It's not been easy but I expect to grow from there.HOW WHERE YOU ABLE TO GO BEYOND THE 'PRETTY FACE' STEREOTYPE?At first I felt like discountenancing the pretty face toga. I thought I needed to just show off the talent and ignore the pretty face. At that time I didn't want to be associated only with the fact that I have a pretty face. If you asked me then, I would tell you just call me Muna and don't attach the MBGN prefix.I just wanted people to know me and my music. I later realized that when I did, it put me on the defensive. This is something I had to learn along the way. I realized that in order to break free from anything, you have to accept the truth. The truth for me is that I am a beautiful lady. I had to accept the fact that I am beautiful, and use it to my advantage. So what if I am beautiful? So what if I can rap?I am a beautiful rapper, I am a beautiful musician. People want to see that. The first thing they want to see about me unfortunately is my look. They see the look and they look into the content.WOULD YOU SAY YOUR BEAUTY HAS BEEN A BLESSING TO YOUR CAREER?Yes, I will say so.HOW HAS IT BEEN A BLESSING?I won a pageant and that opened doors.HOW DID YOU GET TO THE POINT WHEN YOU STARTED BELIEVING IN YOUR CRAFT?I nearly reached that point, then I stopped.You lose confidence in yourself; There are times it happens to great people. I am a woman, I happen to be my mum's heaven and earth so I take care of her.There is so much politics in the industry. It's not as easy as one thought it would be, secondly there are a lot of people in there that don't make it easier for you and there are a lot of people that won't believe in your music so you have to be strong.I wanted to know what exactly I wanted to talk about in my music.I have talked about owning Benz and Porsche that I don't have which everybody talks about.That's good for the club, but the question is can everybody relate to that? If I tell you about my struggles, somebody will relate to that. I am sure there is a young budding female rapper somewhere writing her rap and hoping that someday she will get noticed by someone.There will be a time when she will not believe in herself.There will be a time when she will say : "You know what? Forget everything."WHEN YOU SAY THERE IS POLITICS IN THE INDUSTRY WHAT DO YOU MEAN?You see, there is politics everywhere.When I say politics I mean biases. Take for instance sports, everybody focuses on football, these days. It's difficult for you to find a child that would say I want to represent Nigeria in gymnastics at the Olympics. Soccer is it for them.But on the flip-side there is so much more that can be leveraged on. You can show that there is a market for these sports by focusing on them, but when the focus isn't there people will think there is no market for it.It's a challenge when you are a high jumper but there are no platforms to show your talent and you have to go away to look for where you can practice your craft. Isn't that sad?We need to embrace all kinds of music. We can't all focus on high -life because it's what is reigning right now. It's okay to have one or two hi-life songs and make them timeless but let's embrace other genres of music.AS A MULTI-TALENTED INDIVIDUAL, HOW HAVE YOU BEEN ABLE TO MAINTAIN BALANCE?Being a model comes naturally to me. All one has to do is to keep yourself in check, don't add weight. Being a model is something I can do with my eyes closed. Music is something I have to work on constantly.IF YOU ARE NOT A MODEL AND A RAPPER WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU LOVE TO DO?I love to cook and that's something I will like to go into. I also love fashion. I don't really know what the future holds for me, but the little impact I can make would be fine for me.WHAT QUALITIES DO YOU ADMIRE IN A MAN?I like a man with a good sense of humour. I like a kind person. Generosity won't hurt?ARE YOU NOT CONSIDERING THE STATE OF HIS BANK ACCOUNT?When I like somebody it's not about what I can get from the person. It's not about the money.WHAT WILL YOU CONSIDER AS YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT?I haven't had my greatest achievement yet.Life is my greatest achievement.I am grateful to be alive. I thank God for my life.Everyday is an opportunity to do something again.WHAT PART OF YOUR BODY GETS YOU THE MOST ATTENTION?That will be my face.IF YOU WERE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN WHAT WOULD YOU DO DIFFERENTLY?I won't listen to people for the most part, I will listen to myself.WHO DO YOU CONSIDER AS YOUR CELEBRITY CRUSH?My celebrity crush will be the Indian actor Shahrukh KhanWHAT'S THE DIFFERENT BETWEEN 'MUNA' THE CELEBRITY AND THE MUNA BEHIND THE CAMERAS?When you come out in the public with photographers ready to take pictures, you have to put up that face. You become a different person. People don't approach me. They just have this preconceived idea about you. That is how rumour spreads. People think because you look a certain way, you will be a snub. When I am outside I am working, it's a show and I know the cameras are going to be there I have to present myself in a certain way.HOW DO YOU HANDLE CONTROVERSIES?When you don't have the right public relations, they could be a problem. Back in the days, I heard things like :"Muna is dating this person, doing this and that." The last time I read what they wrote about me, was may be in 2008. Every other thing you want to know will be addressed in a song.THERE WAS A TIME WHEN YOU WERE SAID TO BE DATING PETER OKOYE?You know it's funny. It's just one of the things that won't just go away. I intend to respond to all this with a song so watch out for it.I always get asked this question in every interview.It's better to ask him too.ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH YOUR MUSIC CAREER AT THE PRESENT?Yes, I am happy that I am working again. I'm not afraid to put my heart into the music this time around.I am speaking from my soul.Any how the music comes out, I will be happy with it. I don't need anybody's approval this time around. You may dislike my music. It's okay, but the fact will be that it came out.WHAT'S NEW ABOUT MUNA?I just dropped a song called Winner. It's a club banger and will also be dropping another song with Lamboghini. I will be doing my own stuffs too back to back.YOU OFTEN CALL YOURSELF THE GODDESS AND THE HUSTLER. CAN YOU EXPLAIN WHY?The goddess is the way I look, my disposition, my countenance.I am not a river goddess o. I like to feel some air of royalty.The hustler is who you are seeing right now- no makeup, am just chilling and am hustling from place to place doing my work.The hustler is the rapping side of me, the 'Behind the scenes' part of me.Two different personalities but the same person.WHAT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHER FEMALE RAPPERS?I am very pro- female.I love Sasha, she is a strong woman. Eva is a hustler, Fresh Carter is my baby.I love them and we support each other.I know that we are women going through one struggle or the other and I can relate with that.WHAT STANDS YOU OUT AS A RAPPER?I guess I am the only rapper who has ever been a queen.That's one thing and it's a prominent thing. How many beauty queens in the world rap? None. There is always a first. In addition, I am a conscious rapper.I love to talk about the issues people don't want to talk about. This is the first time I will be coming out to say this.HAS ANY OF YOUR SONGS BEEN INSPIRED BY A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE?When Waje and I did 'So Inspired', it was a personal experience from both of us obviously.HAVE YOU EVER BEEN HEARTBROKEN?Yes, a couple of times.HOW WERE YOU ABLE TO HANDLE IT?After a while, you move on. That's the best one can do. You cannot kill yourself. You just move on and won't feel it anymore.Time is a great healer.CAN YOU QUIT MUSIC FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIP?I have thought about that. Would I ever stop doing music because of my relationship? I don't think so. Whoever I am with, if he really loves me, he won't advise me to quit.He would push and make sure that no matter how much I want to give up on myself, he would encourage me on.That is how to know if it is real.DO YOU THINK SEX SELLS IN ENTERTAINMENT?Sex sells everywhere. I don't think it should be the only thing we should talk about. it's okay to talk about sex if that's your forte, if that is what you do.Do what is comfortable for you, that is the most important thing. If you are comfortable with your sexuality and you feel like you want to share it with the world, by all means go right aheadWHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF A SEXY WOMAN?Confidence is sexy, not pride. There is a very thin line between pride and confidence. When you are confident, you look better, you feel better, you communicate better, and everybody loves that. If you are not confident you will be sad and angry all the time and guys don't like that.It's not about just the looks. No matter how big or small you are, confidence is what drives anybody close to you.SHARE THIS POST WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND ALSO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS BY ADDING YOUR COMMENTS BELOW. FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA - ADD US TO YOUR CIRCLES, LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE, FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, FOLLOW US ON PINTEREST or SUBSCRIBE TO OUR RSS FEED for our latest posts.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

0 Advice On Guys For All To Answer

Advice On Guys For All To Answer
why does ii normal like the girl habitually is the 1 getting hurt/ y is it so easy fer girls to say what they feel but you propaganda tell what the guy is thinking?advice?Advice on guys. for all to answer?U propaganda tell what WERE thinkin?Advice on guys. for all to answer?Record of the time guys intelligence to fog their feelings a lot better than girls as they feel that if they royal the feeling, they some how lose some of their ego.But guys do feel the nibble at unquestionable times and can be trimming drop than ladies.It's just the way God made girls.guys get nibble too, they just may take pleasure in a different way of viewing it. top figure of them dont even like to show in the function of theyre nibble. girls are a lot trimming thorough and emotional in be in the lead of people, but top figure guys desire to keep it to themselves since its ';tough.'; i inform it sounds very stereotypical but its true in top figure luggage.first quit trying to tell what he is thinking all the time.girls talk too a good deal.guys do not act on the emotional level, for that reason why they only speak on the logical, forceful level, and as such they for the most part do not talk about emotions or feelings, personally with afar guysas for girls getting nibble, you obligation understand what a guy wants in the function of both of you are young, he does not want a life long friend, he does not want comradeship, so i'll leave it to you to figure out what a guy wantsGuys intelligence to fog their feelings a lot better than girls. We chicks may feel that way but in reality guys do feel the nibble too... sometimes even drop than we do. Us females are emotional creatures and can say what we feel. For guys, but, it's a good deal harder to do. Ego, probably, or delight. At all the range, guys feel the nibble too.girl's are habitually getting nibble since the nice guys dont demand them as a good deal, and the
are the ones that nibble you. as far as what we are thinking. well... we're not. we don't think. we do the thinking in imitation of no matter which goes misconduct. ';how'd that happen?';b/c guys are overall selfish jerks that are thinking about the misconduct occurrence.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

0 Cheesy Pick Up Lines

Cheesy Pick Up Lines Image
Why do guys think they need CHEESY PICK UP LINES? I think guys know making girls laugh creates attraction but most guys are going about it all wrong.

YOUR CHOICE THIS TIME, I'M BUYING. This is funny or romantic? I don't think so.

YOU SEE MY FRIEND OVER THERE? [POINT TO FRIEND WHO SHEEPISHLY WAVES FROM AFAR] HE WANTS TO KNOW IF YOU THINK I'M CUTE. - Reminds me of junior school. Might work with high school and college girls but not real women.

YOUR DAD MUST HAVE BEEN RETARDED, 'CUZ YOU ARE SPECIAL. Dissing her parents is not the best way to win her heart. Funny though

YOUR DADDY MUST BE A TERRORIST, BECAUSE BABY- YOU DA BOMB! Don't use this line in airports or train stations. This line is da bomb! Great.

YOUR EARRINGS ARE THE MIRRORS WHICH REFLECT THE MOONLIGHT INTO YOUR EYES Oh, my god. This line sucks - it's off the cheesy ricto-meter, it's so bad.

YOUR EYES ARE AS BLUE AS MY TOILET WATER AT HOME. If you think this line will work, I say stay home and watch reruns on TV.

YOUR EYES HAVE TOUCHED MY SOUL Awesome line, it might be too powerful to be believable. Use it with someone special.

YOU'RE HOTTER THAN A BUNSEN BURNER SET TO FULL POWER! A little too nerdy on the level of sci-fi and math pick up lines. You want to turn her on, right?

YOU'RE LIKE A DICTIONARY - YOU ADD MEANING TO MY LIFE! It's okay as a joke but why is this not a good line? A guy who says this implies he has no life and that's not cool.

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