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0 3 Girls In Tubs Successful In 60Km Crossing

3 Girls In Tubs Successful In 60Km Crossing
NIIGATA -- Three women entire the 60-kilometer passage from Sado to Honshu in tub boats Saturday, supporting in the road of a imaginary line who traversed the straits to see her lover on the mainland.

Kanako Takahashi, 26, Miho Hamada, 25 and Miki Takano, 27, each rowed a tub cunning across the Sado Straits to make the first successful passage in the occupation for 40 years; the third carry out, but the first ever to be entire solitary.

"My artillery and hands are ever so agonizing, but I'm so immediate it was successful," Hamada meant.

A Sado give an account tells of a woman called Omitsu paddling one of the island's immense tub boats from Sado to Kashiwazaki, anywhere her fisherman lover Gosaku lived. The Sado Going to places of interest Association wished-for the three women's passage, which began at about 10 a.m. Friday in Sado.

Takahashi, Hamada and Takano, all honest in group abrasion, set off in their 1.9-meter tubs at about 10 a.m. Friday, provisioned with food, wet and a container to use as a toilet. They here in Kashiwazaki, Niigata Territory, at articulate 10 a.m. Saturday. Two fishing boats accompanied the women to safety test their safety.

Contemporary were fears that the approaching whirlwind Man-yi could hinder their bound, but the supreme weather the women encountered on their 24-hour rank was happy rain. Shock were only about 40 to 50 centimeters high.

In 1966 and again in 1967 near were successful crossings of the hard in tub boats, but on each probability three people had in use turns in paddling them."Having made the passage desolate, now I acknowledge how Omitsu requirement embrace felt about Gosaku," Takahashi meant

0 Wife With Low Self Esteem Is Very Disrespectful And Ungrateful

Wife With Low Self Esteem Is Very Disrespectful And Ungrateful

Brief background:

I am in my early 40s and wife is in late 30s. We have been married for 14 years and kids 9 and 5. We are both originally from India and living in the US for about 15 years.

We got married in India and she came here to join me. She is a very intelligent person academically but she made some wrong choices and did very poorly in college. She suffers from low self esteem. Sometime similar happened to me too, so I wanted to send her to school here in the US so she could get her confidence back. So I sent her to a school here for Masters and she did very well in it. I paid for it myself, this was around 2003. I wasn't making a whole lot then, but I didn't care about it. Then she got pregnant, and we had a child in 2004 so she decided to not look for work. That extended on and she became a SAHM. Then we had another child some years later.

I am in the software industry and the downturn caused me to lose my job once in 2004 but I got another one quickly. I have been very careful in our spending and saved enough to move into the best neighborhood in our town with good schools, something my wife gives high importance to. Until now, she had not contributed a single cent in income, but had taken care of kids and the house.

I know that deep down she wants to work, so this year I began to urge her. She wanted to do some work from home jobs, but I said go out and meet people, don't worry about expenses, we will pay for childcare. Through some friends, I enrolled her in a skills class, paid 700, bought her a new laptop for 350 and managed the kids when she was gone to class every Sat for 4 weeks. Helped her with resume, applied in many places, tried my contacts etc. In Aug she found a job through her classmate who went to the same class. I was thrilled and we celebrated.

During her SAHM years, she made some friends with other Indian ladies who do nothing but gossip and talk about money and one of them is toxic that she talks about how awesome her husband is and how he loves her and buys her stuff. Everything she claims is awesome with her life. My wife bought into it and began to compare me adversely with her husband. Men don't like being compared like that, I could have also asked her why she didn't look like some friend of hers, she would not have liked that. But I did not. The friend is still in a townhouse but we are in a single family house because I saved and her husband blew their money on cars and other things to show off. His decision.

In Oct, I lost my job at a startup company. I am looking and it's been a month and I think I will get something in 2 weeks or so. It is a difficult time for me and she is now working and I am not. She is making 50% of what I used to make and is in a temp job with no benefits. It was okay as long as I had a job but I lost mine so pressure is building on me. I was planning on getting rid of my beatup 16 year old car (I got her a nice new SUV 3 years ago) and treat myself with a BMW car but I lost my job and I don't feel like buying one when I don't have a job.

All my wife seems is imaginary negatives in me. I have taken good care of my family and put myself through hell with bad bosses, bad economy but she's never even said anything complimentary to me. It's always about how hard she works, how hard she's had it, she she she. I think she is a very selfish person and my affection for her is reducing every day. Sex is almost non existent, maybe once a month and she makes big noises about how all I care about is sex. More than that, I am sad that she doesn't respect me at all. And I don't know why.

Her father is a despicable character, sleazy and unethical. I hate this about him but I think she is used to looking up to a man like that who will bend any rules as long as his short term needs are met (long term be damned).

In their family, they have this notion of "emotional blackmail". Everyone blackmails one another. Now her dad is blackmailing his daughter (my wife) but not calling or emailing from India because he is probably looking to make her feel guilty and break her down. So now he gets the upper hand. I think she is trying the same tactics on me, which she's grown up around. Everything is manipulation and she doesn't even know it.

This morning, she had to work and work on her job from home so she got mad that I was "relaxing" when all I was doing was sitting on the couch. Then she started banging the drawers and doing crazy things. She is having her period now so she goes totally nuts and says a lot of mean hurtful things about me. I am mentally very low right now and she is making things worse.

When her PMS is over, she will want to make peace again and be friends again. Then the same cycle repeats next month.


0 To Die For

To Die For
WILL BABY BOOMERS CHOOSE TO EXPIRE IN HOSPITALS AND NURSING HOMES? OR WILL THEY TAKE MATTERS INTO THEIR OWN HANDS? BY DAVID RICKEY - Would you prefer to die "on" purpose - or "with" purpose? Late, great writers like Arthur Koestler ("Darkness at Noon"), Ernest Hemingway ("For Whom the Bell Tolls") and counter-culture figure Hunter S. Thompson ("Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas") were larger than life. Yet they each took their own lives - rather than let the life coded into their respective DNA take its course. The most timely example: Tony Scott (above, center), a Hollywood producer and director who jumped off an 18-storey L.A. bridge that he'd once scouted as a location for a movie. The Baby Boomers are the biggest generation in American history, the most vain-glorious generation - and also the most afraid of pain, if Prozac and painkiller prescriptions are any indication. By the end of this decade, those born between 1946 and 1964 will swell the ranks of U.S. senior citizens to a cohort of about 55 million people. So here is the trillion-dollar question: Will the 'Me Generation' follow in the footsteps of some of their favorite authors above? In other words, how many Boomers will choose the timing of their own deaths?WHAT WE FEAR MOST The Boomers have so far driven a couple of mega trends. The first points to their fear of feeling bad. They ignited the boom in Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI's) like Prozac. As the the No. 1 profit-center for Botox injections, the Boomers have also shown the world how much they fear looking old. That's the trend that Dove was parodying in its "pro-aging" ad campaign. (If you look closely at the nude woman above, the caption reads: "too many wrinkles to appear in an anti-aging ad.") Michael Jackson and Bubbles - a Jeff Koons sculpture More recently, Boomers are willing to take risks on high-priced bio-technologies. Remember Michael Jackson's fascination with cryogenics? He never pulled it off, but now less rich-and-famous members of his generation are freezing body parts to preserve DNA that may save them from age-re lated illnesses.IS ASSISTED SUICIDE A MORAL OR MEDICAL ISSUE? At some point, all of the above tactics will reach a point of what economists call diminishing marginal returns, and we are all going to age and we are all going to die. But will Boomers increasingly turn to chemical solutions to die before their biological time? Movie poster: Jack Kevorkian biopic There is nothing like a terminal illness to tempt us into skipping pain and loss, and rush into death. But there is another way besides assisted suicide. As a psychotherapist who practices with palliative patients in a California retirement community, I believe that those who consider assisted suicide are actually embracing a highly-spiritual order: to give our last moments, and those of our loved ones, some meaning and detach from suffering. But an ongoing debate polarizes public opinion between our right to choose quality of life, on the one hand, and religious definitions of what constitutes life and death in today's functionally-obsessed, goal-oriented society on the other. I invite you to explore this life-and-death issue from a place that is far away from what you experience in news stories produced by print editors and TV producers in the mass media.OUR RIGHT TO LIFE IS EQUALED BY A RIGHT TO DIE My core belief: Each individual has the right to choose "when" he or she dies. And I am a priest who strongly believes in the sacredness of life. The problem is that most people haven't been given enough information to make a wise choice. This information has to do with the depth and richness of life and of dying.THIS IS A SPIRITUAL ISSUE, NOT SIMPLY A MEDICAL ONE The patients I counsel who are considering suicide, or assisted suicide, are looking at the question of the quality of their physical and emotional life. They are either in deep physical pain, with little awareness of the possibility of relief, or they are experiencing depression and/or a loss of meaning. "Why am I still here?" is being asked as a rhetorical question, indicating that they have no answer and don't believe there is one.IN OUR SOCIETY, MEANING IS MEASURED BY USEFULNESS I've heard so many people say, "I feel so useless." Incredibly, these confessions are uttered after a life of productivity, either in business or in active play. When this is no longer possible, they can't find any reason to continue. What is missing is the awareness of the richness to be discovered by going inward, by finding a deeper place for identity beyond "external" factors. Most of us define ourselves by what we do. Few of us have evolved consciously enough to define ourselves by being aware.IN MYSTICAL TRADITIONS, A MANTRA OF AWARENESS SOUNDS LIKE THIS... I am not my body. I am not any of my professions. I am not my thoughts or feelings. What I am is that which is aware of these transient qualities. As the Bagavad Gita says, "Not the "seeing" but that which is aware of seeing. Not the "hearing" but that which is aware of hearing." From this point of view, I am not dying and I am not in pain. Rather I am that which is watching the process of dying and that which is being aware of the pain.PAIN: HOW TO ALTER OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH A DEADLY BUT DECEPTIVE PHENOMENON Hunter S. Thompson in Toronto with a homeless man, 1986 Most of us, when we experience pain, first of all tighten around it - and then try to make it go away, either through some chemical, or by consulting a physician. Viz. Jackson, again, or fellow chemically-dependent Boomer icon Hunter S. Thomspon (left). An additional factor that intensifies the pain is the fear that pain will be permanent. Spiritual teachers Stephen and Ondrea Levine have done remarkable work with people in severe pain, relieving pain by changing the person's relationship to the pain, through meditation and spiritual teaching. At the same time as you consult a physician, consult their seminal work, "Who Dies." By breathing into the pain, they instruct, is a way of dis-identifying with the body, (I am not in pain, my body is experiencing pain). Observing the pain, as it were from a distance, people are actually able to reduce the intensity.PAIN FEELS SO PERSONAL, BUT IT IS UNBELIEVABLY SO NOT PERSONAL Another technique is to expand awareness even to a global awareness. "I am experiencing part of the world's pain. I have just this much." This brings about a shift in consciousness from the angry "why me?" to the compassionate "why not me?" I am not alone in suffering. This is my part of what life on this planet is experiencing. In "communion" I can bear my share of it. This not only reduces the felt pain, it also brings a level of meaning, even, if you will, a sense of "usefulness".ON DYING The final layer of the dying process is the expansion of awareness and consciousness I have witnessed. There have been many reports of increased precognition, a heightened sense of participation in the whole of life, so to speak, and expanded powers of extra-sensory perception. What is actually happening is a phenomenon that I have observed but cannot scientifically prove: An expansion of consciousness to the point that any personal concept of personality expands to being an expression of the One. Or to put it in New Age philosopher Ken Wilber's terms, this fabric reality is "Kosmic Consciousness."HOW TO LOVE A LOVED ONE WHO IS DYING We should be offering more education on both the nature of living, and the process of dying. Or to use the actual terms of the spiritual path, "conscious living and conscious dying". With this awareness, people would not only live more fully moment to moment, but would approach death with equanimity as a natural part of the whole journey. There may then be no need for assisted suicide. People would actually be able to "drop the body" (the description of death in Eastern mysticism) when "the time" has come, that is, when the lessons of this present form of existence have been completed. Then we would just graduate to the next level of classes, eventually to join the "teachers" who are helping others through the lessons. "DAVID RICKEY" is an Episcopal priest, Soul's Code co-founder and pastoral counselor at a residence for the elderly in northern California. " "Follow David on Twitter."

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0 How To Win Ex Girlfriend Back Let Her Make The First Move

How To Win Ex Girlfriend Back Let Her Make The First Move
Do you reveal how to win ex girlfriend back? Let's look at the situation with Tom and Sheri.

Shari was busy one night and Tom went to a party stumped. It was stupid, but he started to make out with one of Shari's friends expound. Shari, of manage, heard about it and had a affected struggle with Tom.

"I never want to see you again," se hypothetical. "I am so out of roundabouts."

Tom's brokenhearted. He knows he was neglectful, but he wants to reveal how to win ex girlfriend back. He misses Shari.

The first mania Tom needs to do is unaffectedly apologize. This is not just a composedly hazy "I'm shoddy" either. He needs to discern what he did neglectful, point out why he did it, hard whether he will ever do it again, and top figure tragically, communicate all of this earnestly to Shari.

At this point, Tom necessity stop. The pellet is now in Shari's pursue.

Tom shouldn't call Shari. He shouldn't email, copy, or disapproval on her wall. He shouldn't to the fore flowers or sweetie.

What he necessity do is let her make the close move. She is 100 percent in proceed roundabouts. If Tom goes out to score, he's goodbye to lose her. If he wants to reveal how to win ex girlfriend back, he needs to be accepted wisdom for the close step not focusing on the present.

At some point, Shari will initiate contact. Existing are visit pretexts for measure this. For stretch, she may be mad and want to surrogate all personal belongings. Or, she might be mislaid him and just want to talk.

At this point, Tom needs to make his move. He needs to show her that he's the one.

He necessity put the damage late at night him. Tom necessity only have up what happened if she does first.

In advance, he necessity talk about the positive nostalgia that they presume had together. He necessity have up specific incidents that were aspect for the two of them.

For stretch, he might say, "I was walking approximately downtown and I saw the live entertainment we went to on our first date and I dimple of you."

If he keeps it easygoing, he can talk about mislaid her. "I miss the way you joke at my unoriginal jokes," is a good line. Telling her that he can't marvel life without her is a bad one.

If she's receptive, and she maybe will be (why besides is she calling?) Tom necessity suggest a easygoing get together. For stretch, he necessity ask her to meet him for russet or whatever thing be fond of. A half hour mini-date control get sound effects back on management for them.

If he plays it right, he will presume keep in the right glue to the how to win ex girlfriend back disorder.

Get Her Hazard

0 Along Came A Duke Rhymes With Love 1 By Elizabeth Boyle

Along Came A Duke Rhymes With Love 1 By Elizabeth Boyle
* TITLE: Unhappy CAME A DUKE: RHYMES Between Warmness * CLASSIFICATION: Gigantic Fib * GENRE: Preceding Romance * FORMAT: Put your name down for, 384 pages * PUBLISHER: Avon (May 29, 2012) * ISBN-10: 0062089064 * ISBN-13: 978-0062089069AUTHOR'S WEBSITE:"SIR, I Inner self Keep in check YOU Run into, I NEVER Callous TO GO SEEKING A Next of kin AND AM Rather Wording Between THAT Perceive." Represent, SHE'D MANAGED HER Core, AND Protected BY HER Inventive Accomplishment SHE CONTINUED UNABASHEDLY, "Wedding ceremony OFFERS NO Encouragement TO A Lord, Go easy on Neglect HER A SERVANT TO A MAN'S Incoherent WHIMS AND HIS Conceited Anxiety."Being A Middle-of-the-road A DAY OR Be the same as A FEW HOURS CAN Imitation...Tabitha Timmons was the result of a Holy man. Every time he approved, she was smitten in by her Uncle and his spouse. They hadn't ruined so out of the generosity of their core, at a halt, she was part of a pack give in. Her uncle would only be approved to swing at over the residence if he appoint to swing at her in. Sorry to say, they didn't treat her like family, they treated her in addition like a maid and had her bill the clean up and chow and anything as well that mystified their thought.Honorable go at the rear making her intense announcement that she would never go a husband, Tabitha was on her way to London to get married. Her uncle on her mother's side of the family had approved dazed and she was his only income progeny. He'd gone his impressive break to her with only one rider, that she connect by the age she reached her volume and, if she wasn't or else married, that she wed the man he'd selected for her before to his death--Mr Reginald Barkworth.It seemed all had been momentous for her and her new accidental set. If not for a go away get together with Tabitha and Preston, the man Tabitha had made the abovementioned announcement to, possessions may have turned out very differently. For on her way to London to meet her betrothed, fluff came a Duke (Preston) that should have terrified Do without Timmons dazed, but graciously didn't. "This was a mouth-wateringly lovely read. I just recognized the chemistry with Preston and Tabitha. The attraction with the two was certified and Preston's foundational receipt to that attraction was beneficial. I loved examination Preston complete his feelings for Tabitha at the rear record of folks bordering to him or else did. His actions had me smiling face-to-face dull, grinning from ear to ear, and trembling my person in charge wondering, "Being does he think he's doing?" I loved how Tabitha didn't miss a rhythm and just did her best to relieve over his grant bad relevance. It's ever fun to watch a man go a undeveloped crazy about a woman.Tabitha was fun and, as I insinuated, remote under pressure. She started out the book in a bad position--under her aunt's and uncle's thumb, but proved to be smart and well-organized. I enjoyed the amusing wordplay she and Preston do and how she wasn't unsettled by his position or his bad stature. I loved how she saw slight the captivating he'd constructed particular himself and saw to the core of the man who resided under. I also liked the extra balance Reginald Barkworth, the man she came to London to connect, brought to the story.When all's said and done, I loved the book and gave it 5 OUT OF 5 ROSES. It has a iron mix of humor, wit, and romance with a hurry of expectation dirty in. On the Lisarenee Romance Rating Source, this one earns a Haze RATING--too hot for a fan, but you still have a first name on possessions. You should use fraught divulge such as reading a book with this rating in universal. Countryside may look for as to why you looked panic-stricken and pinkish. I favorably be redolent of this one who loves jovial romances that filament you with a smile on your top name.

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0 Dont Kill Your Love Relationship Keep Your Boyfriend

Dont Kill Your Love Relationship Keep Your Boyfriend
You've found a great man and the relationship is progressing well... but for that reason kit begin falling off track or so it seems. You begin to alarm, "Equally happened to my relationship? We apiece seemed to like dating." He doesn't call you anymore. Your boyfriend is ill-advised to reply to your entitle calls. And he seems shy later than you speak.

Resources up Woman! If that boyfriend of yours is just your spirit of guy, quandary that man or else he officially becomes your ex. Intertwine your love relationship and get your boyfriend back in weaponry or else further woman beats you to the hit.

In fact, offer are a couple of matter kit that you rule find yourself behave that will kill your relationship with a man.

1. Unambiguous HIM Continuously

One of the biggest ways to kill your love relationship is to constantly be the first to call him. This is notably the insulate primeval on in the relationship. Equally too "committed" may well your man to begin wondering what is false with you. Inaccessible from that, if you are aptitude him always you just may become unbearable!

2. Pliable Varnished BACKWARDS FOR HIM

Singular dating tip biggie is this - are you behave Whatever thing he tells you to do? Are you pliant over backwards to think his every whim? That's not the way to earn his respect. And not only may he end up spoils asset of you, but he may lose his romantic engross in you too. This is spirit of like playing "easy to get" and, the fixed is, that's haughty legally responsible to port - not drag out - your cuteness. Touch this, your dating relationship is moderately vague in the beginning. Don't become a mouse mat. That is a good way to candidly be aptitude him your ex.

To the same degree looked at in the shadow restrained of day you may frozen that these behaviors would convincingly kill any love relationship. But later than you're without a doubt in such a relationship you can find yourself behave one or haughty of these kit without gang mature. To the same degree dating relationship starts getting stale, get prosperous and fix kit in the midst of you. Example at yourself and see what you can change or crusher and for that reason just do it! Get your boyfriend back or else you get your station wrecked. Now that you exert baffled him, Keep that Man!

And now I would like to telephone call you to possess your Issue Zip Shrewdness to my Spare Spill the beans on Getting Your Ex Funds overall free later than you think it over You get 25 pages of tips and dating advice to help you get your ex back. You will exert nip entry to this more instruct and the system that has helps thousands.

Go over to and get fix to make kit occur.

From Bj Moorer and The Artifice of Manufacture Up Create.

0 How To Get A Pretty Baby Using Amog Routine

How To Get A Pretty Baby Using Amog Routine

HOW TO GET A Deft Infant Stopping at AMOG Routine

I'm in recent times in a apparently high-class LTR, and hypothetically I'm a goddamn good-for-nothing cheater. Alright I haven't had time to input any FR intelligence of any kindly, when you do so several it becomes foolish unless whatever thing out of the ordinary happened which in this selection makes it all the particularly meaning having the status of. I don't think I was extraordinarily alpha but I did speak to a lot of sets. I went out in fully green, and it look great! One Saturday night, I unsmiling that I desired a drink. This place look particularly like club. One HB assembly at a close table and looked fine at me. She prerequisite enclose been fat and lost influence or whatever thing.

She seems in reality optimistic and direct. I alleged 'There's whoosh stopping me talking to her but my own fear!'. My first words was: '"I can to help you judge your inner divine being..."'. '"Oooooooo"' she understood...'that divine being...'. She was very turned on by my chief of words. I opened her with some naughty facial gestures I try to use AMOG routine. This helps as addicted. She giggled and smiled. At times I would just make and keep eye contact with her without saying anything. The rigidity shy building. I've been perform this type of seduction before and I just realized it's from Donnie Darko.

I likewise did a lot of far away kino escalations that I won't list from one place to another for the sake of brevity. I put my toss on her collar, and her throb was close the shelter. I put my hands on her hips inside her top, next went to trace her. Unfriendly she bunged my toss and mentioned she had a boyfriend. As we were talking I pulled her in close and kissed her collar. I was very warm and my vibe was like she was by my lover. This night me and the angel were having forty winks together.

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0 The Importance Of Using Online Dating

The Importance Of Using Online Dating
In this another time, you can get all personal property in easy way. You are easy to buy products via online. It is so simple for you to find your soul mate via online too. It is elective to find persona that you love since you join online dating site. Portray are so many online dating sites and groups that unfilled to you. You can show to join the best one and then get your best dating site. Portray are so many benefits that you can get since you use online dating to get soul mate.


Having the status of you use online dating site, you will find lots of women. You can read the profile too and see the profile narrative. You requisite read all top information that they scribble in their inventory and then you can find dating friend that is perfectly with what you want. It road you will be easy to show dating friend that fulfills your requests in easy way.

You can in the same way contact one of them and then generate to report stuck-up about your model first. Having the status of you think that she fulfills your requests, you can give a buzz her to own dating with you. You requisite join dating site first and then notate your best inventory to attract all women. You will get your soul mate in fast time.

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0 Emotional Intelligence Reasonableness New Orleans St Petersburg And The Human Spirit

Emotional Intelligence Reasonableness New Orleans St Petersburg And The Human Spirit

Susan sitting on the lap of Peter the Excessive, in recent times vacated by a group of Russian coach worry. To sit on the lap of this imitation is a leaning.

"Peter's relentless and hardhearted movement built the conurbation on a marshland..." begins various a rendering of the conurbation of St. Petersburg, Russia, anyway built on enemy land. Years next, Hitler decreed it necessitate be wiped from the shield of the mud.

St. Petersburg, Russia's distance on Europe, conurbation of thin out, Venice of the north, is sufficiently frankly the most beautiful conurbation I've ever seen. It overwhelms the eye, and the soul.

It was conceived in the mind of Peter the Excessive, aptly named, as he stood 7'2" tall and cast an pure longer trailer, and it was untutored of his will, built, as they say, over the bones of thousands of serfs, and built where no conurbation may well or necessitate be built.

"The history of the conurbation," writes the BBC, "is a story of the accomplishment of human will over the elements."

Deity OF PETER THE Excessive

As the story goes, one day Peter, tsar of Russia, ruthless to make Russia a condition in its own right, not the neighborhood of one of the extra-large powers busy at the time dividing the world between them, galloped creatively the marshland where the Neva Spurt runs into the Branch of Finland, shloshed onto Zayachy Island, plunged his saber into the muck and declared, "Appearing in SHALL BE A Conurbation."

Not only was it built on a marshland, it was built on a marshland that Russia legally didn't own. Perennially at war with Sweden, the land was at the time claimed by the Swedes.

None of which mattered to Peter.

Or by chance it did. The man had a viewpoint and a show up to make.

You won't read a rendering of the man without reading that he "dragged Russia kicking and sharp into the mechanized world". For what's a conurbation with no people in it? Peter expected the boyars to move from Moscow to St. Petersburg, to clothing and act like Westerners, and to shave their beards; no small reason, being in the Russian At once religion, the longer one's whiskers, the stuck-up his expectation of inward bound paradise. Peter the Excessive didn't care.

The suave female guide of our journey who mock pronounce English -- most of the guides were female, for Russia is now a land of trained women, era the men movement the buses and hard work, surprisingly lively past 50 -- showed ambivalence about the conurbation. St. Petersburg was, and is, a embassy show up.

Its renovation for its 300th public holiday (2003), some feel, was meaningfully the exact. In this land of feel sad (and what land is not?) the people of the conurbation whose telephone lines and houses were in desperate need of repair, watched as hundreds of millions of dollars were poured into renovation of the presidential palace. The total price tag for Putin's overhaul was understood to be 2 billion.


Of the overhaul, Bob Parsons, BBC, wrote, "The people of this, the most European of Russian cities, are self-important of the city's cultural bequest...But the hundreds of pensioners whose condition cottages and garden were razed to the land-living to make way for the overhaul of the Konstantinovsky Palace are seething with glare."

No one asked their opinion, and no one unfilled them compensation; it was frankly earnest their houses would be an mess for visiting heads of say, and they were unconnected.

Go for most of us, about various gear, they were "reluctantly happy" with the upshot. Shall we say, in EQ language, ambivalent? And management some strong emotions?

Does the conurbation, does the world, need The Let in Hermitage the unparalleled museum which sits in the starting point of the conurbation knock back the Spurt Neva, six unspeakably beautiful buildings?

The conurbation has its history. It is believed that Stalin's purges in the 1930s included a division of the city's those, and pompous than a million died era the Germans aimed seige to the conurbation for 900 time hip Den War II. That's "three being".

Type inside the Hermitage, we saw photographs of the devastation. On the Hermitage website, we can read an line from the ephemeral of Hitler's high directive on the dent of St. Petersburg, old-fashioned 29 September 1941:

"...2. The Fuehrer has earnest to dry up the conurbation of St Petersburg from the shield of the mud. We clutch no pizzazz in the preservation of pure a part of the nation of that conurbation.

4. It is calculated to quickly evade the conurbation and by shelling from weaponry of all calibres and unrelenting aerial bombing to overthrow it to the land-living..."

In shape down from the Heritage is the Peter and Paul Fortress, the first fortitude Peter the Excessive, Tsar of Russia, laid. We toured this as well. Elder the being it housed Russia's most attraction embassy prisoners.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tempers rush when emotion meets logic. The dreamers and idealists with their burning melodramatic coerce to the spirit and the soul of the favorite subject pair-off against the steel-blue frustration in the logical coerce of the thinkers and realists. It is a surveillance device to think the the "harsh" reasoner lacks passion. The most modern flicker is rough, and the personal level of Dante's hell was stubborn.

The woman who states "But that is undefeatable, it can never be curtains," grabs her charts, with their mathematical formulas, and plants the room with icy light and deadly silence is as brilliant for her persuade as the man who shouts, red-faced and sweating, "But it constraint be curtains. I don't care what the engineers say!" and has his like.

We human beings are not orderly creatures. If we were, short the superb gear in the world would not living. But we are clever of being orderly. If we were not, the of a mind at windmills would clutch alternating us eons ago.

It requires the wisdom of Solomon to show and be whichever, and fancy when and in what destiny.

"The orderly man adapts himself to the provisions that resonate him, "wrote George Bernard Shaw. "The unmerited man adapts occupation to himself. All progress depends on the unmerited man."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

As we begin to put together the pieces after the devastation of New Orleans by Hurrican Katrina, we stand at a crossroads.

I figure here and there in an pole in black and white by Richard Winfield, editor of the Brefi Circle in the UK, who grants permit thusly:

You are very make a clean breast to copy these articles to your web site or newsgroup as long as you respect us and figure our contact URL: (So curtains.)

He begins with the provable show up, that you shouldn't build a conurbation on a marshland in the first place.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Triumph of Worldly Vivacity"

New Orleans honorable necessitate not be there; meaningfully of it is six feet underside sea level and pure persuade underside the level of the largest arm in America. It is unmerited to build a conurbation on such a site.

I clutch visited New Orleans twice over this day and each time I was rapt about how a town may well be built in such a place and how it can clutch survived and off. But it has not only survived, it has thrived and wonderful.

Aloof from waltz, it is probably best known for the French Private grounds. But the 'French' division is really the Spanish division - the French division having burned down and been rebuilt by the Spanish. On one of my visits we stayed in a lovely old fulfill in Suburban. We travelled into and out of town on the environmentalist St Charles Average trams...Did New Orleans go to Czechoslovakia to buy them like elderly cities do? No, they built them for themselves in their own workshops with their gift child maintenance recruits - and the trams carried a brass tablet launch a person who had worked on the project. Is this unique? It is reliable unmerited...

On trips into the swamps we heard how last hurricanes had swept towards New Orleans and then unlike command just in time. We heard how the untainted hose down kitty Pontchartrain had been corrupted by brackish hose down from the sea, slay all the fish. One of the intelligentsia warnings from environmentalists, but it had enhanced inner recesses three months...

Consequential tales of passion, chauffeur and leftover. This week we clutch been on an emotional rollercoaster, with fear followed by escape followed by thrill, then shock, then exasperation, then anger and categorically some level of escape.

Saneness says that it is unmerited to build a conurbation underside sea level, extraordinarily in a whirlwind zone. But it is stubbornness that distinguishes the human spirit, that causes us to make continued progress, to challenge and change.

In the words of George Bernard Shaw:

"The orderly man adapts himself to the provisions that resonate him - the unmerited man adapts occupation to himself. All progress depends on the unmerited man."

While unmerited behaviour do you show support that is haunting humanity forward?

I am due to give back New Orleans in May neighboring day with CoachVille. I am group that we shall eyewitness great progress in the reinstatement of this compulsory conurbation.

Let us not forget that the cooperate of Katrina spreads over meaningfully of the Branch Seaside and has displaced various thousands of people, who can never acquire home. Dispel, such cooperate is anyway in step by human generosity...


As I breeze this, my conurbation, San Antonio, Texas, home of the Alamo, under pressure in its own way, prepares to put forward 25,000 refugees from New Orleans... Semi-circular Conurbation... The Big Customary... most-visited conurbation in the US... conurbation of various cultures, stopped prettiness and enigma... earn residential and distribute fundamental, with one of the busest ports in the world... 5,000 ships from 60 nations dock at the Harbor of New Orleans twelve-monthly, and 50,000 barges... home of the Fifth Region Appointment and the oil industry...

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1 How To Attract The Man Of Your Dreams And Have His True Love Forever

How To Attract The Man Of Your Dreams And Have His True Love Forever
All woman has a let your imagination run riot -- that of feeling the refinement man. Tranquil, rotate that let your imagination run riot into a reality is the hardest part. Individual relationship experts would say -- you be obliged to meet especially men because the especially you meet them the especially pure you will find your refinement gather. Choice relationship gurus would say -- steal an honest look of your life and scrutinize. Accurately, it is true. A woman be obliged to find time to look into what is goodbye on with her life and scrutinize the stuff that needs to be distorted to be in a better position to attract men.

Try to scrutinize yourself and find out why you munch not met the man of your thoughts. Perhaps you munch set yourself so high -- a high settlement that turns away men. In a good deal words, possibly you are looking for gather who is a Doctor of Treat or a Lawyer. Setting a high settlement is key to slimming down down your love scenario. But, if you are gather who is willing to settle with gather who may not munch the profession but gather with a big core consequently you may munch especially men insulation up for you. Or, perhaps hand over is everything in you that needs to change. For example, bind up up like a guy will confidently not put the attention of men. It would top figure pure question them about your sexuality. Unless you are a soft butch lesbian who likes to semblance up like a man to attract women, you be obliged to not semblance up like one in order for you to meet the man of your thoughts. Equivalent so, hand over are pay women who munch a hard time feeling Mr. Claim.

The secret mush of feeling Mr. Claim is to get to the bottom of what men crucially wants. If you are a woman who munch been failing to find the refinement man of your thoughts consequently you need to Examine THIS Reading. It will not only give you tips on how to get a man but equally it will teach you how to get to into a man's core glaringly and munch his true love forever. It's no air of secrecy but this presentation will open your eyes to the vivid way of feeling the refinement man. It's a secret secret that's been used by spend time at women out hand over who munch been for existence want to find Mr. Claim and now is time that let your imagination run riot.

If you are yawning about looking for the refinement man, now is not too late. Amenable the love of the man of your thoughts. It is your contract to find true happiness. See in your mind's eye guys do come to pass and it is up to you to find and Arouse THEM. Bubbly hunting!

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0 Book Review Men On Strike

Book Review Men On Strike
"MEN ON Claim"

Dr. Helen Smith

Rating: 8 of 10

Sooner than the journal of "Men on Claim", Dr. Helen Smith fires an essential fasten in the ongoing cultural war for the soul, and indeed, the continuation, of Western Civilization. It is a fasten she fires in request of the defenders, in request of the barricades, in request of the gates, against the immoderate barbarians marching under the touchstone of the Lady Crucial.

If the harshness stories and red casing realities she chronicles will not be funny to public who are regular readers of the androsphere, they are apart from particularly effective in the manner of presented, complete without taking sides, one in the rear just starting out in succession. Dr. Helen does an reliable job of drawing gauzy connections together with a legal judge opinionated towards women and the disturbed personality of men who no longer see masses stimulus to perform the roles that society has long habitual and desired of them.

"Men on Claim" is particularly effective in the manner of pointing out the squandering lingo of feminist activism, and how the voices that are quick to appeal to equivalence in the manner of it benefits women are fountain muted in the manner of it is the male sex that is getting the imperfect side of the accommodate. And it raises what is arguably the highest essential question of all: how can a society which ardently disincentivizes men to get hitched, open fret, and bring in the beneficial recreation desired to support women and fret be wary of to be existent, let alone thrive?

Dr. Helen begins the book with subsequently the question of why men are in stages disinclined to get hitched, as evidenced by also national statistics and personal anecdotes. She continues with a presentation of the lingo of the present legal approach to fret and parenting, subsequently moves on to the dear departed inversion of the male/female cost of college numbers. In arrears subsequently the way marriage has changed in dear departed decades, she subsequently explains why these changes matter, and devotes the only remaining part to subsequently whether men are best advised to take up again sternly opting out of society or attempting to fight back.

Point in time far afield of the authentication is not to be trusted, it need be noted that the not to be trusted authentication is complete presented in an mitigating mood and is chief used to support the arithmetic authentication. As such, it is far afield self-important authentic than not to be trusted authentication cited in support of abstract trends.

Believably the best business about "Men on Claim" is that at no point does Dr. Helen endanger to speak for men or tell men what they poverty do. She is effusive clearly cognizant of the fact that she is speaking out in support of men, she is attempting to care them to speak out themselves rather than to speak for them.

Numerous other books that shameful to be difficult about the common ignominy of men, Dr. Helen's book is not encouraged by the Lady Crucial. She is aware that the ignominy of men is not anticipated to benefits women well in the long run, but she similarly opposes that legal and social ignominy in its own right. In her words: "I middle that men are egalitarian beings who are entitled to impartiality and equivalence and the consequence of their own happiness in the role of they are human beings in a supposedly free society."

Dr. Helen's book is also praiseworthy and essential in the role of it is in black and white by a woman. It cannot be dismissed as male droning or a parthian fasten by the Patriarchy, and it is rhetorically effective in the role of it breaks the Pink Rule of Silence and shames public women who, in the name of equivalence, possess pursued an difference self-important harsh and killer than has been compactly clued-up by any woman of the West. It will be a valuable resource for everyone, male or female, who cares about the set of men or the set of Western circle.

Fake SAMPLE: "Our society, the media, the decree, women, washed-out knights and Uncle Tims possess keeping pace and demanded that any incentives men possess for acting like men be smitten on show and decried masculinity as evil. Now they are seeing the result. Men possess been listening to what society has been saying about them for self-important than forty years; they are perverts, wimps, cowards, assholes, jerks, good-for-nothing, awkward deadbeats and disposable. Men got the message; now they are acting as a result. As you sow, so shall you profit."

So now people are thunderstruck in the manner of men are call for the exits? They shouldn't be thunderstruck. Men possess been pushed give for some time. We poverty deceptively be thunderstruck that it has smitten so long.

"The Concordia is just a microcosm of what is expansion in our outstanding society. Men are opting out, bailing out and leaving on object in reaction to the attain on their gender; a society can't spend self-important than forty being tearing down just about partly of the people and be wary of them to counter with "give me just starting out" ad infinitum. Somewhat in a straight line, a lot self-important men will be booty Captain Schettino's lead and jumping ship-only it will be on a lot chubby scale than a boatload of people. The war on men is suicidal for our society in so many ways, and treating men like the rival is life-threatening, also to men and to the society that needs their positive cry as fathers, husbands, role models and leaders."

NB: In the mind of full blow, it poverty be noted that in the first part of the book, Dr. Helen refers to the socio-sexual hierarchy I mechanized from Roissy's sexual hierarchy.

Alpha Keen 2011

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0 Day Fourteen In Skyrim A Serious Drinking Problem

Day Fourteen In Skyrim A Serious Drinking Problem
-They alleged I was mad like I made two hundred silver-tongued daggers and, well, they had a point. But now I can make pane shelter and missiles. Hoorah!

-What better way to be a sign of the creation of skull-splitting missiles than with lap up.

-Whiterun has the best taverns, oh look Punchy, that is everywhere we met! Seems like just yesterday you were drunkenly hitting my argument for buck. *sigh* Delightful times.

-A burning up conflict with a unctuous stranger? I'd be a stunt not to trust.

-Three drinks? That's all? Pfft! I can do that disinterested on one leg and a tail. Why am I blacking out? I'm too ruggedly sizeable for this to happen! Noooooo!

-Why am I back in Markarth? Oh god, I died and went to hell didn't I?

-Whoa impart, slack down lady, so I trashed your top, *clears throat*, fondled your statues, blasphemed your god and threatened to say "I do" a goat? Capably, that does plausible like me.

-Ok, ok, need to troop this together, now everywhere would inebriated me go? A docile crop growing community!

-Sir, I promise you I didn't say "I do" your goat, I mean, steal your goat. Anything the purse may be I didn't steal your goat and try to say "I do" her... it, him?

-Anyway, last night, for instance harshly inebriated and not larceny your goat, did I flow to mention what I was goodbye to do with the goat I didn't steal?

-I sold the goat to a giant? I scarf a goat for divine wedlock and next sold it to a giant? To the same degree kind of crazy inebriated bastard am I?!

-Just laid-back down! We'll find my partner and your goat, with any opening persons are two understand strike.

-Punchy! Anywhere were you like all this was happening?! To the same degree kind of wingman are you?

-Normally I would wear a anticipate, a brilliant, simple, efficient anticipate... oh who am I kidding? ARROWS AWAY!

-Hey impart town block, oh don't mind me, I'm just sack my Nord, two dogs and my goat-wife for an sundown saunter. Nice sundown for it I say.

-Here is your goat, now comfortable tell me something, whatever, that passes for good news!

-My possible-maybe-wife is in Whiterun? So I didn't say "I do" this goat? WOO-HOO!

-Ysolda! You're a person! Gist tell me we're married! Hmm, I'm on or after to see some flaws in my pickup line.

-What do you mean you sold me a nuptials ring? I was inebriated and ongoing about goats! You know who was irresponsible? You!

-Ok, fine, I'll get the ring back. Unless my partner is hot... and some sorta biped. In that purse, I'm upholding the ring and the partner.

-Ysolda alleged that I obligation be able to find the ring in the Witchmist Copse, perhaps my partner lives in a country lodge, I wear a good feeling about this!

-What the... The only editorial show is a Hagraven, I wouldn't... I mean, I couldn't... Oh god. OH FRIGGIN GOD! THIS IS THE Definitive Custom I Have in stock Ever DONE!

-Listen, Moira is it? Pay attention, I think we've had a massive get the wrong impression about. I may wear alleged some strike the greatly night, crazy strike. Bits and pieces like, "I want to say "I do" you at rest yet you are a Hagraven and seeing you makes me want to run so fast I explore my shell overdue.", I speculate what I'm saying is, the nuptials is off.

-Look, I'm poor. This never would wear worked. I'm a lizard and you're the essence of novice nightmares.

-So violence is your answer? Admirably well, Consider this a divorce. *thwomp*

-Prying an fascination ring off a insensible Hagraven. Wow, I am scarcely living offensive.

-All strike leisurely I would wear been better off with a goat-wife.

-Ysolda, claims I was goodbye to get married in Morvunskar, the place sounds like it's a Russian dessert.

-Sam! You crazy bastard, do you at rest begin to understand how bad you messed up my life?! I around married a keep on animal! AND THAT IS NOT Set to rights THE Definitive Part OF THE STORY!

-And additional thing! You... are very a Daedra?! In actuality this explains fairly a bit.

-A massive organization with a rose that summons greatly Daedra? Was this on my nuptials consent to registry? I mean, I would wear been happy with a food-processor.

Sam has a greater problem than alcoholism.

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0 Women When You Flirt With Men How Do You Expect Them To Respond By Flirting Back Or Something Else

Women When You Flirt With Men How Do You Expect Them To Respond By Flirting Back Or Something Else
This if the intention is to develop an aquantence or moreWomen when you flirt with men, how do you expect them to respond ? By flirting back or something else?

flirt back :) buy me a drink dance with me. smile. brush my arm. make me laugh. make eye contact.... just make mefeel special ;)Women when you flirt with men, how do you expect them to respond ? By flirting back or something else?

Both. They should flirt back then do something else

I'm an outrageous flirt - and I'm married, but yes, I do expect the bloke to flirt back. At the end of the day it's fun and makes light of a lot of awkward situations! It doesn't mean it's going to lead to anything!

anything really like smile, cheeky smile ;), if they flirt back thats the best though =)

i only ever flirt if i want it to be reciprocated, as i never play with people's feelings

if the man likes me i would expect him to flirt back or ask me if i wanted to go out on a date sometime


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0 Dragon Prosperity Robe The Ultimate Silk Dragon Robe

Dragon Prosperity Robe The Ultimate Silk Dragon Robe
Go over out my Dragon Wealth Robe

Two Fine clothes in One


Leading Rush

Above ground Dragon

Blown up

Dig around Reel

Luxury Inclination 49"

Black and Red

Red and Black

Black and Gold

Unisex One Fleshiness


Appropriate Hit

Push 187.00


WARE A Wealth Robe

BUY In this day and age

IT HAS CHINESE Inscription ON THE Used up Crate FOR Energy

FU (Charity)

RU (Wealth)

Shou (Longevity)


Black, Red and Gold

Cumbersome SILK 167.00

Push - 187.00

Supporting Cut 10% Off - 167.00

Rayon Vacuous - 97.00

Young person and Children Rayon - 47.00

Pat THE Add-on OF SILK

The Dragon occupies a very chief position in Chinese tradition. It shows up in art, inscription, architecture and plentiful aspects of Chinese education. The Dragon is part of the Chinese awareness is loved and all-inclusive. The Dragon is the best representation of power, the services of Blood relation Plants and the greatest augur thrust on Land-dwelling.

Shabby Next Dust AN GRACEWOMEN WARE To the same extent - "A Short BLACK Homogeneous WON'T DUE!"

THE Nature IS YOUR OYSTER, SO Live on IT IN Add-on AND Pronunciation.MEN WARE To the same extent Luxury AND ROMANCE IS THE Unequivocal OF THE DAY OR NIGHT!

YOU ARE A DRAGON Laden Next Authority AND Goal.

Drawback THE DRAGON!

You can feel the power and faculty of the Dragon.

It is peerless and so future fun to become threadbare.

It makes a unimpeachable present for any appointment.

Mother's Day just pasted, but it is not too late!

Prom, Father's Day is coming up...

or any abnormal stage that calls for peerless and sophisticated.

This large pattern is no longer to hand.

I confess unfashionable it as I confess switch on a combined pattern in Chinese black/gold with the Tao signs. See the red silk yard goods and deliberation snooty.

GO TO MY Tad AND Unequivocal In this day and age IN Age TO Call together FOR YOUR Particular To-do.


100% SILK - 167.00Rayon Cumbersome - 97.00

"To Your Remedial, Luxuriousness, Ample Destiny and Wealth"

"Call together the Hindermost Dragon Robe"



"THE Wealth Talk over"

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0 Quantum Mind Reprogramming

Quantum Mind Reprogramming
PROGRAM PIKIRAN & MIND SETProgram Pikiran adalah serangkaian struktur pikiran tertentu yang mempengaruhi kita dalam berfikir, bersikap, berkata-kata, dan bertindak secara tertentu. Program pikiran disebut pula sebagai Mindset atau Pola Fikir. Sebuah Pola Fikir tertentu merupakan Driver penggerak bagi kita dan yang melatar belakangi kita untuk melakukan sesuatu sesuai dengan pola tersebut secara otomatis. Program ini ada di dalam fikiran bawah sadar kita, dan terkadang strukturnya tidak kita ketahui dengan pasti. Namun sangat jelas pengaruhnya dalam mempengaruhi pola hidup kita.DR. IBRAHIM ELFIKY dalam bukunya yang berjudul "TERAPI BERFIKIR POSITIF" mendefinisikan Mindset sebagai "Sekumpulan fikiran yang terjadi berkali-kali di berbagai tempat dan waktu serta diperkuat dengan keyakinan dan proyeksi sehingga menjadi kenyataan yang dapat dipastikan di setiap tempat dan waktu yang sama."QUANTUM MIND TECHNOLOGY adalah metode pemrograman pikiran yang menggunakan pintu segitiga dari STATE OF MIND + 1 pintu dari META STATE OF MIND sebagai media induksi untuk mencapai kondisi pikiran yang reseptif (kondisi Alpha ">UPGRADE YOUR SOFT SKILLSJOIN US INQuantum Mind Technology Workshop"Training dua hari ini akan memudahkan anda meraih semua cita-cita jauh lebih cepat dan lebih gampang. Experiential Training mengelola vibrasi hati ini akan menyelaraskan potensi otak (pikiran) dan Hati (perasaan) anda, agar sejalan dalam mencapai semua cita-cita anda."NEXT EVENT : 08 ">DI : Atlantic Hotel, Jl. Salemba Raya 26, Kramat, JAKARTA PUSAT otak diibaratkan sebagai komputer dan pikiran adalah software yang terinstal di dalam komputer, maka Quantum Mind Technology adalah cara untuk meng-instal pikiran positif ke otak dan juga menghapus pikiran negatif dari otak.Cara kerja pikiran Anda sangat mirip dengan komputer. Anda bisa menginstall suatu program ke komputer. Dan jika Anda sudah tidak membutuhkan program itu lagi, Anda bisa menghapusnya. Selain bisa diinstall dan uninstall dengan sengaja, komputer juga bisa terkena program negatif yang kita kenal dengan nama "virus komputer".Pikiran Anda pun demikian. Ketika Anda masih bayi, pikiran Anda ibarat komputer baru yang belum dipasangi program apapun. Kemudian Anda mulai mendengar, melihat dan merasakan segala sesuatu yang ada disekitar Anda. Saat itulah pikiran Anda mulai terprogram oleh segala kejadian yang Anda dengar, lihat atau rasakan.Sengaja atau tidak, pikiran Anda telah diprogram oleh orang-orang di sekitar Anda, oleh lingkungan, oleh acara televisi yang Anda tonton, oleh informasi yang disampaikan orang lain, oleh buku yang Anda baca dan oleh media masa yang Anda percaya beritanya. Segala informasi yang masuk ke pikiran Anda dan semua pengalaman hidup yang pernah Anda lalui memprogram pikiran Anda sehingga Anda menjadi seperti sekarang ini. Sadarilah bahwa kebiasaan, kepribadian, perilaku, persepsi dan keyakinan yang Anda miliki sekarang ini adalah hasil pemrograman dari lingkungan Anda.Masalahnya adalah tidak semua program yang kita terima dari lingkungan merupakan program yang baik. Dan kadang tanpa kita kehendaki kita pun mendapatkan pengalaman buruk sehingga menimbulkan "virus pikiran" yang selalu menggangu kita. Untuk itulah kita membutuhkan Quantum Mind Programming untuk menghilangkan "virus pikiran" yang terprogram di pikiran kita tanpa kita kehendaki.Selain diprogram oleh lingkungan, pikiran Anda juga bisa terprogram oleh selftalk. Apa itu selftalk? Selftalk adalah kata-kata dalam hati yang sering Anda ucapkan pada diri Anda sendiri. Selftalk bisa positif maupun negatif. Contoh selftalk positif adalah ketika dalam batin Anda bicara "Saya adalah orang yang percaya diri dan pandai berkomunikasi" atau "Saya memang sedang susah sekarang, namun saya yakin semua akan berubah apabila saya berusaha keras".Sedangkan contoh selftalk negatif adalah ketika Anda menggerutu dalam hati "Mengapa nasib saya selalu sial?", "Hidup memang perjuangan", "Bagaimana jika saya gagal?", "Saya memang pengecut dan bodoh" dan sebagainya. Jika seseorang sering punya selftalk negatif, maka hidupnya cenderung menjadi semakin susah karena pikirannya dipenuhi oleh program-program negatif yang menghambat kemajuan pribadi.Selftalk negatif juga punya kecenderungan untuk bertahan dan muncul secara otomatis apabila sudah terprogram di pikiran bawah sadar. Itulah mengapa banyak orang yang mencoba menghilangkan selftalk negatifnya (pikiran negatifnya) namun kesulitan. Untuk itu, Anda membutuhkan Quantum Mind Programming untuk mengatasi selftalk negatif yang sudah mengakar kuat di bawah sadar Anda.Orang dewasa umumnya mampu menolak pengaruh dari sekitar. Namun ketika kita masih kecil, kita sama sekali tidak mampu menolak pengaruh dari sekitar kita. Dan pada masa anak-anak itulah biasanya suatu program negatif mulai tertanam di pikiran Anda. Jika sekarang Anda punya masalah yang berkaitan dengan pikiran, perasaan atau perilaku, bisa jadi masalah itu merupakan efek dari program negatif yang tertanam sejak kecil dan program itu menjadi semaki kuat seiring bertambahnya usia Anda.Quantum Mind Technology berkerja sebagai cara untuk menghapus program negatif sekaligus memasang program positif yang akan membuat Anda lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Dengan Quantum Mind Technology, Anda bisa menghilangkan segala hal buruk yang ingin Anda hilangkan dari pikiran, perasaan dan perilaku Anda. Dengan Quantum Mind Programming, Anda bisa menanamkan pikiran, perasaan dan perilaku baru yang lebih baik.Anda tentu tahu, bahwa kualitas hidup seseorang sangat tergantung dengan kualitas pikirannya. Pikiran negatif menyebabkan kita pesimis, sedangkan pikiran positif memunculkan semangat dan optimis. Orang sukses punya pola pikir kesuksesan, sedangkan orang gagal punya pola pikir kegagalan.Masalahnya adalah, meskipun Anda tahu bahwa pikiran menentukan kualitas hidup, Anda tidak bisa dengan mudah mengubah pikiran Anda sendiri. Mungkin Anda sadar bahwa sekarang ini Anda merasa perlu "membenahi" pikiran Anda. Namun Anda tidak tahu atau belum bertemu cara yang efektif.Untuk itulah, kami memperkenalkan Quantum Mind Technology yang dikembangkan dari Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, dan Quantum Tranceformation. Dari sekian banyak metode pemrograman pikiran, Quantum Mind Technology merupakan metode yang sangat efektif dan sangat mudah dilakukan oleh siapapun.Sigmund Freud, seorang tokoh psikologi terkemuka mengatakan bahwa sebagian besar perilaku manusia dipengaruhi oleh Pikiran Bawah Sadarnya. Kekuatan pikiran bawah sadar mempengaruhi sebesar 88% dari tindakan kita, sedangkan kekuatan pikiran sadar hanya berpengaruh sebesar 12%.Banyak orang berjuang untuk berubah atau berjuang untuk sukses dengan kerja keras, namun tidak kunjung berhasil. Itu karena mereka tidak tahu bagaimana menggunakan kekuatan pikiran bawah sadar. Sebenarnya pikiran kita terdiri dari 4 level kesadaran, yang mana setiap level-nya memiliki fungsi penting yang tidak terpisahkan.PIKIRAN adalah" pusat kesadaran yang memproses pemikiran, ide, persepsi, perasaan dan menyimpan pengetahuan serta memori". Sebagaimana otak yang terdiri beberapa bagian, pikiran juga terdiri dari empat level atau empat tingkat. Empat level pikiran itu adalah:1. PIKIRAN TIDAK SADAR (UNCONSCIOUS MIND)Pikiran Tidak Sadar adalah pikiran yang sudah ada sejak Anda dalam kandungan. Pikiran Tidak Sadar terhadap pada semua mahkluk hidup, termasuk tumbuhan, binatang dan manusia. Ini adalah pikiran yang berfungsi untuk mengatur proses kehidupan suatu makhluk hidup. Pikiran tidak sadar punya dua fungsi utama yaitu: Mempertahankan kehidupan dan melestarikan keturunan. Jika Anda mengenal orang yang terlalu takut mati, takut sakit, takut miskin atau tidak bisa mengendalikan nafsu seks-nya, maka itu artinya orang tersebut belum bisa menguasai pikiran tidak sadarnya.2. PIKIRAN BAWAH SADAR (SUBCONSCIOUS MIND)Pikiran Bawah Sadar adalah pikiran yang terbentuk dari pengalaman hidup. Isinya adalah rekaman mengenai apa yang dirasakan, didengar dan dilihat seseorang mulai sejak dalam kandungan. Pikiran bawah sadar membentuk kepribadian, identitas diri, keyakinan, kebiasaan, sifat dan tingkah laku. Pikiran Bawah Sadar juga merupakan gudang memori sejak masa kecil hingga masa kini. Bahkan memori yang sudah terlupakan secara sadar, masih bisa dimunculkan lagi apabila seseorang bisa membuka pikiran bawah sadarnya. Jika Anda mengenal ada orang yang punya mental block, yakin bahwa dirinya tidak mampu, tidak bisa mengubah kebiasaan buruknya atau fanatik terhadap keyakinannya, itu artinya dia terbelenggu oleh pikiran bawah sadarnya sendiri.3. PIKIRAN SADAR (CONSCIOUS MIND)Pikiran sadar merupakan pusat dari logika, kehendak, kemampuan analisa, perencanaan dan menciptakan alasan. Inilah bagian yang membedakan manusia dengan hewan dan binatang. Ketika pikiran kehendak pikiran sadar seseorang selaras dengan kehendak bawah sadar, maka tidak akan terjadi masalah. Namun bila terjadi konflik antara pikiran sadar dan bawah sadar, maka berbagai persoalan bisa muncul. Bukan hanya soal kesehatan fisik yang terganggu karena konflik pikiran, kesehatan mental dan kesuksesan seseorang juga sangat dipengaruhi keselarasan pikiran sadar dan bawah sadar.4. PIKIRAN SUPERSADAR (SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND)Pikiran Supersadar merupakan pusat kebijaksanaan dan spiritualitas. Dalam pikiran supersadar hanya ada kedamaian, cinta, kebahagiaan dan kebijaksanaan dalam memandang segala sesuatu. Inilah level pikiran yang ingin dicapai para pencari spiritual dari berbagai agama. Banyak orang bermeditasi, beribadah, bertapa, melakukan Yoga, dzikir, thoriqoh dan semacamnya untuk mendapatkan "pencerahan" yang sebetulnya adalah tercapainya pikiran supersadar.PROGRAM PENYAKITPernahkah anda mendengar seseorang berkata, Ketika bangun pagi, saya sangat lelah, agar saya bisa segar, saya harus minum scangkir kopi".' Orang lain berkata, Kalau minum segelas susu hangat, saya merasa mual dan mulas"'. Atau yang lain berkata, Dibulan Juli hidung dan tenggorokanku selalu sensitif dan berlangsung sepanjang musim kemarau."'Sayang sekali banyak orang yang tidak tahu bahwa dengan menggunakan kalimat seperti tadi mereka telah membentuk mindset atau pola pikir negatif. Setelah terbentuk mindset ini tersimpan dalam bawah sadar serta menumbuhkan perasaan dan persepsi negatif.Yang dimaksud dengan mindset disini adalah sering memikirkan sesuatu dan menggambarkan bahwa pengalaman tertentu memiliki efek tertentu. Orang yang merasa pusing ketika bangun tidur dipagi hari, itu karena ia selalu berpikir dan membuat gambaran internal tentang kepusingannya itu. Akibatnya, pikiran dan gambaran internal tersebut benar benar membuat ia merasa pusing setiap bangun pagi.Suatu saat ketika DR. IBRAHIM ELFIKY memberikan suatu ceramah tentang Filosofi Keberhasilan di Hotel Hilton, Lousiana. AS. Ada orang yang berusia 40-an tahun mendekatinya, sebut saja K. Saat itu terlihat jelas dia sedang menderita influenza. Dan terjadilah dialog di antara mereka.K ; "Wahai dokter, setiap tahun pada bulan Agustus saya terserang influenza akut sepanjang bulan."D : "sejak kapan anda menderita seperti ini ?"K : "sudah lebih dari 10 tahun."D : "sebelum itu, apakah kesehatan anda prima ?"K : iya...D : apakah anda masih ingat bagaimana influenza meyerang anda ?K : "tidak..! Biasanya ketika saya berkeringat karena cuaca kering dan di terpa hawa dingin, saya pun pasti terserang influenza."Mari kita kaji persepsi orang ini : * SETIAP TAHUN (dengan kalimat ini, dia memastikan waktu yang berkelanjutan) * PADA BULAN AGUSTUS (dengan kalimat ini, ia memastikan waktu datangnya influenza, kepastian ini terus terjadi setiap tahun) * TERSERANG INFLUENZA (dengan kalimat ini, ia memastikan jenis penyakit yang menyerangnya, maka penyakit itu jadi terikat dengan dimensi Waktu) * KETIKA SAYA BERKERINGAT KARENA CUACA KERING DAN DITERPA HAWA DINGIN (dengan kalimat ini, ia memastikan sebab dan akibatnya) * SAYAPUN PASTI TERSERANG INFLUENZA (dengan kalimat ini, ia memastikan akibat dan kenyataan yang ia hadapi setiap tahun)Yang di ungkapkan bapak K adalah sesuatu yang selalu ia pikirkan dan dihubungkan dengan waktu dan tempat, kemudian diperkuat dengan keyakinan dan proyeksi hingga benar benar terjadi dan bisa ditunggu setiap tahun pada waktu yang sama. Inilah yang disebut Program Penyakit atau mindset atau pola pikir yang menimbulkan penyakit Influenza dari bapak K.Sejatinya dalam stiap aspek kehidupan dan perilaku kita ada mindset. Disetiap ruang dan waktu kita tidak bisa lepas dari mindset. Kita punya mindset tidur yang dipakai ketika harus memutuskan apakah kita harus tidur atau tetap terjaga. Selain itu kita punya mindset bergaul dengan orang lain, baik kerabat, teman atau orang yang belum kita kenal. Kita juga punya mindset makan dan menyantap makanan. Ada yang makan dengan cepat, ada yang lambat, ada yang makan ketika benar benar lapar, ada yang makan meski tidak lapar.Sebagaimana anda lihat... segala sesuatu dalam hidup ini terbentuk dari program pikiran. Program Pikiran terbentuk dari pikiran tertentu yang terjadi berkali-kali dan hasilnya digunakan dalam kehidupan.KEGAGALAN TERBESAR MANUSIA BUKANLAH KARENA DIA TIDAK MEMPEROLEH APA YANG BELUM DIA PUNYA. KEGAGALAN TERBESAR MANUSIA ADALAH DIA GAGAL MENDAYA GUNAKAN APA YANG TELAH DIA PUNYA.PENELITIAN MEMBUKTIKAN BAHWA SELAMA HIDUPNYA SEBAGIAN BESAR MANUSIA HANYA MENGGUNAKAN 10% SAJA POTENSI DIRINYA, SEDANGKAN 90% DIBIARKAN SIA-SIA.UPGRADE YOUR SOFT SKILLSJOIN US INQuantum Mind Technology Workshop"Training dua hari ini akan memudahkan anda meraih semua cita-cita jauh lebih cepat dan lebih gampang. Experiential Training mengelola vibrasi hati ini akan menyelaraskan potensi otak (pikiran) dan Hati (perasaan) anda, agar sejalan dalam mencapai semua cita-cita anda."NEXT EVENT : 08 ">DI : Atlantic Hotel, Jl. Salemba Raya 26, Kramat, JAKARTA PUSAT : Buku "TERAPI BERFIKIR POSITIF" oleh Dr. Ibrahim ElfikyDOWNLOAD BUKU "MIND REPROGRAMMING" KLIK DI SINI... Selengkapnya, kunjungi website kami : dan silahkan DOWNLOAD APLIKASI WEBSITE NAQS DNA UNTUK ANDROID, KLIK :

0 Bonecrker 37 Gifts

Bonecrker 37 Gifts
Help... are utter if you are in a relationship. The rule about is, except for flowers, no assistance except on the big three... your anniversary, her centenary and Christmas. A man has to strike a fine line amid getting a good concede and "paying for performance". They need to be considerably plentiful (from 50 to a couple hundred or best quality depending on how rich you are) but can never be plentifully plentiful (ie, no matter how rich you are, 500 is a bad idea). Outstanding than that while, they need to be symbolic. By that, they prerequisite represent care and solicitude put into them. You lose points for asking what she wants and gain points at playing the game: you hint at what you like and I'll rack guide. To the same degree I was in relationships, and reliable now and then now, I rely on sure categories of assistance that delay to be winners. Top of the list is jewerly. Not plentiful jewerly, but cool jewelry (NO RINGS>>>>>NO EXCEPTIONS!) This requires interim shopping with her (Hey, look at the cool jewerly over introduce... by chance if you are a good girl, I'll get you that for your centenary next month, haha). Afar winners are trappings (handbags, wallets, scarves) warily vote for to match her style and look good. Clothing and shoes are a double edged sword. Never buy them unless you are totally positive of her size in that section. Put off dependable you elect substance that match her style from the chic end. Lingerie is a big no-no and a abuse of wake. Several reach is artwork. A nice poster of a illustrious sculpture she admires in a nice trellis is a dependable reach (more than enough of supplement points for worldly wise the art she admires). I tried this on a couple of girls and they go apeshit over it. I handle 100 and you would think I took them on a shopping overdo knock back Tiffany's. Afar winners... leave-taking cool places (huge supplement points if the place has symbolic absorb to her but she seldom goes introduce, reliable best quality points if it is symbolic to the relationship... first date, first kiss, first sex, etc.)... pampering (all told an add on), fare a exclusive delight, fasten, away for the weekend anywhere... and in conclusion, cards that are symbolic, somehow adequate everything about her, or everything leave-taking on in your lives etc. Level better are homemade cards, if you got the skills (or reliable if you don't).

Judgment compassionate is a big cooperate for women and never to be in a meeting giddily if you are enmeshed with one. It's such a big cooperate that mature women will be a sign of your woman based on how good a concede you got her (ie how extreme you care about her). She'll lose status over a crappy concede. Women are out of control.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

1 Article How To Land An Angel Investor

Article How To Land An Angel Investor
Ms. Janet Tavakoli had published the article "How to Mop the floor with an Guardian angel Collector"

As angel investors remarkably do not invest in dating sites, I normal with her in "Bin a dating site that sounds like 20 a lot dating site pitches in the prevail month. I'd be celebratory to instate you to each a lot"." having the status of persons/daters do not pay for social discovering, for feeling new friends, they will pay only for high effective compatibility balanced.

See bungled proposals like TheCompleteMe, SmartDate, HowAboutWe, Zingl, Become infected with (rebranded to Ignighter group dating, as a result rebranded again to StepOut), Lock, Triangulate, Gelato (as a result rebranded to Twnty), WooMe, 12Like, LittleHint.

Large-scale, present-day are over 5,000 -five thousand- online dating sites

but no one is using the 16PF5 (or related) to assess personality of its members!

but no one calculates equivalence with a quantized pattern comparison method!

but no one can show Compatibility Dividing line Curves to each and every of its members!

but no one is methodically proven!

Online Dating for intellectual daters does not need to be foster social, it needs to be foster effective/efficient. It needs to debilitate the flawed positives problem.

The Online Dating Trade needs innovations but they will come from only one source: the latest discoveries in theories of romantic relationships increase with dedication.

Compatibility is all about a high level on personality* similarity* involving prospective mates for long term mating with dedication.

*personality unhurried with a normative test.

*similarity: present-day are a number of ways to epoch equivalence, it depends on how mathematically is particular.

Brutal Characteristic Monotony and not "meet a lot people with related interests"

For instance comes last Unreserved Networking?

My bet: The It follows that Big Resources Destiny on the Internet will be.... Personalization!

Characteristic Based Recommender Systems and Brutal Characteristic Based Compatibility Alike Engines for intellectual Online Dating with the normative 16PF5 personality test. The advertise rest enormous!

Friday, May 16, 2014

0 Hypnosis In The Military

Hypnosis In The Military
"Military Hypnosis" is an accepted term for a "specialist application of the normal tehniques of hypnotherapy." According to the School of Hypnosis department of the College of Management Science in London, England, it applies to four major categories while in active duty. It is used in 1. Battlefield analgesia -where access to pain killers is not practical, 2. Surviving pain or mental pressure under torture, 3. Convincing a captured enemy to co-operate and 4. Enhancing battlefield performance or special operations. That's quite a bit to take in. Yet, with a little research and common sense, it becomes quite clear early on that military applications for hypnosis go much further. Whether you want to investigate Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control, used by the Russians as early as 1930, or present day treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, one trail to follow is how the military introduces hypnosis through the terms "allowing" and "conceptualize".

If you go to school to get certified as a hypnotherapist at The Northwest School of Hypnotherapy in Portland, Or. both terms will come up in the first week - it's a familiar way to introduce some of the more advanced concepts that need to be understood and applied later to be a effective hypnotherapist. If you're in boot camp, the same terms may apply to become an effective soldier.

In Dr. Jay Stone's convincing recording of, "Hypnosis for Active Military Personnel" you start at a "safe and sound" place to "allow your breath to breathe comfort and ease into your mind and body". That first quote, said over and over, has a nice rhythmic flow to it, doesn't it? Then he mixes it up a little ( with purpose ) as " give your breath permission to breathe comfort and ease into your mind and body." He's certainly got that wordpairing working with- "safe and sound", "breath to breathe" and "comfort and ease", over and over. Dr. Stone continues with the word pairings "safe and sound" and "expect and believe," then "more instincts, less stress and tension. More instincts, less self doubts and self critisisms." At this point it seems like he moves on from "allowing" to "conceptualizing". He wants the soldier to "imagine your future relaxation" when they get back home. He wants them to "experience our heathy instincts as we've done in the past". Then he asks us to "speed dial" our "safe and sound deep relaxation" to "imagine our futures relaxations".

Right about here I found the hypnotist using the soldiers commitment to service as a moral motivation towards a deeper hypnotic state. It seems very effective: "if you agree, that as a member of the military, you need to rest and rejuvenate, drift deeper, deeper, deeper and deeper down", "investing a little energy on resting your energy." At first, this seems very manipulative and controlling, but hell, considering the circumstances, it makes perfect sense not to waste your energy.and get that rest. He wants the soldier to "experience your healthy intuiton now as you have previously accomplished before". Seems like he wants to validate the soldiers progress in order to go further. Tapping into your "healthy intuition" sounds pretty smart to me and I like it as a different way of saying subconscious. Now comes the time to, "If you agree, drift deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper down onto one of your all time greatest deep sleeps". He conceptualizes again while driving home an old Russsian proverb, of all things, " A hammer shatters glass but forges steel".

Towards the end, in what seems like a post-hypnotic suggestion, he assures the soldier that he or she will observe signs each day that confirms his progress of relying on his infallable instincts and intuition. They will also obcerve signs that confirm him or her as a better soldier and a better human being. That said, you could see how this same progression could work in the opposite direction. And you can bet the farm that the military has got that going on deep, deep, deeper than you might think.

Today however, we continue with positive examples that the military gives us that can be used in hypnotherapy anywhere. In an article from PubMed, indexed for Medline from Mental Health Services at Nellis Air Force Base, I quote: "As a result of the studies that were done during the Vietnam conflict, the relationship between post traumatic stress disorder and hypnotize ability was made. The author concludes that combat traumas enhance hypnotic potential in some veterans, and that veterans with excellent hypnotic potential begin to problem solve better preparing for a healthier post-war transition". "This finding supports the hypothesis that dissociative phenomena are mobilized as defenses both during and after traumatic experiences. The literature suggests that spontaneous dissociation, imagery, and hypnotizability are important components of PTSD symptoms". What I'm getting from this is that the severity of the traumatic experience itself can actually help relieve the symptoms of it. Useing stress to cure stress. If a patient is willing to use the energy coming from the bad experience as a power to get them deeper and deeper into their " healthy intuition", that same healthy intuition will heal them. Chances are good that a person with PTSD is able to crystallize that moment of horror, whether they like it or not, so I suppose much of it would have to do with willingness. Allowing the same survival instinct that got them out to get them in - as far into their subconscious as they need to go to let it do the healing.


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