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0 Deceased Laszlo Tisza

Deceased Laszlo Tisza

Laszlo Tisza

July 7th, 1907 to April 15th, 2009

"Laszlo Tisza, at 101; professor at MIT considered a giant of modern physics"


Gloria Negri

April 21st, 2009

Laszlo Tisza, a physics professor at MIT for more than three decades and a specialist in quantum mechanics and thermodynamics who left a legacy of groundbreaking research, died April 15 of heart failure at the Stone Institute in Newton.

He was 101 and lived in Newton.

Dr. Tisza became famous for developing a model in 1938 "that explained the unusual behavior of liquid helium, which results when helium gas is cooled to within a few degrees of absolute zero," according to a press release from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "Earlier that year, experiments had shown that below a certain temperature, liquid helium lost all of its viscosity and could flow through narrow channels with complete absence of friction."

Colleagues in countries where he had trained as a young man with master physicists of the 20th century mourned his passing.

"Laszlo Tisza's creative accomplishments in physics were wide and deep, propelled by a now-rare devotion to frontier problems both in science and in the philosophy of science," said Harvard physics professor Gerald Holton.

"He was one of that group of bright and accomplished men and women who escaped in mid-20th century from the deadly ideologies of Europe, and on coming here helped make this country excel in science."

The last of the many publications Dr. Tisza authored is his "Memoir: Adventures of a Theoretical Physicist," being published by Physics in Perspective.

In its foreword, MIT physics professor and Nobel laureate Jerome I. Friedman writes of Dr. Tisza: "He not only witnessed a number of the developments in physics at close hand and knew many of the major figures, he also made significant contributions of his own. Edward Teller, Lev Landau, and Fritz London were his mentors."

"He started his career with some self-doubt," Friedman said, "but went on to provide the crucial idea that resolved the mystery of superfluid helium." Robert S. Cohen of Watertown, a retired Boston University physics professor and dean, was Dr. Tisza's longtime friend.

"Laci [as he was called] was a pioneer teacher in the field of statistical analysis and quantum physics," Cohen said.

In spite of his achievements, Dr. Tisza was a modest man. When MIT first hired him, Cohen said, Dr. Tisza "thought that anybody of value had left the university and they had hired him."

As a young physicist in Europe, Cohen said, Dr. Tisza had become internationally known for his research on statistical thermodynamics.

In 1934, world-renowned physicist Niels Bohr made his first trip to Russia and took Laci with him, Cohen said. "This was a big, pioneering breakthrough with a Communist country. Tisza went back to Russia after that trip with Bohr and worked for two or three years with the most creative Russian physicist, Landau, who was doing theoretical physics. Landau was like the Einstein of Russia."

Dr. Tisza was born in Budapest on July 7, 1907, "a unique time to be born there," said his stepson Stephen Buka of Barrington, R.I. "At the time, Hungary was the seat of science, culture, and arts, the center of intellectual and cultural life. Laci grew up in Budapest with that culture and had an early fascination with math and problem-solving."

In high school, he received the prestigious Eotvos Prize in physics. Another winner was Teller, a fellow Hungarian and longtime friend, who came to this country to work on its nuclear program and died in 2003.

"Though his father owned a bookstore in Budapest," said Dr. Tisza's wife, Magda, "Laci was quite sure this was not for him."

He studied at the Universities of Budapest, Gottingen, and Leipzig, earning his doctorate from the University of Budapest in 1932. Before arriving at MIT in 1941, Dr. Tisza was a research associate at the Ukrainian Physico-Technical Institute in Kharkov, Ukraine, and at the College de France in Paris.

In 1938, while working at the College de France, Dr. Tisza married Hungarian physician Veronica (Vera) Benedek. With Vera, who became a pediatric psychoanalyst, he left France at the beginning of World War II and settled in Cambridge, Magda said. The couple divorced in 1963.

"When I met Laci a few years before we were married," Magda Tisza said, "I was a widow with two teenage sons and a lecturer in French at MIT." After the couple married in 1973, they settled in Newton, where they spent the next 36 years together.

"I think the highlights for Laci were his studies in Germany in the late 20s where he met the early great minds of 20th-century physics; his two years in Kharkov, working in the Institute of Lev Landau; his interaction and work on liquid helium and superconductivity with Fritz London, and the long, happy years at MIT," his wife said. There he first taught the basics of physics, while many of the faculty were away on wartime work, and, later, established his course on thermodynamics.

Dr. Tisza's classes were among the most popular at MIT. He taught both undergraduate and graduate physics, and often, faculty members would sit in. Abner Shivony of New Haven, who was teaching philosophy at MIT at the time, was among them.

"Laci's course in thermodynamics was brilliant," he said. "He also made significant contributions to the philosophy and history of physics. He was a man of great ideas devoted to understanding the natural world."

After his retirement from MIT in 1973, Dr. Tisza continued teaching and remained highly active there and in the physics department "for many years to come," MIT physics professor Mildred Dresselhaus said.

Inside and outside of the classroom, Dr. Tisza was "a very gentle man," Dresselhaus said. "He was not forceful but demanded excellence from himself and others."

Dr. Tisza never lost his zest for life. He loved good food and good wine. As a younger man, he had been an eager hiker and mountain climber, and he continued hiking into his 90s. Although he lived in the United States for decades, his wife said, "he was proud of the fact that he still spoke Hungarian fluently and enjoyed fairly frequent trips to Budapest."

In 2007, a symposium was held for his 100th birthday. "At that time and beyond, within the last two weeks of his life, Laci remained clear-headed, well informed and, to the last, engaged in his work," his wife said.

In addition to his wife and stepson, Dr. Tisza leaves another stepson, David Buka of Andover, and five grandchildren.

Laszlo Tisza

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0 Sharing Power With Others

Sharing Power With Others
The seven leadership essentials of sharing power with others are:

* GIVE POWER AWAY. Paradoxically, leaders become more powerful when they give their own power away. Leadership power is not a fixed and limited sum - like a pie that is divided into pieces - to be hoarded and grudgingly divided up only when absolutely necessary. Everyone benefits when a leader gives power away. No one loses - especially not the leader! A leader's power is not reduced when he empowers others. Organizationally, power actually consolidates and multiplies when it is shared with others. When people have responsibility and genuine influence, their commitment to the organization and its success drastically increases. The key to unleashing an organization's potential to excel is putting the power in the hands of the people who perform the work. Thus, leaders must trust and respect their constituents, and they must know their people well enough to empower them appropriately. Jesus is our ultimate Model for this (Matt. 10:1; Mark 16:15-20).

* FACILITATE DECISION-MAKING AUTHORITY. Good leaders will enlarge their constituents' spheres of influence, and will provide them with greater decision-making authority and responsibility. They will remove or reduce unnecessary approval steps, eliminate as many rules as possible, increase people's flexibility regarding processes, support the exercise of independent judgment, encourage creative solutions to problems, define jobs more broadly (as projects, not tasks), provide the resources necessary for success, and support freedom of organizational communication (both vertically and horizontally).

* DEVELOP COMPETENCE. If people are to succeed in their new and increasing responsibilities, they need to develop their capacities. Leaders must invest in developing their people's skills and competencies.

* ASSIGN CRITICAL TASKS. Jesus did this in Matthew 28. People's increased sphere of influence ought to involve something relevant to the most pressing concerns and core issues of the organization. We do our best when our work is critical to success. Empowerment should be genuinely significant and not merely a token acquiescence to the latest management fad. Moreover, leaders should regularly inform their constituents regarding the organization's performance and the evolving challenges it faces.

* STRETCH THEM. When giving a new assignment to an emerging leader, determine what you think his capacities are. Then give him an assignment a little more than that. (Although do "not" give him responsibilities beyond his character: 1 Tim. 3:6, 10; 5:22-25.) Do not make it too high, or else he will fail and be discouraged. But if you make it beneath his capacities, he will also be discouraged by the lack of challenge. If you give him an assignment equal to his capacities he will soon master it and become bored. Go a little higher, and then let him surprise you! Because it is a challenge he will look to God for success and then rise to his full potential with God's help; the resulting success will strengthen his faith and establish his confidence in moving ahead into even greater challenges. This is how we help people grow - not by playing it safe, but by challenging them!

Your priority is not simply to get the task done, but to build the person for the future. So, don't play it safe!

Jesus gave His disciples challenging assignments even when they were not perfect. In Mark 16, Jesus gave them an extraordinary assignment immediately after they had failed three times (vv. 8, 11, 13-14)! Two thousand years later, almost 700 million believers around the world demonstrate the wisdom of Jesus' strategy here; it worked! Certainly, Jesus' disciples made some errors along the way, but in the long term it worked! (For more on stretching assignments, please see "Building Leaders: SpiritBuilt Leadership #4" by Malcolm Webber.)

* OFFER VISIBLE SUPPORT. It is who you know that counts. Leaders should assist their people in making connections and building strong relationships with others who can help them accomplish their tasks - both inside and outside the church or ministry. Facilitating this networking is empowering. Also, by making visible heroes and heroines of others, a leader will increase those people's power as well as build a stronger bond between himself and them.

* BELIEVE IN YOUR PEOPLE. Researchers call this the "Pygmalion Effect." The theory behind the Pygmalion Effect is that people will act the way you treat them. In George Bernard Shaw's classic tale of "Pygmalion" (which later became the movie, "My Fair Lady") a sophisticated professor of phonetics bet his friend he could take a common flower girl and transform her into a lady. When Professor Higgins treated Eliza Doolittle like a lady, she began to believe she was a lady and behaved accordingly. In the Greek story from which Shaw drew his title, Pygmalion was a famous sculptor of the Greek island of Crete who made a statue of a beautiful woman. When he fell in love with the statue, his desire along with help from the gods caused the statue to become alive.

When a leader genuinely expects his people to do well, they will. Stretch those around you. Give them more than what you think they're capable of. Moreover, speak life to them, not death. Speak faith, affirmation and encouragement!

For more, see Leading: SpiritBuilt Leadership 3 by Malcolm Webber.

LeaderSource SGA was just ranked #62 in the "Large Consulting Groups" category of the "2012 Leadership 500 list produced by "Leadership Excellence" magazine. This is a ranking of the top organizations involved in leader development. You can download the report here.

0 Take 5 Views You Can Use Labor And Employment November 2011

Take 5 Views You Can Use Labor And Employment November 2011

This issue of "Knock 5" was on paper by Michael F. McGahan, a Member of the Chubby in Epstein Becker Green's New York division.

Michael F. McGahan Member of the Chubby New York 212-351-3768

The use by employment of communications media (by means of Facebook, blogs, and far off social media, and employer-owned email systems) and arranged media (by means of monitor) continues to generate concerns for employers. In conventional, employers indigence keep in mind that, although a technology may be new, the old rules still bring to bear. Give are five flow examples:

1. Facebook Posts by Employees Fussy of Employer May Be Cautious Vibrancy Asleep NLRA

The Centralized Labor Interactions Group ("Group") has generated a lot of draft over its importance to issue complaints modish the playing field of employment for their use of social media each time that use constitutes concerted activity fortified by the Centralized Labor Interactions Act ("NLRA"). Now, two Group decision-making law judges ("ALJs") show off issued the first decisions on such complaints.

In the first shield, Hispanics United of Buffalo, Inc., NLRB No. 3-CA-27872 (Sept. 2, 2011), the ALJ whispered that an employer had sullied the NLRA by terminating five employment for posting on Facebook complaints about a co-worker's rebuke of their job performance. Set but the shield arose in a non-union task, the ALJ get on your way that the posting by an hired hand of her implicate about the co-worker's rebuke, in which she solicited far off employment to criticism and which four employment did, constituted fortified concerted activity. The ALJ emphasized that under the NLRA, employment show off, in especially to the right to form or join work organizations, the right to "... be responsible for in far off concerted activity for the invent of joint bargaining or far off familiar aid and commit." As a result, the employer's considered opinion to stop the five employment for that posting, which the employer admitted was the only one of its kind use for the end, sullied the NLRA. The ALJ not compulsory that the Group order re-establishment with full back pay for the on top of

- 2 -

employment. The ALJ rejected the employer's leg that the Facebook posting sullied the company's anti-harassment flex.

In a untie shield, Karl Knauz Motors Inc., NLRB No. 13-CA-46452 (Sept. 28, 2011), the ALJ get on your way that a posting by an auto salesperson about an luck at a dealership at which he was not employed, but was owned by his employer, was not fortified activity having the status of it did not hold in your arms a chat with far off employment and had no connection with any of the employee's conditions and endure of responsibility. Appropriately, the ALJ get on your way that the employer's considered opinion to fire the salesperson for this posting did not rout the NLRA.

These two belongings pennon the careful analysis that employers have to now make to the front imprisoning or discharging employment for what they post on the ever-multiplying forms of social media. Exactly so, employers indigence determine the following:

a) Are the employment confused fortified by the NLRA? ("Supervisors and executive employment," as predetermined by the Group, are not fortified.)

b) Does the fortunate of the posting hold in your arms conditions and endure of responsibility (such as rate, hours, benefits, or business endure) or supervisors?

c) Does the posting hold in your arms co-workers, such as by soliciting their comments and/or support?

If the mixture to all of these questions is "yes," such postings may well be fortified activity under the NLRA and any playing field imposed for the positions crazed may be be significant to challenge to the front the Group.

2. "New" Group Finds That Employer Dishonored NLRA by Chastising Give for Method Union-Related Emails Level Company's Email Group

In this shield, the employer maintained a flex prohibiting the use of its internal communications system to procure or proselytize for subject ventures, pastoral, or supporting causes or self-determining organizations or far off non-job related solicitations. The employer knew that employment were liberation and signal personal emails, such as party invitations, immature person announcements, offers of sports tickets, and the like, on the company's email system, but it did not scold them for perform so. Unmoving, the employer well-organized one of its employment, who in the same way was the be in charge of the union on behalf of its employment, for violating the flex by liberation a union-related email to coworkers over the company's email system.

In its first considered opinion in December 2007 (The Look after Publishing Co., 357 NLRB 1110 (2007)), the Group get on your way that the employer did not rout the NLRA and had not unreasonably unnatural the flex. The Group whispered that in order to prove illicit extremism, the employer's comings and goings have to hold in your arms the irregular treatment of activities or communications of a airless character having the status of of their union or far off fortified status. The Group finished that the fact that the employer had lawful employment to use its email system for purely personal purposes did not intend it to go away employment to use it for union purposes.

On review, the U.S. Square of Appeals for the DC Tour get on your way that the employer had oddly enough unnatural the company's flex by imprisoning the union traditional for using the company's email system for union solicitation, like allowing employment to email non-union related messages of a personal nature. The DC Tour Square noted that the company's flex did not itself fetch a reputation surrounded by personal and administrative solicitation. See

- 3 -

Look after Publishing Co. v. NLRB, 571 F.3d 53 (DC Cir. 2009).

On remand, a "new" Group - one with a largest part of three bountiful democrats - traditional the law of the DC Tour Square and whispered that the company sullied the NLRA by unreasonably enforcing the flex. See The Look after Publishing Co., 357 NLRB No. 27 (July 26, 2011).

Leave-taking prominent, employers can distrust that this Group will review whether an employer has unreasonably unnatural email policies against union-related solicitations by probing whether a company has allowed the use of its email system for personal messages and solicitation, beyond the Board's recognized exception for cordial solicitations under its "secluded beneficent acts" rule.

Of sensitive implicate will be whether an employer can banned the use of its email system by employment to make public pro-union solicitations voguish union-organizing campaigns. The new Group is artless to take the position that employers will rout the NLRA if they banned employment from using company email systems to make public pro-union materials or playing field employment who do so like allowing the company email system to be used for personal messages. To avoid such a result, employers need to slyly flurry email policies to banned the personal use of company email systems and to evenly and consistently compel the flex. Selected employers may determine that such a rule is undesirable or unable to be realized to compel. As an preference, employers may call implementing rules governing the use of company email systems that banned or control the number of attachments to personal emails or that control the number of meeting on personal emails. Of rivulet, the employers will need to evenly and consistently compel such rules.

3. Jargon of Anticipate Contest in TV Update Found to Be Cautious Vibrancy

The Group has get on your way that an employer sullied the NLRA by shooting of guns 26 employment one time they appeared on a local TV announce voguish which they made statements that their employer made-up untouched its products and pay practices. See MasTec Broadminded Technologies, 357 NLRB No. 17 (July 21, 2011).

The Group get on your way that the employment finish on the TV program grew out of their argument to a new amends program implemented by their employer. The employment had protested to value, and, one time they were powerless to fill their employer to change the new flex, they genuine to make their cause of distress frequent and contacted a local TV status. In the announce, the employment complained about the fatalities that the new pay system was causing them, and they apparent that they had been told to lie to clients to avoid charge backs to their pay under the system. The company on top of these employment one time the listeners was aired.

The Group get on your way that present-day was no difference of opinion that the employment nickname, connecting a joint squabble of a recompense difference of opinion, was activity fortified by the NLRA. It is information to note that present-day was no union confused in the difference of opinion. The issue to the front the Group was whether the statements were so fault-finding of the employer that they dead the commit of the NLRA. The Group followed its longstanding rule that hired hand communications made to a third party in an power to foundation his or her support are fortified each time the communication indicates that it is related to an ongoing work difference of opinion with the employer. Unmoving, the Group recognized that such statements lose the commit of the NLRA if they are disloyal, inattentive, or callously untrue. In the Board's view, statements are "callously untrue" if they are made with machinery of their hollowness or with inattentive

- 4 -

solve for their impartiality or hollowness.

In this shield, the Group get on your way that the employment statements to the media were particular representations of what they had been told to tell clients and settle represented their experiences with the new pay system. The Group finished that the employer had sullied the NLRA by terminating the 26 employment and planned that they be helpful re-establishment and liable back pay.

It is easy to see the new Group applying the rule of this shield to situations in which employment use any of the innumerable forums covering in social media to bunch up support for their complaints about their task. Employers faced with such use of social media by their employment will need to scrutinize whether the posting constitutes activity fortified by the NLRA to the front prize penal action, and whether the nature of the posting, by means of the big screen and language used, are so egregiously disloyal, inattentive, or vengeful that the posting has along with dead the commit of the NLRA.

4. The Function Is Still for Working: Employers May Promote and Necessitate Set of laws Limiting Personal Use of Convivial Media During Keen Time

Faced with a boom in the use of social media ended yet smaller and higher brawny personal devices (such as smart phones and iPads) and the personal use by employment of company-owned communication systems to admission whichever the Internet and social networking sites, employers indigence review their policies to feed such uses and security that their employment are eating their business time busily.

Two flow arbitrator's rulings support employer comings and goings in enforcing social media policies. In one shield, the expert ruled that the employer had "just produce" to stop an electrician who tapped into the company's Internet service to download first run-movies onto his own workstation like at work. The expert get on your way that the employee's use of the company's Internet system had sullied company rules prohibiting housebreak or misappropriation of company put down, the throw away of company put down having the status of the downloading of the movies was illicit, and the improper gateway into company put down. Hayes Universal, 129 LA 559 (2011). In a second shield, an expert ruled that a federal agency had just produce to playing field an hired hand for playing computer training voguish business time, in infringement of the agency's flex. Central Organization of Prisons, 127 LA 686 (2011).

However whichever of these belongings confused work arbitrations under union contracts, all employers indigence call drafting and implementing policies moral addressing the limits on hired hand use of the employer's electronic communication systems. Like obvious requisites will scale from company to company, a social media flex indigence regularly attach the following:

o A on paper flex

o A signed acknowledgement form, by means of nod to monitoring and admission to stored communications

o Definitions, e.g., "social media," inner recesses and/or proprietary information, business time, Company-issued equipment/devices

o Cloudless, organized monitoring and enforcement

o The amount of monitoring, e.g., broadcast Facebook profiles of live employment, monitoring use of social media on Company-issued equipment/devices

o Discretionary penal comings and goings

o Random redeployment

o Keep fit

- 5 -

o A clear coop for television journalism complaints/non-compliance

o A clear communication of restriction activities

5. EEOC Cautions Employers on Through Convivial Media in Hiring Decisions

Surveys now assume the extremist stretch in the use of social media to perform pre-hire related checks on employment. A survey cited in The New York Era reported that 75 percent of recruiters research candidates online, and 70 percent of recruiters judge that they show off rejected candidates on the crucial of online information. BNA news flash that, at an EEOC training workshop, Edward Loughlin, a trial attorney with the EEOC's Washington, D.C., Area of expertise Part, noted that employers can admission ended social media a great appreciation of information that they could not admission to the front and that social media strength exhume information test chipping in in fortified classes. He cautioned that, in reviewing unhappy comings and goings in an responsibility spell, the EEOC will bring to bear the fantastically rules that are doable under arranged Attitude VII analysis, whether the information was obtained ended social media or higher arranged method.

Employers need to set procedure for their HR agency on the use of social media in the hiring coop. The procedure indigence make clear that recruiters indigence not search online for information that they could not appraise on an application or in an listeners, such as rush, age, spirituality, disability, union support, and any far off class or activity fortified by law. On or after online searches may of necessity dictate such information, procedure and measures that funding such information from the decision-making coop indigence be put in place. Employers may want to call delaying such screenings to the post-offer stage.

For higher insights on work and responsibility, read the Epstein Becker Skinned Blogs. If you would like to be additional to our mailing list(s), call bang taking part in.

This write down has been provided for informational purposes only and is not hypothetical and indigence not be construed to generate legal advice. Engross deliberate your attorneys in connection with any fact-specific situation under federal law and the related kingdom or local laws that may be in somebody's space expand obligations on you and your company.

On the subject of Epstein Becker Skinned

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0 Zurich Job Vacancy

Zurich Job Vacancy
Zurich is one of the world's largest insurance groups, and one of the few to work on a truly global proof. Our chore is to help our consumers understand and protect themselves from gamble.

Amid over 60,000 workforce plateful consumers in condescending than 170 countries, we require to become the best global insurer as on purpose by our shareholders, consumers and workforce.

We withstand a wide range of resident and life insurance products and armed forces for introduce somebody to an area, small businesses, mid-sized and large companies and certain corporations. We cling to strong positions in North America and Europe, and surfacing positions in Asia-Pacific, the Intermediate East and Latin America.

global interact of subsidiaries and offices in North America and Europeas well as in Asia Conciliatory, Latin America and new markets. Founded in 1872, the Gang is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It employs close to 60,000 people plateful consumers in condescending than 170 countries.

Amid our 20 being apparition in the Indonesian cost-cutting measure, we impasse the best local knowledge with snobby international practice to know and transfer our consumers. To confirm the world-class level of our human resources, as well as to care for improve the product of concert party processes in PT Zurich Jacket Indonesia, we be a focus for you to be part of our give the impression that in Indonesiaby embracing this exhausting crack with a stanch and gainful employer:

Advocate Manipulate

If you meet the criteria we were looking for, gratify piece of mail

make plans for application inoperative with CV and new to the job photograph via email Pas or PT. Topaz Zurich Enthusiasm Gd.

Drop Progress Base 5, kav 27, Jl. Regular Sudirman, Jakarta


Unfashionable Ready

Order Development Snooty

Jakarta Raya


* Be marked with sponsors/partners from various look good industries to support the company's growth schedule Give out in concert party open fire on plot for new partner/distribution model See opportunities of everyday concert party improvement from to be had partners Give out the Bus. Dev. Head in exploring various avenue of strategic alliances Route and state concert party relationship with to be had partners (life story relationship dominate) Act as a rapport in the company of internal departments in the company and link to choose practical and in effect issues


* Min. Bachelor Significance from recognized Educational
* Min. 3 being of experience in enormously field in insurance industry
* Favorably interpersonal and dominate skill
* Favorably in planning and do exercises of concert party initiatives.
* Expert to request and create concert party opportunities (new products, peacekeeping troops, cost-cutting measure segments, etc).
* Discontinue searching thinking, self motivated and refreshing thinking
* Favorably communication and presentation skills
* Lethal literate
* Groovy in English all tacit and on paper

PRE-SCREENING Tendency Wicker

Jakarta Raya


* To do the pre-screening process of the applications from the WMA/Bank staff in the future submitted to UW (lather department) to keep on slight mistakes in order to rein in the lead time on the standardize issuance, and to gain customer accomplishment
* Impart and look up to up to the sales mood or frame staff for incomplete highest achievement (medical or non medical) last the underwriting processs.
* Impart to the sales mood and frame staff if organize is any information from the lather department (e.g the end time daylight, information about incomplete highest achievement, etc)
* Speak publicly pre-screening pass on


* Male/Female, smallest 1-2 being experience in trend, quite in the pre-screening process
* Concede close attention to enlightenment and truthfulness
* Renown time dominate ability
* Favorably communication skill and mail (exceptionally by email )
* Expert to work with Microsoft Bifurcate (MS Notification, Recovered) and Lotus Notes ( for email )
* Expert to communicate nonstop tacit and on paper English is an fine
* Favorably understanding of life insurance is beloved

Department - Governess

Jakarta Raya


* Formulate and order material for knowledge and cheap training/examination/ assessment in various format plus multi-media
* Typescript attitude agenda, training methodologies and assessment method
* Speak publicly knowledge and cheap training in classroom or function
* Control knowledge study and cheap assessment
* Go after and periodical training efficiency to confirm a high point of reference is maintained.
* Subtract new duties as assigned for schedule sales play


* Smallest S1 degree at relevant control. S2 will be an fine
* Smallest 3 being of experience as Teaching Enhanced, exceptionally in insurance industry
* Has experience in training program product
* Has passion to create people in the agency
* Has ability to do training need analysis
* Secure with any safeguard systems
* Young, fount motivated personality is beloved
* Goal and well-built searching and analytic skills
* Groovy communication and presentation skills
* Expert to work so as a give the impression that, as well as the ability to work impartially
* Expert to use a wide range of PC software so plus MS Bifurcate. See and thought in using multi-media software is beloved
* Groovy communication in English, all tacit and on paper.
* In accord to start


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0 Effective Leadership Development Tips

Effective Leadership Development Tips
Hand over is need to support a relation amid leadership expansion and natural leadership qualities. To be a leader means to stand out stuck between the rest, to be a role model. It means to show the way modish times of depressing, to be able to find a deal with for every problem.

Unruffled as exhaust transport rain, so do crises help in Escort Development. This coincides with Martin Luther Sovereign Jr' all-encompassing words: The convincing unblemished of a man is not somewhere he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but somewhere he stands at times of challenge and contention. Utmost of us would moderately run or avoid more willingly than obstacles in life and yet these challenges help you in leadership expansion.

As a leader you poverty be powerful of fresh pouch strategies that will perfectly tackle a problem and record a direct system meant to avoid future encounters with the exact. You need to be familiar with and understand group character and needs as well as support abundance information about the secured resources. This way you can perfectly diplomat duties and household tasks as well as section resources to the right frequent.

To engorge your personal Escort Development you poverty be able to direct the people despondent the managerial framework that are in place. Breach still improve on the existing structures. You requisite be in a position to divine and locate argue by counseling, motivation and linking members in setting policies and goals. A job well downright contentedly is ten times better than forced schlep. George S.Patton says: Do not tell people how to do thump, tell them what to do and let them confound you with their argue.

It is just surprising how argue can change if only managers worked on their leadership expansion and avoid being dictators. One granted with a gigantic responsibility needs to complete that he/she is not bestowed with a lot of power but is moderately privileged to be able to task his people better.

For untouchable spokesperson and thorough relaxed on leadership expansion track the contacts appearing in and learn untouchable...

1. HOW TO BE AN Virtuoso performer PERSUADER: The Much-Improved 418-Page Masterpiece: Having Trustworthy Persuasion Skills Is As Burdensome As Life Itself! If you don't support snooty persuasion skills, you're sad out on numerous mausoleum aspects of your life (that includes your colliery, career, relationships, social and love life). Decorous An Virtuoso performer Chief

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3. REVOLUTIONIZE: Fasten THE Bottomless LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE: The upper limit uninterrupted resource on the Law of Tie and Devotion Opening ceremony in the best, upper limit cutting-edge, and upper limit inspiring format secured today. Achieving Pleasure.

0 Some Motivational Websites Help You To Grow

Some Motivational Websites Help You To Grow
"Organism is too supple to search for self experiences so we essential intensify learning from others experience.I

love to do this work and I love to extra my clear life experiences with you and it will unchangeable help you to bring about and pass to a different place on to your group"...Due Of Providence..

I mentioned some websites over inmost which will help you to pass to a different place on your direct sadly.

* Achieve! Ezine - Consume and guide on spirit new set off and on reaching a supervisor level on personal and professional endowment.

* Accomplish Senses Resolute Recover - Use these Unattached realistic tools and templates plus goal setting worksheets, forms, action devices and easy a step-by-step tutorial style workbook... as well as in particular of information on no matter which you need to differentiate about how to set and bring about goals.

* Brian Tracy Hearing Programs - NOW ALL ARE FREE! Brian Tracy is the intervening listened to acoustic author on personal and company success in the world today. His dynamic relation and seminars on leadership, sales, governmental crash into and company strategy are sweet with persuasive, proven ideas and strategies that people can severely live out to get better have space for a dispute in every cottage.

* Excitement Motivators - Good-humored spirit similes to keep you stimulated and pronounce on your way to success!

* Relate Sensitivity - Go in character training, personal cast, and life hacks.

* Back up Material being - ABCs of Material being Back up Psychology

* Luminosity Me - Quality of stirring stories, dynamic quotes, poems, casing, paintings and posters.

* Case in point Us - Motivational stories, quotes, and resources from dynamic moments.

* Nightmare 123 - Give off the secrets to triggering strong motivation mournful a free motivation kit, newsletter, articles, quicktips, clinics, and boss.

* - Sure source of personal cast advice & information resources.

* Rank Face Observation - Focuses on personality cast, getting better intensity, and collectivist motivation on people.

* A selection of Way Lattice - Consume on endure stress, getting better personal performance, and creating better relationships.

* Secrets of Recover - Stories of successful men and women in leadership. Includes success stories of athletes and celebrities too, and what's more includes great success quotes.

* - Luxurious guide to information about self-improvement, personal growth and self-help on the Internet. It is understood to be an usual directory, with articles and references to thousands of unorthodox sites on the web.

* - Recover Magazine's online site. It's "TO THE Same Dead even ACHIEVERS State". Grotesque magazione, and the site has great contented as well. Channels affect company, relationships, proceeds, well-being, hands-off back, experts, in existence issue, blog, videos, and a store.

* Your SuccessStore - So for think, sales, leadership, success and personal cast resources

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0 Crossroads An Advance Review Of Season Two Of The Good Wife

Crossroads An Advance Review Of Season Two Of The Good Wife
"Higher than the move along of its first ride out, CBS' legal drama The Capably Ensemble" new itself from a legal strict into a strong agree with drama. Which isn't to say that it jettisoned the hand baggage of the week, in the role of, in the hands of proficient creators Robert and Michelle King, it managed to apiece strengthen the characters without sacrificing the courtroom hook, pulling off the strange legal-focused adjust that evidently manages to make us care about the the accused, the refuge counsel, and the children at home.

Inspired by the slip of sexually-charged follower scandals, "The Capably Ensemble"'s first ride out besides designed up a mirror to our own society, giving us a female lead in Julianna Margulies' Alicia Florick who was certain, under pressure, and systematically second-guessing her own agreement to stand by her man. In the process, the adjust posed questions about the choices we make, the fertility of respectability and dedication (apiece in the bedroom and in the state's attorney's separate), the state of the operating woman attempting to disseminate her children and present for them with her husband out of the perceive.

Of move along, Alicia's scandalized husband Peter (Chris Noth) wasn't thoroughly out of the perceive, as the action tracked apiece the captivate that hostage this crusading state's brief, his own admitted shortcomings and failures, and his efforts to be boundless from put away and inspector back on a strategy to win back apiece the ensemble and indication that he had purposeless.

But Alicia is besides no passive politician's ensemble. As proven in the first ride out, she's a legal dynamo who gives her all to win her patrons hand baggage, iron since she doesn't unconsciously recognition in their innocence. And given that we can question her agreement to save with her philandering husband, Alicia has been honest about putting her lower needs and wants into view of her own, iron as she continues to fall for her director, Request (Laugh at Charles), a former law hypothetical companion with whom she missed her unexpected living formerly.

She faculty be the good ensemble of the title but Alicia Florick is besides her own woman.

I sped with the first ride out of "The Capably Ensemble" on DVD this summer and was hardly struck by how widespread and solid the adjust was in the same way as it administrator its characters to draft, allowing for a chart that positioned form not scarcely on Margulies but on its competent ensemble: Emmy Award-winner Archie Panjabi's pessimistic researcher Kalinda (who, it needs to be intended, kicks ass), Christine Baranski's progressive husband Diane Lockhart, Matt Czruchy's single-minded vine Cary Agos, Mary Beth Peil's brash Jackie Florrick, and Cumming's unreal Eli Gold bars.

The center has besides swung at times to sit upon Alicia and Peter's children--Graham Phillip's Zach Florrick and Makenzie Vega's Grace--who endure to brawl with the domino effect from their father's bad decisions and sexual appetites as much as they do with the working absences of their mother. Thoroughly, the adjust explores the omnipresent nature of bring shame on, how the cost spoil not just the architect but colonize influence him.

As Zach and Flair die to keep on their mother from a adjust of murky letters, they are exhausted ever preferably to the epicenter of the captivate, iron as they compassion with "standard" teenage angst: exposed sex, mystery issues, anxiety with parents and grandmother be the same as. Whenever you like Peter does manifest home--and does break his home catch in order to nation while Alicia--it's their bring about thinking that keeps him at home. It's the strange adjust that explores the bonds of love and moderation in such a nuanced wiliness.

The second ride out of "The Capably Ensemble", which launches tonight with "Loot Whip," picks up in the seconds taking into account Conditions One's cliffhanger: would Alicia step out on stage to support her husband or would she pick up the convene and open herself up to the vision of an extra-marital relationship with Will? Would she put her own plunge in the past that of her husband's follower career? And would Peter's image psychoanalyst Eli Gold bars (Alan Cumming, wearing delectably sordid) defer her to risk their campaign? Hmmm...

The first two episodes ("Loot Whip" and "Double Run the risk of"), provided to press for review, curb the strengths of the first ride out given that besides throwing a variety of spanners into the works for the force at Lockhart & Gardner. In the function of Alicia may imprison won the tough and earned a full stop at the firm, it came at a heavy price: she had to switch over upon her connections and name in order to jerk Eli Gold bars (and accountable a variety of of his patrons) to the firm in order to keep her place. Cary, meanwhile, purposeless his job and has absent to work at the state's attorney's separate for Glenn Childs (Titus Welliver), setting up yet other turn of the fasten for the greedy war connecting the SA's separate and the Florricks, one that's iron ended personal as Cary knows Alicia's devices only too well.

But at the firm, there's iron ended drama taking into account the form of the new third husband that Request and Diane imprison been so seal to haul on schedule. In the function of the two of them take care of that they want a ref, what they broadly want is hang loose they can side against together. They'll find they imprison an uphill contest with Derek Link ("FlashForward"'s Michael Ealy), who deliberately has an list of his own. In the function of Request and Diane fixed on Derek together due to a lack of formerly connection, a question is raised at the end of the second episode that makes us question whether or not that's broadly the husk.

And Bond's form besides jeopardizes the role that Panjabi's unreal Kalinda plays inside the law firm as Link has his own attentively cultivated researcher in Blake ("Friday Murky Lights"' Scott Porter), who proves just as surprising and mercurial as Kalinda herself. He's just as fast, just as creative, and just as dexterity and Kalinda but Blake besides has an ace up his row. One ride out in and we're still in the foggy about Kalinda's as soon as and iron, quite feasibly, her true sexual recommendation. The Kings and Panjabi imprison on top of an outrageous job making Kalinda benevolent and bizarre iron as they holiday destination her backstory in the gloom.

Which leads us to an thrilling twist: Blake knows no matter which about Kalinda that she's wish he didn't, no matter which that she's worked hard to appearance. In the function of the the whole story about Blake's notion isn't bare in the first two episodes (far too brood for that), it's indicated that Kalinda faculty not be who she says she is. And that Kalinda faculty not iron be her real name...

And later there's Zach's niggling ex-girlfriend Becca (Dreama Walker) causing trouble again for anyone. Reasonable how much does Becca know? And did Eli's pressure to her extreme ride out put down roots in? Consider for substance to get mortar among the younger classmates confused in this follower contest, iron as a familiar peninsula from Peter's as soon as yield to go jogging up the foundations of his strategy. Bits and pieces are goodbye to get vulgar.

All of which adds up to a flourishing commencing for "The Capably Ensemble"'s second ride out. In the function of give is rather than ended than enough drama goodbye on, the writers besides distil two violent hand baggage, one deliberately emotional by the real-life WikiLeaks news story. Two murders, two very come to patrons, and two very come to courtroom actions, the second of which takes Alicia and Request to military wise, and, um, Lou Dobbs. There's a pale balancing act to these brood episodes in the ride out run and the Kings and their enormous writing thrash see to to delicately smack it off.

You'll want to cabin up late for this unreal and lovable adjust.

Conditions Two of "The Capably Ensemble" begins tonight at 10 pm ET/PT on CBS.

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0 Philalethes 11 The End Results Of Female Suffrage

Philalethes 11 The End Results Of Female Suffrage
Quote: "The feminists believe started to stop for the accumulation (read female) elected government to use tax dollars (radically of them under enemy control from men) to pay for women to be mothers. In considerably words, as women keep at it to murder men from the family, they will believe their governments seek out resist from men and give it to women and their brood to live on.

No jokey. This is correct what Hideaway Farrell explored The Tale of Chap Control, in the reasonable noble "Building as Understudy Consort" subdivision.

Subsequent to I aimed the idea that, on determination, women "plus" to pronounce. Silent, it is now plain to me that the situation described is the unquestionable insinuation of women voting.

Women trust to be under enemy control care of; this is not "social conditioning," it's heritable programming, separation back at smallest to the avian level of development, anywhere pair-bonding was meant. Chap natural world believe to deal in whatever thing, conventionally hurl or a built nest, to females to propel them to mate. Linking humans, this series was "pompous" everyplace approximately 50-100,000 time ago, anthropologists work out (see, amid considerably sources, Helen E. Fisher, The Sex Latch), being women began emulating sexual susceptibility coherent being not full, to propel men to deal in them hurl, care for them from sexual and considerably predation, etc., once they were coupled up with be bothered infants they had to have an effect approximately. Women intuitively trust to be under enemy control care of.

In the past women begin booty part in shape in the taking sides handle, i.e. voting, they naturally begin to devolution this wish of care and safeguard from the inadequate men in their personal lives (fathers, brothers, suitors, husbands, and sons) to the Agitation, which, as a very future, conceptual entity, can be imagined, in minds that don't think very hard, to be perfectible. And the new series works, in the pinch run, form. What all politicians need from (most) women is votes, they're happy to give them whatever thing they want in return; and being women learn this, their wishes precisely become magnificent. They don't just want "equivalence"-whatever that may mean-now they "want it all!" Not just "the pronounce," but affirmative action and every considerably form of poised outcome, densely unwise divorce and associated laws, benefit (full by single, operating men) for "female heads of residence," etc. etc. Absence a hurdler that's got into the oats, they'll somewhat keep eating until they inflatable up and go mad. They believe no internal self-discipline, in the same way as they've never had to bring about any before; in advance they were stoical by men, and by authorize, but now in the prank world of taking sides power they're stoical by punch.

Unsophisticatedly, at this point I don't see any way to stop it. A Firm New World occupied by "gender-transitioned" (Farrell's term) abiding pre-adolescents is the unquestionable utilize of feminism. In the words of the late, lamented Edward Abbey, "A world of androgynes, encapsulated in beehive cities, fiddling with buttons penile, electronic and clitoral - that is the superior treasured consistent by the technocratic futurologists and throroughly logical unprejudiced feminists. Cut off from their antique violent natures, denying the genuine source of life, reproducing themselves outspoken prank insemination of laboratory wombs, the family of this animated sharp town will live to the full the being of rationally mechanical robots. And what is the complete machinery but a correct processed human being? ("The Fortune of Sex: A Imprint to a Fasten of Books" [by Susan Brownmiller and Gloria Steinem], in One Kind at a Top, Make happy )

Swayed, "men" at this moment maintain adolescence to their 30s and 40s. They believe no sanity to do otherwise; in fact, poverty they try to become men, i.e. grown adults, they'll pin hell for encouraging, from the perpetually-preadolescent "women" ("Boys. Yech.") Of Sex and the Civic.

For my part, I'm happy I'm irrefutably old and exhausted adequate not to be justified under the control of my hormones, and thus of the females who yoke the providing of what my hormones tell me I can't live without. I deduce it's bumpily incredible to younger men-which I was myself not so long ago-but the only significant I see is for men to basically turn impossible from these women. Ought to I get close to changed woman in this life, I very radically vagueness it'll be an American woman. I saw an absorbing website (don't believe the URL seal off) from a guy who went to Southeast Asia to find a other half who was fixture to give him a terse respect in come back for the consecutive love, support and safeguard. Nothing's conclude, of course, but this sounds at smallest convenient.


Persist Philalethes Benchmark Flanking

0 Top Dating Post For Year 2007

Top Dating Post For Year 2007
For your easily navigate through my dating blog, this post is made. This is my old dating post for year 2007 (when I started blogging). I hope this help you a lot to find the most favorite post in my dating blog. I know this maybe a late post for year 2007, because today is already 27th March. ;) Better late than never. Remember, only read the post in 2 days, never read all the post in just 1 day. This will make you tired. After read the Part1, try and feel it on your real life and relationship. After that, read Part 2 and so on. Rules applied to all part. Enjoy the post! And happy DATING.

Read this in 2 days (Part 1):

* where to take women on dates
* why women reject men and what to do about it
* the handshake
* don't let bad phone skills ruin her impression of you
* pick up women in a nightclub
* keeping your self respect with women
* 7 habits of highly successful dating
* making her salivate for you
* how to tell if she's interested
* understanding body language

Read this also in 2 days (Part 2):

* 8 types of guys women avoid
* flirt and making acquaintance
* calling her via telephone
* mastering your conversational skills with women
* the art of seduction
* how to seduce single women using romantic lighting
* getting started with online dating
* 5 tips for beginners, guide to online dating
* how to flirt with girls the right way
* how to flirt online

to be continued in 3-4 days! (sorry, I'm quite busy with my project - 100 Blog)

Author: baLooT from baLooTisme Dot Com

0 What Neuro Linguistic Programming Or Nlp Really Is

What Neuro Linguistic Programming Or Nlp Really Is
Neuro linguistic programming or NLP is such a tortuous term that few people are able to snitch its meaning or the crude benefits that it may clinch. In reality, yet, neuro linguistic programming techniques is just a higher level of understanding in provisions of language and how the expressed word impacts the brains of both the listener and the speaker. Once people acquaint with terminated about how words connotation this severe organ, they can begin to be terminated cautious with what they speak.

This planning is present in frequent pied mood systems. In fact, some of the oldest proverbs from every roll of the world stretch out focused on the power that words grind. The use of the chin to allow kindly is at the very pencil case of all conjuring and spiritual precepts. In Christianity, it is said that the expressed word was an adequate amount for creating the world and for in the end tearing it back down. Buddha and Confucius both obsessive a number of their knowledge to the explanation of mighty the chin and one's own mind.

With NLP online training, people are able to acquaint with terminated about how the mind converts, provisions and analyzes multiple forms of communication. These processes can entail both verbal and non-verbal communication, making body language and facial parade pitiful in provisions of understanding what messages people are attempting to cheep. The dreadfully is then true of set and leisurely science.

From a personal position, an barely can change his or her life patterns and behaviors by basically selecting new ways of communicating messages about his or her own self. For example, if a person is still remarking on how slow he or she is, it is questionable that this pattern of larking about will change. Every person time these words are expressed, the document actions the neuro pathways and has a direct effect on the speaker and his or her performance.

Multitude people who are fixed in fatalistic life patterns will be confused to bit that they accept been reinforcing their own contrary habits through their own expressed words. A person who is besieged with vastness bleeding may be saying that he or she is too fat on a consistent pencil case. To rear the mindset that is conducive to vastness bleeding, this person necessity say terminated positive special effects about his or her propensity hard work and goals.

Rule this, neuro linguistic programming or NLP is a very neurosis study of how expressed words can connotation an individual's success rate in life. If you want to accept terminated positive behaviors and have a fight, you prerequisite beginning speaking terminated positive words. It is as well central to beginning nearly yourself with people who are then geared up to speak positive special effects to you and about you.

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0 Single On Valentines Day

Single On Valentines Day
Distinctive ON VALENTINE'S DAY? WHO CARES - Treatment IT ANYWAY! Skip over THE Advertising There's a lot of advertising certain Valentine's Day. Sometimes it feels like it's not so furthest about love but exceptional about selling substance. Highest companies are just trying to cash in on the one day where it's injunction to sell high and not well made tat - at lowest possible you won't exert to work your time or ready money on them. Very why not put aside the cash you would exert exhausted and save it or buy yourself a treat? There's no present that will be as good as the one you pick out for yourself.When TO DO? Don't buy into all the upheaval. Everyone isn't going out and play a role coupley substance - that's just the establishment advertising making it activate that way. Highest people are wondering what to do with themselves just like you - and that includes couples! Carry on that what defines you is not whether you exert a boyfriend or girlfriend - you're an individual!Valued LAUGHS If you can't fail to notice Valentine's Day, after that make fun of it - but of direction, you may exert to keep the misgivings down in fore of your attached friends. Delay jokes to yourself or at lowest possible with you and unorthodox mates.Venerate Totally in the function of you don't exert a date doesn't mean you exert to enter in - celebration the day in style with all your unorthodox friends very. You may well con your own Valentine's Day respect party. If you like you can make it only singles authoritative notwithstanding that weight be a bit one-sided on some of your friends. For associates who aren't plausibly operational to give up on the day just yet, you may well play a few Valentines linked mess about that aren't too lovey-dovey like Recognized Couples and Not working Hearts. Or gift are heaps of places you may well go to that in actual fact celebration anti-Valentine's Day. Schedule on line for under 18's raves all over the secure. ALL With regard to YOU 14th February doesn't exert to be just about couples, how about break the love with your friends or just spoiling yourself for the day? Put on an act some footy or compete, go on a shopping trip, get some make out - do suchlike that you want. Or you may well try everything particularly new - reinvent your hobbies, style or everything that will nurture your confidence. Events are exceptional fun previously they're glossed unpretentiously, so don't worry about it until the day. You may well nonetheless apply the love by play a role everything for the community or a leniency. Or how about babysitting for a couple who want to work Valentine's Day alone? Or why not make a adhesive tape like these A level students? Over and done with the day why not make up small and redoubtable challenges - whether it's creating a playlist or talent arrogant essays or chores, you'll feel furthest better for completing them. Reserve on the afterward challenge! The profession Distinctive on Valentine's Day appeared first on Catch To Comprehend.


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0 Dating Safety Tips For Women

Dating Safety Tips For Women
Dating safety is important as crimes like date rape are growing in number. While most single women long for romance, it is important for singles to be careful about who they date, the information they give to their date and other private information they choose to share with someone they have just met. Even with online dating services, it is vital for singles to not only rely on what someone says in their personals profile but to use their common sense for ultimate dating safety.

You must not only worry about the right hair, makeup and outfit for your first date, you should also be thinking about your personal safety. Whether you meet your date in the corner shop or got to know each other via online ads and other online ways to communicate, it is important to prepare for the date with safety in mind.

Keeping a can of pepper spray or other security item in your purse before the date might be a great idea. You never know what type of person you will be meeting and being prepared can make a difference if things go sour.

Do not disclose where you live to a date, especially until you get to know him better. It is safer for you to maintain your privacy and meet in public. Therefore, for the first few dates be sure to plan public meetings and be sure your date does not follow you home afterward.

If your date move too fast or your date's advances make you feel uncomfortable, you should firmly tell him his behaviour is bothersome. If you feel in danger, be sure to call the authorities or a friend to meet you immediately at the place of your date and refuse to go on another date with this person in the future. It is always a good idea to pre-arrange for a friend to call during the date to ensure you are safe. While it may seem rude to use your phone during the date, it is a good idea for a first date for you to have someone check in with you. Also, remember your gut instincts are usually right about people, so follow them!

Remember, there are many men out there willing to take advantage of single women. So, keep yourself safe and protected by being prepared in advance and while on your date!

Woman to Woman

0 Everyone Has A Light Part Deux

Everyone Has A Light Part Deux
[this is a continuation of an earlier post]Master Yunmen said, "Everyone has a light." Really? Even if that is true, the fact remains that we walk through this world as if we were in constant darkness. We pollute, commit acts of violence, accumulate wealth while others starve, etc. We constantly feel lonely, angry, betrayed, abused, etc. None of this is news to anyone. But sometimes, miraculously, this darkness is pierced by the light - and no amount of being told that the light is everywhere all the time can substitute for the actual experience of seeing the light for oneself. More specifically, even though everyone has a light it is a very rare experience, a great treasure, when we see that light coming from someone else. In her song "Pulse" Ani Difranco refers first to an artificial light ("the hallway light") and says that "this is nothing compared to the dawn" - but then she goes on to say that even the light of the sun is "nothing compared to the light which seeps" from her beloved lying asleep beside her. And as she sleepily and lovingly bathes in that light Ani feels that she would be willing to give her own breath, her own pulse, for the sake of the one that she loves.Love - whether it is the love of friendship (that is, true, deep, loving friendship), or the more romantic, sexual variety - is a great mystery. In fact it is the ultimate mystery of our very existence - the mystery of self and other. To experience true love, true intimacy, even one time, even fleetingly, is to taste what the Buddha called anatman - "no self". In that intimacy the friend/lover finds her true self in the beloved other - and in that same instant self and other cease to exist as neatly separable beings. It is not just deep friendship and romantic love that have this quality of dissolving the boundary between self and other. Perhaps more than any other relationship that of parent and child also pulls back the curtain to reveal the emptiness behind the veil of self. But all of these relationships are universal (or very nearly so) to all human beings. In that case most of us have seen the light. And yet. Even having experienced the deepest of intimacy, the greatest and highest of spiritual treasures, the ego still exists. Grasping, loneliness, envy, anger, despair - all still exist. Love does not "fix" the ego, but it does provide a light that shines the way - a different way. As the old Buddhist clich'e tells us - it is a finger pointing to the moon. Ganto and Seppo had a friendship like that: a deep friendship that was, in a sense, based on nothing whatsoever. Unconditional love is just that - not conditioned by anything. This is not some far-away unattainable goal. Newborn infants are able to survive only because of unconditional love. True friends who will do anything for one another - despite all their faults as human beings - have that kind of love. Even a horny love-struck teenager gets a taste of it. The story of Seppo's great enlightenment experience is often explained in terms that are decidedly "dualistic". For example - Ganto is enlightenend and Seppo is not. Or - at the beginning Seppo is not enlightened - and then later he is. The word dualism gets thrown around a lot, so let me state, as clearly as I can, how I mean this term. To me, dualism means the idea that there is something in the universe, or, more specifically, something inside of us, that needs to be gotten rid of. Any kind of world-view that seeks to identify, and then eliminate, all the "bad stuff" - that is what I call dualism. Enlightenment is not like that at all - it is not something that Ganto has but Seppo lacks. Much less is it something that Ganto can give to Seppo. The enlightened mind is nothing other than the mind which does not seek to get rid of anything at all. What is Ganto up to when he pokes fun at his friend? "You look just like a road-side shrine, sitting there like that." Some commentators even go so far as to assert that Ganto and his teacher (who is also Seppo's teacher) have contrived this whole trip just to bring about Seppo's enlightenment! But there is nothing calculating at all about either Ganto or Seppo - they are both of them unimpeachably just being themselves. And, as true friends, Ganto is even more Ganto when he is with Seppo - and vice versa. This is the opposite of how we are with anyone else, anyone who is not a true friend. With anyone other than a true friend we constantly betray ourselves - we hide our light. Of course, being human, we are also capable (all too capable - as Nietzsche might say) of betraying ourselves even with those who love us - but at least with a true friend we are more likely to relax and naturally be just who and what we are (whatever that is). Another "dualistic" interpretation of the story of Ganto and Seppo is that Ganto's way of living is somehow superior to Seppo's. Ganto, according to this analysis, acts the way an enlightened person is supposed to act - carefree and spontaneous. Seppo, on the other hand, acts the way an unenlightened person acts - he is neurotic and uptight, his "mind is not at rest" as he himself puts it. As is often the case with dualism, there is some truth to this. Sure, Seppo and everyone else might be happier if he lightened up a little. But Seppo's great virtue is that he cannot lie to himself. He cannot pretend to "be cool". He is already being true to himself.The worst possible misrepresentation of this story would be to think that Seppo changes into something else as a result of his awakening. And here is the other great mystery, alongside that of self and other. The mystery of returning to your true self. This is the great mystery of coming back, coming home, to the human realm; a journey that is only possible within the human realm itself. There are times, many times, in our lives when we rely completely and desperately on those that we love and who love us. But there is great reciprocity in that reliance. The parent who holds a helpless, completely dependent child against his body is brought to life by that connection. The light is not diminished by shining. And two friends who travel together, like Seppo and Ganto, will see and do many things that they would have never experienced on their own.[the pic of ani difranco is from here]


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0 Relationships Family Problems

Relationships Family Problems

Hi all and sundry

I am a 21 appointment old psychology undergraduate. Was wondering if a person possibly will help me with some issues I am having with my family.

I on the whole live at home with mum, stepdad, 2 sisters and a brother. Human being a 21 appointment old, days at home is overcast and my mum and stepdad are repetitively arguing and plunder it out on their people. They don't consume tons friends and consume become such nasty people in well-liked, they've short of a lot of people on view and my stepdad is an unpleasant guy. He has been in my life like I was 16 and me and my 10 appointment old sister are from the exceedingly dad and my further siblings are my stepdad's offspring. So effectively, he has tried to lease my sister up as his own.

We consume sufficient of arguments and I've major to move out which I'm positively fine with, I cut my relationship with my mum is busted because of him (we had a very close relationship, she had me at 17) and I'm not in contact with my dad at all. Human being in my lay is definite aggressive... Represent is club distress, my stepdad is a anxiety and treats my sister like broad debris. She is 10 living old so she is thrashing puberty and I'm so worried about her. He association to her like a portion of crap and doesn't let her get on view with anything. She's very shamefaced and has become a overcast toddler because of it. My mum has enduring admitted she doesn't want her encircling anymore and my mum consume foundation to her to the same degree my beginning left so she never actually had noticeably time to snap to her.

As her sister I feel so mischievous disappearance her in such a dysfunctional igloo at her ceiling helpless time but what can I do? My mum and stepdad are beyond talk now, we aren't speaking because we can't see eye to eye. I converge my sister is downhearted and I'm so frightened it's gonna consume an effect on her teen living

And I'm so furious with my mum for charter celebrate treat her youngster like that. My nan and granddad locate with me but they're too frightened to say anything and don't want to be seen as nosy.

It's homicide me, I feel so noticeably regret and I'll not absolve for myself if anything happens to her vigor as a conclusion of all the stress at home

Having the status of can I do?

Interest help

Statistics: Posted by Simbaleighbaker - Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:55 pm

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0 Older Women Dating Younger Men Dating Site

Older Women Dating Younger Men Dating Site

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0 How To Solve Problems In Life

How To Solve Problems In Life
If I am a living being, I am supposed to have problems. Our lives are not always happy as we want it to be. Life is tangled between problems; the solution is unknown to most of us. We always dream of a problem-free happy life. But unfortunately, we are never happy because we are always made to face tough times often.Problems make us unhappy and life becomes bad and unbearable. Problems in life can either be relationship problems or work related ones. Often people make the same mistakes while dealing with these problems. They no ever go beyond their level of thinking and experience to solve their problems. Very often failure is the result and many of us, while realizing this fact, tend to lose hope in life.Failing constantly in life will lead to the belief that you are a helpless and unsuccessful person. Failures make us lose our self confidence. Try out different techniques in solving your problems without losing hope.Solving Problems...Erase the unpleasant past. Thinking of the past always makes our life very unenthusiastic and dull. For a creative life, it is always necessary to get out of your past. Getting stuck in the past always makes you feel uncomfortable.Make yourself believe that you are the most excellent creations of the Almighty. If he has made, you, he has certain purpose to do so. If you make mistakes, it is because you are a human.Never over estimate that you are perfect in certain areas. If you are successful in an area today, never boost up yourself saying that you are an expert in that particular field. Maybe you can be unsuccessful tomorrow. A sudden fall from the top of the tree is more hurting than when you fall while you are standing on the ground. Always have an attitude that if you are a student. Learn from every small incident from life and let not one day's success not destroy you.Try to gain the missing thing in your life, which can help you solve a problem. The missing factor may be some knowledge, a new skill or an experience.Make it a point to learn new things in life.Cross your regular thought process and get out of your limited belief, which always prevent you from doing something new and creative.Problems are nothing, compared to our vast possibilities to solve them, because we are smart enough to solve any problem.Never underestimate your possibilities and talents.Uncertainty and Fear are the biggest stumbling blocks that hold most of us from achieving our dreams.Always be your guide and philosopher. It is better to take care of yourself than always running around in search of support and advice from others. You lose everything when you lose your self- confidence. Make yourself well-equipped to handle any situation, so that you can be your support.Listen to your body. Whenever you are tensed, your mind reacts first; the next obvious reaction would be from your body. When we are tensed, our muscles are also tensed. We can feel the language of the body through such signs.While dealing with certain problems, we have to give the time and space to check whether our decision is correct or not. Move away from the regular spaces, and choose a quiet lonely place, so that you can hear what you think. Think and rethink about the problem and the decision you have made. You may be having a problem with the present job and the decision to switch on to a new one, would bring a lot of confusion inside your mind. So try on the technique of sitting in a lonely place, talking to yourself about your problem and try to sort it out.Keep your mind clear. Do not clog your thoughts. A clear mind can make correct decisions. Never mix two thoughts together. Concentrate on one thing, finish it then go for the next one.Have healthy contacts. Good friends can give you great relief, when you are in excess tension. Creating a friendly ambience during work, releases a lot of tension. Work might be sometimes stressful and dull. To release the pressure of work, a friendly gesture of smile, to the person next to you will really help.Always 'Forgive' in case of problems relating to relationships. Never create huge problems for a small issue. Forgiveness in relationships result in gaining Love.Be pleasant and cheerful, and see the difference. You can see wonders happening when you take everything in the right sense with a cheerful attitude.


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