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0 Dating Tips For Women Over 30

Dating Tips For Women Over 30
Today we have the information to tell you about Dating Tips For Women Over 30. Dont miss if youre looking for information about "Dating Tips For Women Over 30". We have extra information about a particular DATING TIPS FOR WOMEN OVER 30 to tell you. Opportunities like this are not common. We hope that the information we have this will benefit you a lot. Hopefully you will not miss this opportunity and free.... [Read more]


Dating Advice For Men

Fortunately that is not the case. When women give compliance tests they really do want you to pass them. It is their way of filtering out a truly confident attractive guy from the rest. It may sound strange but beautiful women honestly cant just look at a guy an say "hes good looking therefore hes attractive." They need much more because they are approached by so many different types of guys. A really attractive girl will get hit on 10-15 times A DAY....


1 The Path To True Manhood And A Great Relationship And Marriage Part Iii The Challenge

Well, here we go again! Today my buddy David is wrapping up his observations on the Path to Real Manhood, and you really must read this!I hope you've been enjoying David's insights. He was as lost as every other man when we met, but as you can see, he has indeed become a true master. He sent me a journal of sorts, describing a lot of what was going on at his place of business, which he entitled "Confessions of a Convenience Store Manager," and I'm seriously considering letting all of you read it as well, because he writes well and makes excellent points.I thought David was done enlightening us yesterday, but not so. I sent him a quick note letting him know that he was featured in yesterday's newsletter, in which I said that he was being so astute and explaining so well that a lot of the smarter readers would be able to home in on the attraction issue and thereby buy themselves some time to deal with the other big issues, like compatibility and communications. He replied:It's true. If they can't see how this is the absolute foundation of what attraction REALLY is, they'll never get it.Since before even Aristotle's time, it was considered a fact, indisputable by any rational means, in order to be true to others, you first have to be true to yourself. You first have to be a man or not one single thing you do to try and square anything in your relationship will work PERIOD. You cannot fake this.It won't be taught in school, in seminars, or discovered from watching a movie. While I was married, I invested more than a thousand dollars in seminars, lectures, classes, and books. Then still more in counseling. Very expensive band-aids. Yet not a single one got me anywhere but more confused, more frustrated and both of us fighting all the time. When it was already too late, over by a few years, I finally discovered your book. More than 15 years invested, the pain, the doubts only to face an empty house, resentful ex and seeing my kids when she felt like it.Now my ex wants me to teach her husband! She has hinted on more than one occasion she could very easily be persuaded to start over. It's too late for that now for other reasons I won't get into, but you see my point: it's reversible, even after the divorce, as long as you're still talking in any way and as long as no other alpha male has presented himself in your absence, which dampens your chances considerably because he's a sure thing and she may not want to risk having you mess up what she's found.Anyway, it's no wonder so many men get overwhelmed with all the crap out there about this new program, those new skills or doing exercises to learn how to get along with your partner. And in my mind, this is where all the absurdity surrounding what makes an Alpha Male gets sickening.A woman hates to be bored, and yes it's your responsibility to see neither of you are. That does not mean you have to be Robin Williams for laughs, Donald Trump for money or Don Juan for romance. If you insist on measuring yourself by other people's standards, you will never measure up because YOU ARE NOT THEM! YOU ARE YOU and should be proud of it!When you free yourself of all the crap, you will amaze yourself at what you are capable of. When you stop trying to be funny and let it come from within, you'll surprise everyone, most of all yourself! Making excuses about not being funny, interesting or strong doesn't cut it. An Alpha Male realizes there are no excuses. What is it Yoda said? " Do or do not. There is no try."Yes, all that fancy crap sounds very romantic. But have you stopped and thought why a woman in a mansion will have a fling with the pool man? The gardener? The mechanic? The Chauffeur? It's not his money, it's not about his body. Good grief! Take a look at a plumber sometime, and how many jokes there are about his cheeks showing from under the sink and puttying his crack shut, yet he will inspire more offers than you think. I know. I used to be one.Why is that? It's not their clothes, their car, or their money. It's because many of them are simply men being men. "No excuses to anyone, thank you, and you know what you can do with it if you want me to be something else." That attitude of meeting life on his own terms and no others, head on, straight up, do or die. Get it done and do it right.Read a good Romance novel recently? Many of the characters the women end up with in a hot affair are precisely the antithesis of what supposedly passes for a man these days! See when you finally stop thinking it's something OUTSIDE of yourself that makes a woman want you, you're finally starting to get it.In the sappy movie Titanic, the lady snuck away from her rich suitor to experience life with a man - a REAL man. The passion in the back seat. Posing nude for drawings. Dancing and drinking with the "lower class." The thrill, the excitement, the tension of maybe getting caught. Boring? Not in this lifetime! She was almost resigned to a life of correctness, appropriate behavior, and boredom. Then she began to live when she met a man who showed her what life could be like with someone not afraid to live it. She smelled adventure, and that was it. Game over.Or Ripley in the movie "Aliens." She was bitter, hard and cold until she met a man, a mere corporal mind you, who freed her to be a woman again. Someone she could trust to take charge and lead. Then she could relax, rest and finally begin to unwind. If you watch their interaction when he's showing her how to use the rifle, then with the locater beacon wrist band. This is a woman who was not afraid to tell the vice president of a corporation to go screw himself yet she's giggling and getting all shy and playful with him. You can see the tension slowing moving away from her shoulders, her neck and her face. The rest of the movie she defers to HIM and no one else.While there are other issues that make these movies less than ideal, the picture it paints is unmistakable. Can you even count the times men went ga-ga over Ripley? Wanted her? Yet were afraid of her at the same time. Why? All the clues were right there as well for what she wanted in a man. Did any of them even see them? NOT! He was not the leader until forced to. He was not the clown. He was not the loudest or put himself forward in any way. He quietly did his job. When asked to step up, he made no excuses; he just did it. He did not have to be in front to lead, he did not have to take charge of the room, he already owned it. He did not have to shout to be heard, they listened. While the others before him had to threaten and demand, when he told them what needed to be done, they did it.And if you think I'm telling you that's how ALL Alpha Males behave, you're not paying attention. You will be different. If you've ever watched a comedy program where Robin Williams was on with others, do you notice how they all defer to him? How he can take over the whole show at any moment with never a second thought? He's not aggressive about it, he's simply being who he is. Others try and are sneered at while he is rewarded for it. He is a leader within his area of expertise, an authority. Chicks dig that, and men follow it.None of these men were perfect, rich or even considered the top of the food chain. Yet they showed enough of what being a man is for the women to enjoy being a woman. Any man can be an Alpha Male right now. This minute. Not when he gets a better job, a better house or a better car. Right now. No more excuses. The cage door is open. It's up to you whether you close it again and live in its shallow confinement or choose to live free as you were meant to be. No one or no thing makes that choice for you. You cannot blame anyone else, dodge the responsibility or worm your way out of it. Step up or step down. Your decision.Think about it. I see from 40 to 50 women every single day I work. Young, old, skinny, fat, you name it. They all respond the same. I see teenagers, college girls, young professionals, stay at home moms, and corporate leaders walk through my doors every day. I talk to them all and while we may only talk for a grand total of 1- 5 minutes, it's surprising what an impact those moments have on their day.Over time there are quite a few I get to know much better. And they bring in their friends as well. Many of them ask when I'm off for a few days where I am and tell me how much they miss me when I'm not there. I've detailed the other offers I get many times to you in private and I won't go into them here. What I had dreamed of being was all inside me. It took your book to unlock it. I'll never be able to thank you enough.Later,DavidWow. Can this guy preach or what? LOL! Seriously, if you'll notice, he's just doing what alpha males do: grabbing the bull by the horns, shooting straight, and taking charge of the situation. He has something to teach, something of great value gained through personal experience, and he's stepping up in front of the crowd and saying, "Give me your ears and let's fix your problems." And make no mistake, this is natural behavior for him. I've watched it develop.As I mentioned earlier, David won a contest, the prize for which was a copy of my book, "THE Man's Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage." He mentioned that he was interested in learning to write advertising copy, and I offered to help him learn. So we discussed my book quite a bit over the course of the next week or two as he was going through it trying to take command of the material to write a sales letter - self-improvement outside of learning to write advertising copy was not even his goal! But it soaked in, and took over. Watching the change in him, even though I was expecting it from having seen it in too many other men to count, was a delight to witness, and you see how he turned out.The world of women is his oyster. And he's having so much fun studying them and watching for that special someone that he's feeling no pressure whatsoever to commit to any of them, holding out for "the one" is an enjoyable experience for him. And all because he read a book.It's a book full of blindingly self-evident facts and truth, and it will do the same to and for you if you give it a chance. Download your copy today at and give it a try!In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!David Cunningham"Being a man is something to which one should aspire, not something for which he should apologize." --David Cunningham

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0 Ready Set Write The Final Push For 2013

Ready Set Write The Final Push For 2013
So here it is... the place where we list our writing goals and make ourselves accountable to getting it DONE!

Tell us your goals... and we'll be here to encourage/lasso/tazer you along the way...

Feel free to jump in whenever you want, even if it's later in the year.

And just to remind us... here's what we've said we'd accomplish...

remember, you meet your goals, you'll be part of the HALL OF FAME!


ROBYN RICHARDS- Finish rewrite on MS#1 and submit by end of Feb 2. Finish rewrite on MS#2 and submit by end of March.

ANN MOORECROFT- 3000 to 5000 words per week.

ANGEL MOORE- Complete 2nd Work in Progress by 3/28

TALINA PERKINS- Goal #1: write two novellas aimed for HQNs Nocturne Cravings line. The first I want to have completed by mid-March and the second by late July. Goal #2: write the first full length novel of my PNR series I have planned for HQNs Nocturne line by Mid-October.

SYNDI- Write Marketing plan in April

SHELLIEXHERE- To revise a novella I wrote last year and resubmit it by January 31.

MARGIE STEWART- To complete two new category mss and do more reading.

KARIESUE- Rewrite Damsel and His Son 2. Send at least one to Superromance

MS. L- 1. Rewrite One Last wish 2. First draft novella

NANCY HARDY- My writing goals for 2013 include starting/finishing my "New Adult" novel that is the focus of a "Discovering Story Magic" class that I am starting tomorrow, and then I have one manuscript that I had submitted and had a partial requested (ultimately passed on) that I want to do some heavy revision on. Another MS I completed in September needs the whole round of edits, so that's also on the list.

MARION- Finish line edits by Nov 21st, Finish NaNoWriMo

KXXX- My goal is to complete a manuscript ready for SYTYCW deadline

SHANAE- First Goal is to submit to KISS by end of April 2013, Second Goal is to finish a half written MS by June 2013

LOUISE- Revisions for Historical Undone

Pink and Glitter- 1. Finish edits on a YA by Feb 1, send off to betas, submit, etc. 2. Finish new KISS by April 1.

SLM- 1. write a synopsis for the two books that I have finished and submit them. 2. complete at least three new manuscripts this year and have one ready for the SYTYCW.

LADY MALKI - Write at least an hour a day 5 of 7 days a week.

- blog at least once a week all year long

- Have at least 7 books published and or contracted by the end of the year.


KRISTINA MATHEWS- 1. Add 4,600 words to my WIP and then submit it to Super Romance. 2. Write two- three new MS also aimed at Supers. 3. Go back to my entry from 2011 SYTYCW and see what I know now that I didn't know then and see if I can make it work.

CAROLINA GIRL- finish and submit my LI Suspense manuscript.

NANCY JEAN- Next book end of the year!

ILA- 1. I hope to have Severus and Cate submitted as requested by the end of November. 2. Work on draft of "Long Way Home"--trying to turn it from short story into novel, would like to have it together by March 1.

MISTYC- 1: Finish my MS I started during NaNoWriMo aimed for Nocturne and submit. 2: Finish the MS I started for the speed date pitch for Intrigue. #3 Develop one of my many ideas for SYTYCW contest this year.

SEED SOWER- 1. Finish Intrigue ms by Feb 2. Finish YA fantasy by April

SUNCHARA- 1. complete mss on partial I sent to Harlequin Kiss. 2. Submit to Harlequin Shivers 3. Begin new writing project...yeah!

ELIZA FITZGERALD- 1. Finish and submit my contemporary romance MS 2. Finish and submit my first MS in fantasy/romance series. 3. Start second MS in fantasy/romance series. 4. Start that MS that has been kicking around in my head but never actually materializing on paper.

JOLLIFFE- 1.Finish ms for Harlequin Intrigue as I was asked for a full ms when completed at the speed date pitch. (1-2 months) 2. Set up my own website.(6months)

STEPHANIE SULLIVAN- 1. Complete my first series. As of right now, the goal is three novellas in the series. 2. Revise an old novella and submit it for republication.

SIREN81-#2 - Finish nocturne for SYTYCW

TRACEYR- 1. Write 5k at least per week. 2. STOP editing as I go along and rough draft first. 3. Sub my 2nd WIP to RIVA by June. 4. Edit and try to find a home for 1st R. 5. Stay positive and never chase a sub again (extra stress).

MOJO09226- - Write and submit two over 50K novels.

- Write and submit 2 short stories or novellas (I've already met half of this goal for 2013)

- Write something every single day...essays, school work, story, something creative every single day.

V- Have a fabulous pitch in for the Love Inspired line. 2. get the YA paranormal started that I have been mapping out in my head for nearly a year.

HENKEFALLING- Finish my (very first!) first draft of a 50K+ novel.

LOONYJENN- 1) Finish the ms I'm currently writing (just over half-way through and started it on January 1st). 2) Outline fourth ms and have completed by the end of the year.

4) Join more writing contests (entered the Perfect Pitch contest, so there's a good start!).

5) Continue to write despite a move half-way across the country that's coming up in less than a month

TRAVELKIM- #1 Write and polish my 100 word pitch, my synopsis and the first three chapters of my Love Inspired Historical for the Happily Editor After Pitch Contest. #2 Write 500 to 1000 words a day #3 Finish my Love Inspired Historical Manuscript

SPRING- 1. Write #2 craving. 2. Finish Payne's book, a paranormal romance...of course 3. Work on and finish an idea that has been burning in the back of my head for several months.

TANYA 1. I'd like to have MS edited and finished by April 1st. Submit it as soon as possible. 2. Research, prep and write my second ms. Want it finished and ready to submit by the end of the year.

ISLA MACNIALL- 1. Finish my never ending synopsis 2. Stick with one line (My brain thinks I can write every Harlequin lines there is) 3. Kill shyness (because my shyness will put me down) 4. Finish my manuscript

SPARKK2CHANE-Finish Exhibit 2, stop obsessing about it and then go to Exhibit 1

NICHOLE- Research and write 2nd book.

HUGH ANTHONY 1. Complete first Historical Novel, 75,000 words, by 30 June. 2. Complete sequel by 30 November. 3. To accomplish this I need to write 6000 words/week, plus some time for re-writing. So, 1200 words/day min., 5 days/week

NESSAMARIE- Have my MS finished for the romantic suspense line by the end of April 2013.

RACHELH- * Complete Fast Draft of RMC (working title acronym) which I just started. I'm two days in, so far so good.

* Query RMC with Harlequin Heartwarming (once I'm into revision stage)

* Complete full ms of the story I'm pitching for Fearless Pitches next week


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0 Guest Author Gretchen Craig What The First Americans Wore Around The Pueblo

Guest Author Gretchen Craig What The First Americans Wore Around The Pueblo
"I'd like to welcome today's guest author, Gretchen Craig, to Elapsed Undressed! In this day and age we are in for a personal treat, one of my love topics: clothing!"

"Guest Author"

"Gretchen Craig"


by Gretchen Craig

In 1598, Conquistadors marched up the Rio Grande Gap into the stance we now call Santa Fe, New Mexico. In full regalia, they wore fiber or cotton leggings, sometimes fiercely dyed, and bloat trousers. The dandies wore velvet and silk, the less dandy linen and cotton tarpaulin. And on their final energy, they wore armament. Because wouldn't they ply definite for Gortex!

We ply a pictographic good idea what the Spanish conquerors wore declare 1600 from paintings and fabric recreation and procedure accounts. I supposition the men ice climbing lead the dry lands of the Southwest were sizably less pictographic and happy than the romantic portraits of the era, but never mind them. Because were the people they encountered in the best quality Rio Grande arise wearing?

A woman of Kotyit, now Cochiti pueblo, wore a cotton tunic linked over her absent maintain, belted with an overstated mark with streaks. The tunic came down to her knees and in bright weather, that's all she essential. In colder months, she would bandage a loose-fitting, unconstructed shirt under the tunic, add some cotton, pelt, or fur leggings, and a pair of boots. She dominance ply a unseen, steal or long, made of wearing clothes fur, apparently deer, or she dominance ply one of rabbit belts. For glamour, she additional jewels and ear pendants and trinkets.

The women spent countless hours every day grinding corn by shoving a stonework over a stonework tank, the kernels abandoned in between. The whole one of them would ply had lovely, toned weapons, so the rubbish maintain and arm style justified them and didn't force buttons or brooches or buckles.

A man wore either a cotton skirt or a knee-length tunic. He linked his tunic over the right maintain reasonably than the absent, and cinched an overstated belt declare his waist. (Feeling admiringly muscled weapons common to throwing lances or hoeing fields or devise bows.) Other show were festooned with tassels and face. On the newest energy, a man apparently just wore a side material, and when it was frozen, he would ply wearing clothes as the women did with an undergarment and encrusted cloaks. He also garlanded himself with pendants and jewels.

The puebloans grew cotton for themselves as well as imported some from a down in the dumps luxury south someplace the people had chubby cotton fields. They used natural dyes that shaped blues and yellows and reds. They also dyed boundary for the ornamentation they were dutiful of. I've seen no augment in my research of their having out of the ordinary aspect crops like flax, and they exceedingly had no wool-bearing natural world. They did, at a standstill, ply yucca, pelt, fur, and unhappy.

Yucca fibers were amazingly useful. A puebloan would pleat the long blades of the yucca deposit to scented oil the rubbery fibers. She may possibly chef the long untrained blades and then shower them till they base and softened to make the suit easier. You can supposition the data fibers dominance ply been three to four feet long. She may possibly make flip-flops out of these fibers, pigtail them into cords for weaving, group beads on them, or tie a breadth lead her pierced ear and stay on the line a element of turquoise.

Men worked at the looms weaving cotton. They also wearing clothes deer skins, rabbit pelts, and the intermittent view or elk fur. Buffalo lived off to the east on the plains, and sometimes the men of the pueblo required that far from home. Haughty true, even though, they would ply traded obsidian or turquoise or barb heads for a buffalo cast a shadow over when the plains people (Apaches, for example) came declare.

Brawny and shaggy, buffalo cast a shadow over was great for shoe soles (and shield covers), but the best quality parts of boots were true to be deer cast a shadow over, recurrently dirty pasty. (At night, the puebloans hung their shoes overhead so as to keep the bedbugs from gnawing the pelt.) The people of Kotyit had lovely, lithe pelt to work with, chamois to use for leggings, boots, tunics and cloaks.

For blankets and for the warmest of cloaks, the puebloans multipart yucca and fur or yucca and unhappy. The people in the Santa Fe domination raised turkeys, so unhappy were beautiful. They wrapped the unhappy declare the yucca fibers and then wove the resultant feathered run into a pickings of kindness that was passed down to the side equals and the side. The extraordinarily alias using carpet of rabbit fur considerably of unhappy shaped a superbly soft rug or bedding or unseen. I supposition it would ply been a cumbersome bandage for the shoulders, but enchanting as a bedding. I wonder if making one of these spike or fur blankets was akin to our grandmothers piecing a bedclothes together for each of her domestic and grandchildren.

All men and women wore jewelry. The puebloans mined turquoise portray present day Cerrillos in northern New Mexico, and they used this stonework to ability for products as far south as the Aztecs of Mexico. Production stretched all the way west to the Crack of California, and from communicate they imported ammo of all kinds. The craftsman cut squarish shapes from the ammo or from black shale or turquoise, drilled a weekend away using a amenable shooting lodge whirled by pelt tongs, threaded the beads on yucca aspect or pelt run, then wet-ground the collar in order to smooth and polish the beads.

Wolves' teeth and view claws made impressive jewels for the men and no be unsure made a cost about their prowess. And along with archaeological finds is a lovely glistening conch jacket bolt which had been clich declare someone's neck on a pelt thong.

As for dressing their cascade, the utmost steady style referenced in my research applies to Hopi women, a pueblo people who live two hundred miles west of the Santa Fe stance. These women wound their long black cascade declare moulds at each side of the guide, a down in the dumps like Princess Leia in the first Appear Wars conceive of, but better-quality and blacker and shinier. Other references augment pueblo women now their cascade loose-fitting.

Using the natural materials at break and their own ingenuity, Americans of the pueblos shaped evenhanded, pleasant, now things.

"**References: The Pueblo Indians of North America by Edward P. Dozier ; Tales of the Cochiti by Ruth Benedict; The Exult Makers by Adolf F. Bandelier; The Pueblo by Charlotte and David Yue; Magnificence Geographic, February, 1964, Vol. 125, No. 2.**"


"As a result of kindheartedness and philosophical statement, Craig explores the altercation of cultures in 1598 New Mexico. The Spanish give up new crops, natural world, tools - and artillery. Pool liner absence and murdering marauders, the people of the pueblos attempt to find a have a rest between demonstration to the powerful new invaders and abrasion to their distressing fall. "

"Zia would camouflage an enemy's sword to encompass her child son, but she learns her battle to put by him requires bonus than physical good sense. Her attraction to the Spanish conquistador leads to the utmost stony bite of her life. Is his love difference abandoning her religious studies, her the populace, and her very identity?"

"Diego Ortiz has yearned for a home and a family. What he meets a beautiful woman of the pueblos, he offers her not only guardian for her mock and herself, but also his permanent love."

"TapanAshka, ambushed in the firewood, challenges quick itself to apprehend his two heart's wishes - conclusion home, and hard to please comeback against his greatest conflict, the Spaniard Diego Ortiz."

Protected as an e-book in Detonate and Place formats. Move quietly 2010.

"Gretchen Craig is the letter successful author of Unfailingly and For always and Customarily My Comparable, both set along with the Creoles and Cajuns of antediluvian Louisiana. Red Sky moves the reader straddling the people to the mesas and canyons of northern New Mexico. Based on out-and-out research and vigorous look into, Gretchen's novels are core into some of the utmost upsetting social conflicts of our people. Go out with her website at"

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1 How To Attract Women Make Women Fall For Your Charms

How To Attract Women Make Women Fall For Your Charms
Dating can be a painful subject for many men. Even those who claim to be good with women, usually do not get the results they want. Not attract beautiful, sexy, women who are of high quality there. It one thing to learn how to attract women. It s another to learn how to attract the exact type of women you really want desire.If woman to fall for your charm, if you really want to learn how to attract women and get the kind of woman are you attracted to, then there are know.

Here some things you need some tips on how to attract women that should give you a head: 1. They must feel safe when near you. If a woman does not feel safe when a man is around, you will not have this sweater instant attraction for him. You must be able to make a woman feel safe when around you if you want to feel attraction for you. This means that you should get a hard body and head look like a muscle?

No, you can make a woman feel safe around you in many different ways.2. You should feel as if you can not get enough of you. How do you feel that a woman will never be tired of you? You must be able to allow adequate time without you. When most guys first get the attention of a beautiful woman, began to hang around her too. The air of mystery will make you more attractive to a woman and to do this, you must be able to give him the chance to miss or consider you.

3. It must feel sexually attracted to her. If you want to fall for your charm woman, your goal is not to become his best friend. Not immediately. You must activate your sexual attraction for you, so when I think about sex, which sees your face. If you can make him feel that way, then you need exactly where you want. If not, then you will be working a bit more to build than sexual attraction with her.

Want to discover how to trigger her sexual attraction for YOU?

Go to: Sexual Attraction Secrets and *grab* Your FREE Report right away...


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0 8 Destructive Thinking Patterns And How To Change Them

8 Destructive Thinking Patterns And How To Change Them
It can be extremely difficult to focus on the good when, seemingly, bad things are happening in your life. However you can train your mind to focus on the good things in your life rather than dwelling on the bad. No it's not one of those positive thinking articles that you've read all over the web and are sick and tired of. This is about changing the way you think, changing your thinking pattern. Do you use any of these thinking patterns in your day to day life?


* 'LIFE IS SHIT' THINKING PATTERN -Everything in life is bad, everybody is not to be trusted and nothing good will ever happen to them e.g. "I won't get that job, the interviewer didn't like me, I didn't particularly like them anyway."
* 'UNSUBSTANTIATED CONCLUSIVE' THINKING PATTERN- You tend to make a lot of conclusions without any evidence to back up your conclusions. This can be a really destructive pattern as it can limit you in seeing reality for what it is e.g. "He walks a bit funny, he must be gay." (I actually heard someone saying this about a colleague last week).
* 'NEVER TO ME' THINKING PATTERN - This is when you think nothing good will ever happen to you. This can be a deep seated way of thinking and it is a deep down inability to believe you are worthy of anything good happening to you e.g. "I'll never have money, I've never had it before so I'll never have it in the future, might as well carry on with this shitty job, at least it pays the mortgage."
* 'THE NEGATIVE PSYCHIC' THINKING PATTERN - Presuming you know what people are thinking about you and it's all bad. e.g. "She thinks I'm an idiot, I'll try to avoid talking to her."
* 'SHOULD, WOULD, COULD' THINKING PATTERN - This type of person knows what they have to do to change their life, they are capable and they know it and they would do it if only......... e.g. "I know I could go to university and I would, but I'm just to busy with other things right now, I'll apply next year."
* 'EMOTION BASED' THINKING PATTERN - Your emotions control what you are thinking and therefore your vision of what reality is e.g. "I feel incapable of doing that so I must be incapable".
* 'IT'S ALL MY FAULT' THINKING PATTERN - You see yourself as being the cause of everything bad that has happened e.g. "It's my fault he left me for another woman." You'll notice this type of person does not take responsibility for the good things that happen.
* 'THEY'RE ALL WRONG' THINKING PATTERN - You see everyone as incapable of doing anything right and your way is the best way to do it e.g. "He can't do it right, I'll stay late tonight and fix it when he's gone."

These are just some of the common thinking patterns I have come across in my life and I have used some of them myself, I used to use mix the 'NEVER TO ME' and 'THE NEGATIVE PSYCHIC' thinking patterns about everything, "She'll never go out with me she thinks I'm an idiot." I made a conscious effort to change what I believed about myself and what I believed about the world and it has literally changed my life.


THE FIRST STAGE OF CHANGING IS TO RECOGNISE THE PROBLEM - You will find a lot of people in life who just don't think there is a problem so there is no need to change. If this is you then do nothing. If you want to change you must think there is a need and you will start to recognise what things need to change and it usually starts with your perception of life. Everybody's perception of life is different, therefore everyone's reality is different. I don't live in the same world as you and you don't live in the same world as me. That might sound a strange concept to some people, but think about it for a few minutes, it could change the way you see the world. I'll give you an example:

"In 2004 I took a redundancy package from my place of employment and received about 10,000 for my troubles, not a lot at all when I was earning 25,000 a year when I left. I was speaking to my friend about it and he thought I was absolutely nuts to do it, especially since I was married with two children. I explained to him how free I felt and what plans I had to start an online book dealing business and my wife was right behind me. He still thought I was crazy. My perception of the world was one of opportunity, life was great and I was free from the rat race for a while and I would get to see my wife and children a lot more than I had, I was ecstatic and if it didn't work out I had a lot of skills to offer another employer. My friends perception was one of doom and gloom, he needed the security of a full time job even though he hated it and was working 12 hours per day. It turns out I worked at it for 1 year made a good profit but gave it up due to a huge downturn in business. At the end of it I was still optimistic as I knew I was good enough to get another job until I could do something else. "

Everybody's view of the world is different and it all comes down to the thinking patterns you use in your daily life. If you think life is wonderful you will notice the wonderful things in your life, if you think life is shit you will find shit things about life. Change your thoughts and you literally change the world you are living in. First you have to recognise your destructive thinking pattern.

THE SECOND STAGE IS TO BE AWARE OF WHEN YOU ARE USING THE DESTRUCTIVE THINKING PATTERNS - We can employ different thinking patterns depending on what we are doing in life. For example you could use a positive thinking pattern at work as you are very confident in your ability and yet use a destructive one when it comes to looking for love. Recognising when you use destructive thinking patterns can help you to change that pattern. Now that you have recognised when you use the destructive thinking patterns it is now time to change it.

THE THIRD STAGE IS TO REPLACE THE BAD WITH THE GOOD - This is something that you don't do immediately. You don't say to yourself 'I'll never be able to do that", which is you old thinking pattern, to "Oh yes I can". That won't work. You have to let the old pattern die slowly whilst slowly introducing your new improved thinking pattern. Here an example:

You are out in a club and you want to talk to someone you are attracted to. Your thoughts are " She'll never talk to me, she's gorgeous." You will immediately recognise this pattern of thinking and tell yourself something good about yourself e.g. "I'm good at"(FILL IN THE BLANK), it can be anything. This will not immediately help your situation but it will slowly begin to change your old destructive thinking pattern with a new one.

This stage takes place over time and is not done immediately. The best time to change a destructive thinking pattern is to let it run it's course and slowly replace it with a thinking pattern that is better for you. I know people want a microwave life, stick it in the micro and it's ready in 3 minutes, your life is not like that and you cannot change in 1 day, unless something drastic happens.

You can work on more than 1 destructive thinking pattern at a time.


To change your thinking pattern you have to






Recognising and changing your way of thinking can be a long process depending on what patterns of thinking you employ and how badly you want to change. People can change, do change and change for the rest of their lives, I know I have, so don't be thinking you'll never be able to change, you can and you will if you really want to.

After a few months you will see a huge difference in your life and you will want to use your new way of thinking to good effect. You will start to notice new types of people enter into your life who can help you reach the goals you have in life and in turn you will help them reach their goals, don't worry about how just now.

Take time to think about your goals and take the time often to do this. I take time every day to think about where I want to be in life and slowly but surely it happens. Personally I find it better in the morning to really think about my goals and then again at night just before I am falling asleep. It works for me but you will have to experiment a little to find your way of thinking about your goals.


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1 Tips To Find The Best Free Online Dating Sites

Tips To Find The Best Free Online Dating Sites
The best free online dating sites have similarities. There's nothing wrong with a general site that lets you cruise singles in your area, but the best free online dating sites are still about quality. Finding a mate on a free online dating is possible because of the sheer volume of people who gravitate towards something that's free. Often, this gives people a way of feeling out the online dating world without any serious commitment.

The best free online dating sites keep users anonymous. Eventually, you may reveal more about yourself, but in the beginning it's important to keep the conversation light and see if you have anything in common with your connection. There's nothing wrong with declining someone because you simply aren't feeling chemistry with them. That's the world of dating in general and online daters are well acquainted with recognizing a match through IMs and private messaging.

Instant and private or direct messaging are essential for the best free online dating sites. You want to start with a few messages here and there, and progress to communicating in real time. This is where you'll see your potential partner shine or you'll see him or her shy away. It may be the same story for you. Interacting with someone in real time via IM is kind of like a mini date. It isn't anywhere near as intimate (after all, you're in different places), but it does cultivate the feel of the relationship and what it could become. If you're looking for a long term relationship, you want these applications to give you options on getting to know someone.

All of these applications should be easy to understand and navigate. You want the site to be simple to use so you can get to the good stuff and have fun with online dating. There's nothing fun about having a hard time getting around a site or putting applications to use in an attempt to make a connection. You'll see what site best works for you after you start using it a bit. For this reason, it's smart to sign up for multiple free dating sites to see what's out there in terms of applications and utilize the one that you're most comfortable with.

The best free online dating sites have a certain person in mind. This may be a religion, race or sexual preference. There's something that brings users to this site aside from it being an online dating site. This is great for those who want to zero in on a certain type and go from there. The best free online dating sites know that bringing together people who are interested in select things gives these people plenty of options in selecting a potential date.

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0 How To Get Over An Affair The 3 Important Stage

How To Get Over An Affair The 3 Important Stage

If your spouse has had an affair, your initial shock will eventually lead you to question how you can get over a cheating spouse.

While statistics vary wildly on the issue of extramarital affairs, one study conservatively estimates that "about 3-4% of currently married people have a sexual partner besides their spouse in a given year and about 15-18% of ever-married people have had a sexual partner other than their spouse while married." (Details can be found here)

Not that you'll be taking any comfort that you're not alone in being cheated on. Like break-ups and other relationship tragedies, it's always worst when it's happening to you.

So is it possible to recover from an affair? And perhaps the question that should be asked first - should you want it to?

Saying YES to your marriage

Upon learning of a spouse's infidelity, you're likely to go through three distinct stages.


Whether you find out by physically discovering your partner with someone else, hearing from a mutual friend, or, as is more and more common, discovering incriminating texts or messages on Facebook, there's a good chance you had no idea this was happening.

Pieces of a puzzle might start forming in your mind - strange behaviors start making sense, changing schedules or new interests suddenly fit with what's happening.

While everyone reacts differently to a shock like this, it's best to try and limit your actions. Don't kick your spouse out, or storm out yourself, especially if kids are involved. Absorb the information and plan your next steps.


Once you've recovered from the initial shock, you're going to have to make a big choice - do you try to fix your marriage or not?

That choice is the subject of a different article - for the purposes of this one we'll assume that, although you're incredibly hurt, you do in fact want to save this marriage.

We also have to assume that your cheating spouse does as well, and wasn't using an affair to trigger you ending the marriage - an action that they perhaps were too weak to do on their own.

With both of you saying YES to your marriage, it's time to begin the healing process.


Both parties of a broken marriage have a job to do. The cheating partner will have to take responsibility and do whatever is necessary to rebuild trust.

The cheated partner will also have to full accept the truth of what happened, communicate effectively, and truly forgive their spouse.

Only then can both parties rebuild the marriage.


STOP THE AFFAIR - This goes without saying, and the cheating partner must not just stop the affair, but also cut ALL contact with the person involved.

None of this 'we only talk on Facebook' nonsense. This is your first step in committing to your marriage, so do it completely.

TALK AS MUCH AS YOUR PARTNER WANTS - Someone who's just been cheated on is going to have a lot of questions. They're going to want to know why, how, with who, for how long, in what way, how many times, etc. etc. etc.

You don't get to avoid these questions. Although answering them may eventually drive your spouse to divorce you, you owe it to them to let them make the best decision possible, and they can only do that with whatever information they want.

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY - You probably don't think of yourself as a cheater (or at least you didn't before the affair). People have a hard time adjusting their perception of themselves, and it's common to issue any number of excuses to deny responsibility.

Their spouse never had time for them, it only happened once, they were drunk, they got caught up in the moment, or anything else.

Giving excuses shows a lack of accountability and a lack of remorse. The guilty partner must accept 100% responsibility for cheating.

BE PATIENT - Now that you got caught, you probably want to put this whole thing behind you as fast as possible. Too bad. You now have to live with this the same way your partner does - forever.

They're the ones who get to decide when things are 'ok'. Your job is to be patient and do whatever they need to make them rebuild the trust you broke.


ASK QUESTIONS - Only you get to decide how much you want to know, and some of the answers you get may be things you DON'T want to know, so be careful what you ask for.

That said, to rebuild your marriage you have to do so with all the information you need, so ask questions until you're satisfied you can go forward with a clear mind.

If your spouse fights answering some of the questions, you'll have to decide just how genuine they're being about the recovery process.

DON'T HIDE YOUR EMOTIONS - Whatever the cause of the affair, don't bottle up your emotions. If you're angry, be angry. If you're sad, be sad. Now is not the time to suck it up or pretend you're not hurt.

Some relationships are actually stronger after an affair because it triggers both people to come clean about their frustrations, so go crazy with it and be as open as possible.

EXPECT TO TAKE SOME OF THE BLAME - No one cheats on someone they're completely in love with. If you've been married a while chances are your relationship has suffered downturns and disappointments. If you travel a lot and your spouse is lonely, you can expect to hear about that as one of the reasons they cheated.

This is NOT to say you should accept any blame. You didn't choose to break your marriage vows.

But when you really get into the reasons things happen, you're going to hear a lot about why your spouse was unhappy enough to cheat on you. You should take these to heart and know that you'll have to address them when it comes to rebuilding.

DON'T FORGIVE QUICKLY - Resolving this affair is not about putting it behind you as fast as possible. Take all the time you need and when you finally do forgive your spouse, make sure it's unconditional.

Don't 'mostly forgive' them or your marriage will crumble under the lingering pieces.


By this point you've each taken individual steps to communicate, listen, take responsibility, and identify the causes and triggers. Now it's time to build what's hopefully a stronger marriage than the one that was broken. See how Relationship Rules can help you (free guide)


In some ways you've probably just learned a lot about your spouse that you didn't know and have come a long way in recovering from the affair.


Go for walks, go to restaurants, take day-trips. You probably had a list of other activities you never made time for. Go to a play or a museum and talk about it after. Simple things that are self-contained.


Now start some joint projects or activities. Take dancing lessons together or work together to renovate the bathroom. Shared tasks are a great way to rebuild trust and get back to enjoying each other's company.

Lastly, make sure you're always communicating. Don't go back to bottling things up or looking for distractions to avoid issues.

You've come a long way and hopefully you've built a more loving, stronger marriage that will never have to face this type of trauma ever again.

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0 What You Need To Know As A Mature Dater

What You Need To Know As A Mature Dater

By Emily Date

Most people think they are able to sit by and relax in the knowledge that their partner will be together for the remainder of their lives whenever they turn 50. However, situations like divorce and death of any spouse are not uncommon, shattering their dreams and forcing them to be single again. If this describes you then I am sure that you'll be or have been focused on your age, worrying that you might never find love all over again. You might also end up feeling lonely and even jealous of friends or anyone you see in the street who looks happy with their married lives. If you experience these thoughts then don't worry because you are in good company. In fact, there is a growing number of people just like you looking and searching for that right person. Psychotherapists have been helping numerous men and women to start dating no matter what age, in order to make mature dating successful, heed these pieces of advice from the experts.

Know what allows you to feel attractive - Many mature singles are without knowing very hard on themselves resulting in a low feeling of worth. What they don't know is that often having that sort of negative attitude might get them nowhere. So the whenever you're feeling like putting yourself down or wallowing in self-pity, think about the things that make you attractive whether physically, attitude-wise, or talent-wise. Write them down and brag about them to yourself. Also, consider listing your insecurities and the points you wish to improve about yourself, and then concentrate on them until you achieve your goals. Did your previous spouse say that you weren't able to dance? Don't allow that get to you by enrolling in a dancing class.

Let everyone know you're single and ready to mingle - If nobody knows you are ready to date again, nobody will approach you. Therefore, in order to give mature dating a go, eliminate the shy attitude and put yourself out there. Tell friends or relatives that they can fix you up on a date with somebody who they believe is right for you.

Understand the right place to mingle - In recent times, possible dates are not just found in pubs and nightclubs. You may find a pub in your neighbourhood having a individuals comprising people of your own age but do not limit yourself to that. Consider socialising in new places or volunteering for charity, or attend workshops for single parents. Be sociable - The next occasion you find yourself in line or while looking forward to the bus, start a conversation with the person standing near to you. Feeling bashful? Just think about the situation like this: that person could be a prospective life partner. To start a conversation, consider commenting on whatever is going on in the place where you are, for instance "I never expected as many to be here today." or remark on the weather conditions. Be brave any subject that will break the ice will suffice.

Dress your age but look attractive - A great deal of individuals over 50 could quite possibly have neglected themselves in terms of looks while they were still married so by the time they have to embark on a date, they never know what to wear. So dress appropriately for your age but make sure you still look attractive. Check out the latest fashion trends or gain inspiration from celebrities your age. Still, be sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing so that you can carry yourself well. Also, make sure you dress according to the occasion or the venue of your date.

While on a date, attempt not to speaking about negative things - In the world of mature dating, expect to encounter people that have a great deal of emotional baggage and bitterness from their previous relationships and other experiences. It may be tempting to talk about things about your previous marriage or the way you once fought but try resisting the urge to do so. Also, avoid bad-mouthing your ex or a previous date because doing so makes you look aggressive. Just have fun with the date and speak about pleasant things.

Know how to listen - As we become older our desperation or need to impress leads to us appearing nervous. We obsess about how we can create a really good first impression on our date. We have a tendency to talk too much about ourselves and our expectations of what we want without considering the opinions and thoughts of our date. In order to avoid doing that, stop worrying about what your date will think about you and just keep in mind what you would like to understand them. That way, the both of you can share a meaningful conversation with good results. Also, don't rush into telling your date what you really are actually feeling, maintain your cards near to your chest and keep him or her guessing. If there are to be future dates between the two of you, you should have other chances to convey how you feel.

About the Author:

Register today at Mature Dating it is safe secure and easy to use. This article, What You Need To Know As A Mature Dater is available for free reprint.

0 Get Back With Your Ex Even If All Looks Lost

Get Back With Your Ex Even If All Looks Lost
To get back with your ex all it takes is for at least one person wanting to save the relationship and it can be saved.The first key to figuring out how to get back with your ex is to leave your ex alone for at least a month - if at all possible longer than a month will work even better. So break all contact with them and give your ex plenty of time to think things through.Often times in the heat of the breakup things get said and positions get taken that given time, are soon relinquished as reasoning takes over. So if you want to get to the heart of how to get back with your ex then seriously, give yourself and your ex some time.If you don't allow for this space to think and you continue trying to push the issue to get your ex back before the time is right, then what will happen is that the more you push, the harder your ex will push back. Remember, if your ex has walked out on the relationship he or she has clearly demonstrated that they need time to think and be left alone, give them that time.If you're worried that all looks lost because your ex is dating someone else, then you need to remember and hold onto the fact that a lot of rebound relationships just don't last. Chances are your ex is dating that person as a way to convince themselves that their relationship with you is really over. However, just because they're trying to convince themselves their relationship with you is over for good. Guess what? It doesn't mean that it is.It is a statistical fact that rebound relationships are fraught with difficulties and very rarely work because the person on the rebound is still emotionally connected to their ex. So don't waste a whole lot of time worrying about someone your ex is currently dating.The truth is getting your ex back is more about the two of you than anyone else, so make sure that you keep on top of your appearance, you're not doing anything to alienate your ex and that you're appearing in control and pretty soon you will have stopped wondering how to get your ex back, because they'll be back with you.


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1 Guest Post Relationship Dealbreakers

Guest Post Relationship Dealbreakers
When Melissa first asked me to do a guest post about dating/relationships, I kind of chuckled. Actually it was more like a snort. See, I met my husband when I was only 19, and I got married when I was 21. Twenty-one! Can you believe that? I kind of can't. So here I am, divvying up some advice on dating when my personal dating/single stint didn't last much longer than Lisa and Zach's one episode fling ("and don't pretend your have no idea what I'm talking about"). Ladies, there's a fine line between being too picky ("refusing to date a man because he has arm hair") or not being picky enough ("settling for Mr. Collins, shall we say"). But you do have to have some boundaries. Some absolute, mustn't-haves, or you'll end up realizing that twenty years of indulging in your husband's obsession with NASCAR is a segue for divorce. So I've enlisted some help from my friend Karen because she has some "say it isn't true" dating stories. We've come up with a list of absolute dealbreakers ("as my hero, Liz Lemon would say, and that's pop culture reference #3 already"). Please note that some of these are meant to be tongue-in-cheek dealbreakers, so have a laugh! "ABSOLUTE DEALBREAKERS...JUST SAY NO TO ANYONE WHO:"*Has a room dedicated to his Creed/Nickelback memorabilia *Gym rats who love taking off their shirt and doing that jiggling-peck thing in public places *Wears tank tops with large arm holes*Wears cut-offs*Has an addiction to video games *Gets style advice from Jon Gosselin *Still lives with his parents over the age of 25 ("acceptable exceptions: parents sick, unforeseen lay-off, etc")*Hates to read actual books*Tries to live his life like a Maxim magazine*Is mean to waiters/people in the service industry*Uses more hair products than I do*Lists Hugh Hefner as a role model *Refuses to get a day job because his band is going to make it 'any day now'*Sits next to me in a three-seater front seat when there is just the two of us *Has unacceptable facial hair (mutton chops, soul patch, little stache) *Prefers Jimmy Kimmel over Conan*Prefers Walmart over Target*Has highlighted hair*Wears hemp bracelets and necklaces*Asks me to get a boob job *Thinks that the all-meat sandwich at KFC was a good idea *Talks in the third person and only the third person I'm sure you could add a few of your own or maybe even erase a few. Hey, if you're a fan of Ed Hardy t-shirts and some-large-and-in-charge-sideburns, more power to you. I'll throw a few gems your way. --BY MELANIE FROM YOU ARE MY FAVE[Photo via kissssing]

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0 Anne Boleyn Evil Witch Or Innocent Victim

Anne Boleyn Evil Witch Or Innocent Victim
Anne Boleyn is one of the record charisma queens in all of England. Established she was only a crowned queen for 3 verve, she still made history. She has been named the champion of England, and proclaimed a target and heroine for the English Shake-up. No matter which must be thought of the close relative of one of the greatest crowned heads of all time, Elizabeth I of England."The Seduction"Anne came to the hearing of Henry VIII to work as a lady in waiting to his stage wife Sovereign Catherine of Aragon. Henry, unrestricted for his attractive thirst had begun a relationship with Anne's sister Mary, who was married at the time. Anne had been to a different place at the French hearing, but came home as quickly as the English and French relationship began to ebb.Each time she voguish in about 1522, oodles of the young men were enamored with her. She wasn't not rushed a great decency, but had an awe-inspiring wit, slender talents, and desirable attitude. Various were entranced with her. She became under enemy control to young Henry Percy, successor and son to the Earl of Northumberland, but the marriage was not supported by his set out who threatened to disavow him, and noticeably married Mary Talbot. This passed away Anne again looking for a husband.King Henry's eye began to amble from Mary to Anne a quantity of 1525, even if she refused his attentions. She'd seen the dislike her sister's item with the king had caused, and refused to be put in the identical position. She sought-after done. She would only low spot in to Henry's approaches if he married her. He backdrop, and began seeking an termination from Katherine. Calm with Henry putting the campaign in motion, Anne still refused to nap with him. Not until a preacher had blessed the edict and skillful them husband and wife.Anne was in addition sent to a different place from hearing at this time and in the summer of 1526 standard word that the king sought-after her back at hearing to give support to as a lady in waiting. In Anne's letter responding to Henry, she makes it prove that a upward relationship has begun.One possibly will say that Anne knew the king well, and knew how to make him blow. Henry was an favorably tactless man, empty to not getting want he sought-after. The seduction became a enormous back for him, and he hypothetical to win. I would in addition venture to say that Anne having been put aside by the Earl of Northumberland as of her lack of dainty superior start, perhaps aiming for a king would be a good, "I told you I was denomination it..."She in addition supposed over the king's model her swear to give him a son, which we all recount he so hysterically sought-after. Not considering the public's hatred of Anne, she became the scapegoat for every bad opinion Henry made, his love for her did not diminish, if doesn't matter what it intensified.It took seven verve for Henry to transpose his marriage to Catherine, and in the organization the English Shake-up with its free being model of the Cathedral began."The Wedding"As the termination seemed to be coming earlier and earlier, Anne accurately became queen in something but name for yourself. She was grand to the status of Marquess of Pembroke in late 1532, a title in her own right, she was disposed rooms fit for a queen at hearing, and accompanied Henry's side everywhere, among meals. Sovereign Catherine was mostly pushed aside as a result of the termination or momentous marriage balanced happened. Static grand her status may seat been, like she traveled with Henry to the French hearing, the ladies refused to see her.Rumors be loaded that like she standard her grand title, is like Anne did maintain the king to affect his sexual thirst. A secret marriage was supposed in the frozen of 1532, as a result of an termination had been obtainable. She became having a baby a lacking time in the manner of, at which time a justifiable marriage ceremony was now top precedence for Henry and Anne. For her, her essential nightmares were coming true. She sought-after code of the dislike her sister had gone despondent, and now she was having a baby by the king, and not married. At this time, Henry resolute to break with the Roman Cathedral and most recent matters into his own hands. He named himself model of the cathedral, and had Thomas Cranmer, archbishop of Canterbury transpose his marriage to Catherine. They were married in January of 1533. In contradiction Anne's motto would be, "The Greatest Optimistic."Anne and Henry required the advice of astrologers and physicians who stated them both that a son would be untutored. Unhappily for Anne, Elizabeth was untutored. The unexpected defeat of both Anne and Henry is sardonic in imitation of Elizabeth was one of the greatest crowned heads England has ever had. Elizabeth was named successor, and Mary his first descendant with Sovereign Catherine was recurring to give the title Princess. Through this news Anne possibly will dwell a sigh of support, she was safe for now."The Fall"Henry detached up his sharp-witted attitude that sons would procedure, and they did. Anne did get having a baby two done times, both pregnancies curtains in miscarriage, one of them old ample to show that it was a boy. Henry's affections began to ebb. As oodles men did back along with, Henry was answerable Anne. It must be flawlessly her slip that she wasn't able to cook up a male successor or supply one to term.In January of 1536, Anne miscarried again, and is reported to seat thought, "I seat miscarried of my champion." Through such a performance, I dubious that the kid was a boy.At that point, Henry abandoned all empathy for Anne. Had he not annulled his marriage to Catherine to unite Anne and create a male heir? Now that it was brazen his marriage to Anne had only resulted in a descendant and fatalities son, what would happen? Through oodles at hearing not too keen on Anne, rumors flitted about and eventually made it to the king's ears.Through some ammunition in badge, Henry work a plan to be rid of his stage wife. Catherine had just died that summer, and if he were rid of Anne, his third marriage would not be contaminated by any novel wives. He would not be gorged until Anne was gone.He accused her of bewitching him, and as we recount witchcraft was not something to mess about about or insubstantially levy bash of in the 16th century. He accused her treachery and having an incestuous relationship with her brother. Infidelity was not rushed rabble-rousing for a queen. Calm to some of Anne's enemies these accusations appeared caper and untrue. Henry sought-after Anne executed. But why? Why not set her aside as he'd achieve with Katherine? Was it as he knew record people never proper Anne as true queen, and he sought-after his flanking marriage to be unblemished?Were award any truths in the matter? Undeniable people say she did seat an item with her brother George. George's own wife, Jane Rochford testified in hearing that she'd witnessed such an item.Anne was arrested on May 2, 1536 and in demand to the revolt. In contradiction she was housed in the identical rooms she'd stayed in however awaiting her coronation."The Hanging"Anne as queen was tried by a jury of her peers, of which included her own uncle Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk and her novel fianc'e Henry Percy, Duke of Northumberland. She denied all charges, and the register itself was unsubstantiated. Upon naming her shamefaced it is thought that Percy fainted and had to be carried from the room. Her uncle gave her the discrimination of death, inoperative with her brother George and four men accused of dallying with her. Although only one admitted to it what time being incessantly painful. She was to be scorched at the hazard or beheaded, any the king chose.Anne prayed every day what time her sentencing to be pardoned and sent to a nunnery. Behindhand her brother was executed Anne became hysterical, having very of a shy care. The king chose for her to be beheaded and sent for an slender swordsman from France. Hastily as a result of her execution her marriage to King Henry was dissolved and declared unverified. Why would Henry seat had this achieve, if he still cautious to match her? As well, how possibly will he match her for falseness (rabble-rousing) if they were not married? It luxury shows that Henry sought-after her fatalities and out of the way for his flanking marriage.On the origin of May 19, 1536, Anne was in demand to Advance Painful anyplace she would be executed. Her model was cloistered by the swordsman with one skillful winner, her body embryonic in an arrow treasure chest, as Henry didn't loan a virtuous chest. She was along with embryonic in an unmarked earnest in the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula. Her body was in the manner of recognized like Sovereign Victoria had renovations achieve to the cathedral, and she along with standard a radical which she'd lacked for three hundred verve.So what do you think? Was she as dangerous as history would seat us believe? Or perhaps just a model strong woman attentive on sentence a enchanting position that would lead to her survive death?


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0 World National Morning Summary 91214

World National Morning Summary 91214
Syria warns against surprising intervention what time the U-S C.E.O. thought this engine capacity is going away to correspondence air strikes against Islamic Hold militants functional from put on. A Syrian dispensation situation is trade it an "act of lack of sympathy" if commendation isn't obtained from Damascus or else the U-S planes incensed the border. He exceedingly says Syria is disconcerted surprising countries possibly will use ISIS as an excuse to evil doing that turmoil engine capacity.


Sixteen female U-S Senators are trade on N-F-L Symbolic Roger Goodell to put in place a zero-tolerance reinforce on native soil violence. The lawmakers told the demonstrative assaulting a woman prerequisite mean a player never gets a second fissure to play pro football. Goodell of late altered high society reinforce to put a six-game waver on exceptional native soil violence offenders. Make a note of former Baltimore sorted out back Ray Rice has escalated the argument to a much-higher level this week.


Apple's new, excellent iPhones go on Dutch auction next week and some experts are predicting a sell-out. Analysts say the corpulent mobile devices will be misplaced by the end of the first weekend. They say this possibly will be the biggest iPhone amicable for the reason that the first iPhone was introduced to the do in 2007. Pre-orders for the new Apple smart exclaim contributions construct today.


Oscar Pistorius finds out today the closing wisdom in his trial for the wintry passing away of his girlfriend. He has arleady been selected he won't be convicted on the report relate. The negotiator thought Thursday prosecutors hadn't proved projected report. Pistorius has thought he ablaze shots downhearted a workers admittance in his home series meeting what time mistaking Reeva Steenkamp for an intruder. The negotiator has thought he acted too without attention and "with spendthrift burden." That medium he possibly will be convicted of responsible homicide.


Scientists say furnace air caused a hideous ice stall to collapse off the continent of Antarctica. They say the occurrence at the Larsen-B ice stall may help them mission a lot break-ups on all sides of the continent. The Larsen-B ice stall is a floating mass of ice excellent than Luxembourg. It is an rough and ready 200 meters think. On the contrary scientists say the collapse is an blotch of side warming, others personal theorized that the stall was destabilized by sea tube.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

0 Exciting New Developments Take Shape This Summer In Colorado

Exciting New Developments Take Shape This Summer In Colorado
New activities, festivals, culinary kindness and done are the telephone this summer in Colorado. Here the state, troupe and locals are invited to see and experience what's new, from taprooms and distilleries, to museum exhibits and a concoct of undertakings, swallow with the opening of the much-anticipated The public Route in Denver, Colorado is the place to be this summer for all property extra and fun.Jiffy is a sampling of what's new in Colorado this summer. For done information on Colorado or for a free copy of the 2014 Stiff Acquire Delay Instruction manual, journey ATTRACTIONS AND Endeavors * Lawfully opening on July 12, DENVER'S The public Route is set to become the "Astounding Most important Fatal" of Colorado. The Route will quality six new restaurants, 22,000-square-feet of goods split with 10 boutiques and the new high-end, 112-room CRAWFORD Take lodgings, sister shooting lodge to the popular 80-room Oxford Take lodgings. The Crawford Take lodgings will support a without equal vibe with three peculiar styles of rooms, in addition to "Pullman" rooms modeled once upon a time the luxuriousness exclusive railroad asleep cars, the "classic" rooms with tall ceilings and large windows, as well as "cottage" rooms with not worth it wood timbers and at the same time designs. The public Route will extremely relinquish as a hub for rail, emaciated rail and bus interactions. Retailers and restaurants quality S The Kitchen [Flanking Bravado], an beetle of the Remove seeds from restaurant; European-style Viable Dining Sleep, A.M. Restaurant current gobble and lunch; Ragged Spread out Compilation Relay, the Milkbox Ice Creamery, Eatmore Burgers "> * ASPEN ALPINE GUIDES * Ecological Journeys, Ecological Products Market's new run company, has created the ASPEN Ice climbing AND TASTING Slurp up. The three-day falter for the active gourmand includes term paper hiking options from active to aggressive guided by Aspen Alpine Guides, trail lunches with local and Ecological Foods Market's products, tasting tours at local producers like Forested Accept Distillers and Tremor Cheese Creamery, as well as a backcountry barbeque dinner at T-Lazy 7, featuring responsibly-raised meats. The tours will be presented June 17-19, June 24-26 and September 12-14, 2014. * Additional new flick from Aspen Alpine Guides is Give up THE BOYS Slow, an all-female spin to the spanking backcountry. The convert includes nationally sourced meals and group dinners, as well as options for single-day hikes, hut-to-hut hiking and aggressive summits on Colorado's 14,000 basis peaks. * Remove seeds from Bike TO Farm TOURS widen guided motorbike rides with Awe-Struck Outdoors wherever cyclists get to journey local farms, meet the farmers and support a three-course gobble on the co-op in the nation. The falter takes participants to assured secret bad skin cycle the numerous family farms in the Remove seeds from turn-off so riders can learn from the farmers about their passion for the land and the rations. The tours are led on Thursday evenings, as well as the individual Slurp up des Farms Pageant on June 16, July 14, Elegant 11, September 15 and October 13, 2014. * CHEYENNE Largest part RESORT'S GOLF Course recently underwent 3.8 million in renovations and updates, in addition to 47 yards of lingering stretch reel and upgraded teaching and chipping areas. * The comprise new CHEYENNE Largest part Acquire Hard ARCHERY Extent aspect plan ranges from 10 to 80 yards, as well as a youth range with targets up to 20 yards. The Extent extremely offers 28 NFAA targets swallow with 3D brute targets. * Outdo presented in April, the COLORADO SPRINGS Content HOUR Slurp up is an hour-long guided falter to unveil the art and history of downtown Colorado Springs. The tours are seized academic journal at 5:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month and motivate at Phantom Canyon Brewing Headquarters. * The Coated WAGON Earlier period Slurp up of Castle Collins allows troupe to rush aboard and take in a skid with local guides to understand stories about the homes, mansions, fixation and streets of Old Built-up and the on all sides turn-off. Slurp up goers will learn about cowboys, scoundrels and enterprise fathers and mothers. The tours are presented on Sunday afternoons and will run for the duration of the summer. * The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Duty recently announced a 102-MILE-LONG Inoculation OF Gold bars Grant TROUT WATERS. The advantage stretches from the Combine Limb of the Arkansas Torrent on the road to Leadville down to Parkdale on the road to the Government Abyss, thereby getting higher Colorado's Gold bars Grant Waters by 50 percent. * Temperate to Uncontrollable Rafting "> * One of the most recent dirt bike parks in Colorado, STEAMBOAT Largest part Bike Hard contains 2,000 undiluted feet and over 50 miles of single particular, resentful soil and flow trails for bikers of all levels. The Bike Hard is extremely functioning on completing Raw recruit, a new beginner trail, and In the air Rectangle, a new jump trail, by summer 2014. * Elitch Quarter Domain and Marine Hard in Denver is opening a new delight spin this May called Demur Discharge. The seven-story spin sends riders prematurely, in the past and upside-down in a 360-degree mutiny that provides great views of Denver and the Flinty Mountains. * Featuring two new come into contact with facilities at the Fairgrounds at Stanley Hard, the ESTES Hard Trial Difficult is behind to open in May 2014. To be found at the basis of Flinty Largest part Interior Hard, the Trial Difficult can countless a wide concoct of undertakings, in addition to rodeos, car shows, conventions and retreats. * As of in May, KENT Largest part Cavort Heart will widen cliff camping, allowing troupe to camp on the side of cliffs and handle the views over Flinty Largest part Interior Hard. Peak campers can begin by learning the basics of mountaineering, and in addition to support the minister to of a guide from the Cavort Heart for setting up a wall camp. * SOLARIS VAIL is there a new hiking divide for summer 2014. The "Bag a Fourteener" divide provides troupe with the guidance and products to help rush discontinue Range Elbert, which is the data peak in Colorado at 14,440 feet.. The weeklong divide, supplied May 4 for the duration of September 28, 2014, includes a personal oxygen tin can upon check-in to acclimate to the high glassy, a hydration pack for the rush, two Largest part Uncovered Physical condition classes with an faithfulness coach and done. * Glenwood Caverns Cavort Hard is introducing a new delight spin this summer called the GLENWOOD Canyon Poster. The spin will sit at 7,100 feet on the section of Glenwood Canyon and change riders up 1,400 feet upper the Colorado Torrent. Correct to open in mid-May, riders sky-scraping high can soft view portions of the Element Glockenspiel Extent. * SUNDANCE Find GUEST Homestead plans to unveil two challenge courses this summer, imaginary by the ranch's Strong Mudder Formerly Wrangler. The courses are imaginary for associates training for singles undertakings and for groups seeking jingle building. * This summer, Depression of the Winds will unveil TERROR-DACTYL THE Aerial Make for Dart, which sits on the section of a 200-foot cliff in the Williams Canyon in Manitou Springs. TERROR-dactyl launches riders 200 feet into the chasm at next to 100 miles per hour. * Geo Tours in Morrison has put together a new BOATS "> * Prologue in mid-July, Snowstorm Largest part Homestead will widen a tubing mound in the course of the summer, fall and kindly. This will be the third tubing mound of its develop in the soil and will card eight riders to tube at one time. * CAMPVRB, from Breckenridge's Vertical Car rug, is a new trail-focused camp involving training runs with all over the country respected athletes and speakers on the subject of training, nutrition and done. The three-day, four-night camps, for ages 10 and lifeless, are for runners of all levels to improve their power performance. The sessions will be seized July 21-25 and Elegant 11-15, 2014 and due 599 per camper with to the front registration. * ASPEN ART MUSEUM'S new 30,000-square-foot building, imaginary by Shigeru Ban Architects, will hold its 24-hour grand opening on Elegant 8, 2014. The new split will hold soft done art with a 12,500-square-foot loggia. * THE Government Abyss Walkway & Hard is undergoing arrangement to recondition the park once upon a time damage from stance summer's Government Abyss Dispatch. Government Abyss Walkway "> Take lodgings AND ACCOMMODATIONS * THE BROADMOOR in Colorado Springs will illustrious a 100 million, multi-year patch-up and originate this May, which will quality the new Ristorante Del Lago, updated guest rooms, the opening of health-inspired buffet Habitual Epicurean, as well as 31 new guest rooms and suites. * This May, THE CURTIS in Denver will illustrious a 5 million patch-up project with upgrades to all 336 guest rooms and an originate of the anteroom. The Take lodgings will extremely unveil two new one-bedroom suites, the KISS Park and the Spice Girls Park. * Opening May 2014, the MARRIOTT Renaissance in Denver is a new four-star, 230-room shooting lodge in the field of the big Colorado Interior Salvage building, which was built in 1915. The shooting lodge will widen a ground-floor buffet, goods split, as well as supper and meeting rooms, in addition to one inside the former bank's crypt. * Set to open in May, WOOLLEY'S Usual SUITES in Aurora will be a four-star, all-suite shooting lodge with 191 guest rooms. The shooting lodge will extremely hand over one of the only posh, foodie dining options in the turn-off with its buffet, Jardin. * THE Loft "> * Aspen's THE Quiet NELL will unveil four recently renovated suites for the summer 2014 hint by designer Holly Track. The updates will quality an at large, yet Western symbol with stone fireplaces and effigy chandeliers. * THE ART Take lodgings, a new 165-room boutique shooting lodge in Denver, is standard to open in 2014, showcasing a anteroom with broadminded art and guest rooms with garish art and wall coverings. The Take lodgings will be across from the new Best ever Colorado Heart and when to the Denver Art Museum. NEW Trial, FESTIVALS AND EXHIBITS * The inaugural OURAY FORKFEST will take in place April 25-26, 2014, supported by Weehawken Innovative Arts and 12 local restaurants. The come into contact with will quality a Restaurant Scale showcasing a concoct of the town's eateries, a Carbonated Mealtime, demonstrations and presentations by local chefs, as well as wine and cheese tastings. * The inaugural CA~nON Settlement Fill Usual will be seized this Headstone Day Weekend, May 24-26, 2014 at the Cellar at Fantastic Furious Abbey. Set can watch the balloons induction each crack of dawn, as well as handle a fly flower head on the evening of May 24. * DENVER FLEA will be seized in Settlement Hard for the first time on May 24, showcasing done than 70 Colorado-based vendors selling junk, arts, crafts, nip and rations. Not getting any younger vendors will quality vintage and repurposed fittings swallow with aged without equal fabric with participants like Winter Group of pupils, Vaux Vintage, Deprived Pie, Largest part Aligned with Plains and done. * On Headstone Day Weekend, May 24-26, FEAST! in Vail will motivate the summer hint with a culinary celebration featuring notorious Vail chefs collaborating and conflicting with lofty guest chefs. The come into contact with will extremely give access wine masters, sip artisans and create nip pros. * Groove CEDAREDGE, May 30-31, 2014, will induction a comprise new look of Cedaredge's Secret Road with a dedication, swallow with plein air painting, a wine celebration, farmer's trade and done. * The comprise new OH HECK YEAH come into contact with will spin Champa Road in Denver into an corridor every Thursday and Saturday, June 7 for the duration of July 26, 2014. LED screens and projections will be used in the course of the Play Area for vintage, interactive athletics to play. * TOULOUSE-LAUTREC AND LA VIE MODERNE: PARIS 1880-1910 will be fair at Foothills Art Heart in Fair from June 7-August 17, 2014. The give you an idea about celebrates activist artists in Paris as well as the able and cultural landscape at the turn of the stance century. Henri Toulouse-Lautrec's art will be a central core, swallow with pieces by Edouard Vuillard, Pierre Bonnard and others. * CHIHULY AT THE DENVER BOTANIC Quarter will be the region's first outdoor give you an idea about of artwork by American artist Valley Chihuly. The glass image artwork will show from June 14 for the duration of November 30, 2014. * The inaugural WOMEN'S GOLF AND WELLNESS WEEKEND will be seized in Vail June 19-22, 2014. The come into contact with will accept women together for a weekend of golf, yoga, hiking, nutrition and done. The weekend will extremely widen opportunities for concerning, learning and networking with presentations, planning and individual troupe. All skill levels are invited to think and the come into contact with is limited to 30 participants. * The first come into contact with of its develop, the PIKES Maximum Airdrome Downfall is a half-mile side-by-side catalog kin and trap speed battle with done than 200 of the EP streetcars in the soil. Thousands of car enthusiasts are standard to deposit to support and think in the come into contact with. The Airdrome Downfall will be at the Colorado Springs Station on June 27-28, 2014. * The Concept LACROSSE CHAMPIONSHIPS will be seized in Denver on July 10-19, 2014, marking the first time the Shared States has hosted in the same way as 1998. Thirty-eight nations are standard to compete at this year's Designate with assured of the athletics rob place at Dick's Tiring Products Hard. * BRILLIANT: CARTIER IN THE 20TH CENTURY, a worldwide-exclusive give you an idea about at the Denver Art Museum, will demonstration jewelry, timepieces and done from the Cartier mountain from November 16, 2014 for the duration of March 15, 2015. Uncommon of the pieces were associates of celebrities and royalty like Elizabeth Taylor and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Products AND Prepare * The largest outdoor build and bar in baseball history, THE ROOFTOP was further to Coors Realm and opened in April 2014. The stadium was redeveloped to quality a 38,000-square-foot pinnacle drive turn-off that is two stories and holds up to 4,500 fans. The Rooftop offers great views of the stadium and downtown Denver, and aspect the 5280 Craft Bar with 52 nip taps. The Bar is acceptably 5,280 feet upper sea level and 52 feet and 80 inches long. * One of Breckenridge's most recent bars, APR`eS HANDCRAFTED LIBATIONS serves up 30 gyratory create taps, as well as create and small bunch whiskey in the big Corner Council Take lodgings ">DAVID BURKE KITCHEN is behind to open in Aspen in June 2014. The notorious renown roast David Burke uses local and wanderer farm-to-table ingredients like meats, cheeses and done for a illustrious fresh menu. * New MAN TAPROOM is a comprise new taproom in Colorado Springs with over 50 create brewed beers on tap swallow with a rations menu in addition to their handcrafted hoagie. Opening later in 2014, the Taproom will widen the first-ever outdoor nip quarter in Colorado Springs. * LEOPOLD BROS. is expanding in the enormously district as its gust northeast Denver testimonial, but the new distillery will be triple the size. The new testimonial will quality a 1,900-square-foot tasting room, a arrange dunnage-style barrelhouse and will be the only distillery in Colorado to support a down in the dumps malting confidence and arrange malting create. * RIF RAFF BREWING Headquarters in Pagosa Springs recently installed a geothermal tenderness exchanger. This exchanger will exhaust the town's hot springs' geothermal sea to tenderness the elect be. * Named for the way melted cheese covers the chicken, the Colorado Springs grass-fed burger buffet, SKIRTED HEIFER, goes the homemade way, making their own fries and chips, as well as getting their buns from the discontinue bakery, The Sourdough Boulangerie. The buffet extremely aspect turkey and quinoa burgers, the only customary custard downtown and the first Boylan Habitual Lap up benevolently in the capital. * Cellar AT PIKES Maximum, which recently opened in Rivulet, is the first cellar in the Pikes Maximum face. To be found in a recently renovated 8,000-square-foot big building, the Cellar gives off a Western charm and serves up six varieties of wine. LOOKING Upbeat TO 2015 * Flinty Largest part Interior Hard will display its 100th Local holiday from September 4, 2014 for the duration of September 4, 2015. Speakers, individual activities and community undertakings are being in time to sign the Wedding anniversary. The Hard offers done than 300 miles of hiking trails, fishing, backcountry camping, pleasing drives and done, swallow with a concoct of ranger-led programs and instructional classes. * The 2015 ALPINE Concept SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS will take in place in Vail and Beaver Accept February 2-15, 2015, bringing the world's best ski racers from 70 peculiar nations to Colorado to compete. The Championships will consist of five men's and five women's personality races, as well as the Nation's Array come into contact with. Entrance hall to the racing undertakings is free, and tickets can be purchased for the concerts, opening ceremonies and aged celebration undertakings.

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