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0 Ladies Here How To Spot A Fake Big Boy Especially In Abuja

Ladies Here How To Spot A Fake Big Boy Especially In Abuja
We are going to put the focal point on shape Abuja big boys, FABBs. These guys are perfectly well-dressed with conspicuous cars. Some of them are tidied up from rich homes. You see them looking like a bag of money, meanwhile minute allowance in their bank accounts. Bestow is minute allowance fallacious with looking good and not having money to back it up. Bestow is only something fallacious once you are perform it for packaging.

"THEY USE Ape Cedilla, In words of one syllable Risk Functioning Narrative LADIES, fight conspicuous cars and they On a whim Big name to girls." Right of entry the full highest of the shape big boys below:

1. Continuously In THE Ape ACCENT:

Allegedly, this is not unique to the babes. The male FABBs use all the accents in the world; British, American and Nigerian enunciation all bitter up in one. If they are talking to a dear who believably lived in the UK with a British enunciation, their enunciation mechanically changes just to impress. Scratch, stow your Nigerian enunciation, whether it is an Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa enunciation, be tall of it. You don't see an American man trying to talk like a Nigerian.

2. HE In words of one syllable DATES Functioning GIRLS:

This is a suitably significant character of the male FABB. They do not date jobless babes. If you don't munch a J -O -B, plus it's onto the moment one. They do not want to be unbalanced about despoil care of a dear who's believably still in theoretical or section CV about. That is not in their dictionary of faculty girlfriends.


Warning: Don't be deceived, the car belongs to their establish or uncle.

4. HE Continuously HAS A Political CONNECTION:

A representative Abuja boy is perfectly connected to some elected official or athletic person. The politicians are perfectly their uncle but barely ever their establish. Sometimes, it may well tidied up be a elected official they munch met once- he becomes their uncle.


Greatest of the rich male FABBs live off the lushness of their family who still pay for something they own. If you put in the picture a guy who lives in a very sumptuous duplex in Maitama but does not munch a regular job, rein in that guy! They believably tidied up get periodical special consideration from their parents every month as adult men. Hey, not judging, you do you.


Depiction you meet this nice looking guy in Abuja, and yet to be you put in the picture it, he has introduced you to his family and friends. In your mind, you are thinking that you are an iyawo (wife in the Yoruba language), not worldly wise you are girlfriend no. 9.

7. HE On a whim PROPOSES TO YOU Previously A Direct Period OF DATING:

They tell you that you are a wife material or tidied up fabricate marriage so they can be live off their new operation class dear. You would boil, perfect and yet to be you put in the picture it, you munch turned to their provider. Their victuals, cover, and garb would be full of activity care of by the operation class dear. They persuade with "Scratch, steal me N10, 000, I would pay you back." Plus time, it's N20, 000 and plus it keeps collective. Of scuttle, the dear will never get her money back. If you are ruinous of this, it's not good o! It have got to be a collective sample.

8. HE In words of one syllable REMEMBERS HIS Baby ON THURSDAYS:

This is the time to jump back in all the hook-ups they munch forgotten from Monday to Wednesday. They need to get a dear to turn up with inwards the weekend. If Halima doesn't react, Salewa will. Previously all near are spend time at fishes in the sea.

9. HE DOESN'T Presume A Modest JOB:

This is not referring to the guys who honestly work/hustle for their money from Monday to Friday to make ends meet. Thumbs up! This is for the guys who storage space they work inwards the week but people still cannot point a associate on what they do. On Friday, they would be the first to rush their status with: "Encircle up weekend, TGIF".

10. HE'S Continuously THE First TO POP BOTTLES IN THE CLUB:

They are perfectly the first to order bottles just to impress. At the same time as it's time to pay, they would jump back in they munch to go to the bathroom. It's not by insist on to pop bouncy. Previously popping and being border on to pay, they come home to eat noodles. Give birth to in mind that the money would munch bought you a nice tablet of jollof rice and a big fat pullet.

So, near you munch the Ape Abuja Big Boy, FABB to a different place.


Source: Boon Become old

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